Tallbloke’s Talkshop reaches 1,000 articles published

Posted: January 2, 2013 by tchannon in Blog


Rog is due a large grin over what he created so it’s shame he cannot be here now. This is post 1,001, 1,002 is waiting.

Heck I try but every time I get close he does more posts.

Well done Rog.

Posted by Tim Channon, co-mod

  1. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
    CONGRATS! Happy New Year to all 🙂

  2. vukcevic says:

    Well done, and congrats !

    New Year has started on a positive note:

    Dr. Svalgaard denounces CO2 factor.

    In my view some, X, of the climate change is due to CO2, some, Y, is due to the Sun, and some, Z, is due to internal, random fluctuations. The only question is how much of each.
    Perhaps it is X=10, Y=10, and Z=80 [they may even vary with time].

    Agree, where Z is due to the Earth’s internal (oceans to the core) fluctuations. These natural fluctuations (whatever mechanism/s) are reflected in the changes of the geomagnetic field and therefore easy to measure.
    CO2 ~10%
    TSI ~10%
    Earth’s internal ~ 80%

    HNY to all.

  3. Paul Vaughan says:

    So then how to explain this vuk?…

    The solar-terrestrial-climate thought police will authoritatively assert that this observation — well-constrained by the laws of large numbers & conservation of angular momentum — is purely random:

    Dark beyond dark. Easy to believe for the dull and the easily intimidated perhaps…

    So here’s an idea …

    This thread should be celebratory, since the Talkshop reached a milestone. For this moment may I suggest we skip the dark ignorance &/or deception and instead appreciate the power & beauty of Mother Earth’s natural reception of Father Sun’s stimulation:

    SunLoverz featuring Rosette — “Fire”

    TB & TC: I wish you many more light-shining days & years to explore & enjoy the sun, moonlight, summer rain, & winter turns to springs…

  4. vukcevic says:

    PV:So then how to explain this vuk?…
    Hi Paul
    Simple. Sun and J/S are principal components of the solar system’s electro-magnetic feedback circuit , which is the driver of Earth’s magnetic multi-decadal variability and the Earth’s climate system


  5. tallbloke says:

    Paul, thanks, and may you be blessed by further insight and the time to share it. Some research funding wouldn’t go amiss either.

  6. Roger, well done. And Tim too! You both make this site a joy to hang out in and to interact so constructively with all who contribute here…

    I sense 2013 is going to be the breakthrough year. So let’s keep on at it!

  7. Happy New Year Gentlemen and Ladies and congratulations on the posts.

    An interesting article on WUWT:

    “AGW Bombshell? A new paper shows statistical tests for global warming fails to find statistically significantly anthropogenic forcing”

    “…We show that although these anthropogenic forcings share a common stochastic trend, this trend is empirically independent of the stochastic trend in temperature and solar irradiance. Therefore, greenhouse gas forcing, aerosols, solar irradiance and global temperature are not polynomially cointegrated. This implies that recent global warming is not statistically significantly related to anthropogenic forcing. On the other hand, we find that greenhouse gas forcing might have had a temporary effect on global temperature.”

    Is this the killer statistical analysis that will finally kill off the AGW religion? I guess not as there is too much vested interest, imagine the Governments that have pushed massive subsidies into green ventures saying we were wrong, I don’t think so.

  8. Paul Vaughan says:

    ALL statistical inference — which differs fundamentally from data exploration — is based on assumptions.

    Adrian & others, there are extreme errors — and I mean extreme errors — built into the assumptions of the study you reference. It’s not a constructive use of time to even bother discussing them.

    How did it happen? I don’t know, but WUWT increasingly appears to be a manipulative ideological arm of Stanford University that attempts to herd public consensus towards assumptions that are strictly untenable in the blinding light of observations well-constrained by universal laws.

    The Talkshop has an important role to play in preserving free will:

    “Power to transcend paradigms
    Transcending paradigms may go beyond challenging fundamental assumptions, into the realm of changing the values and priorities that lead to the assumptions, and being able to choose among value sets at will.”
    (bold emphasis added)

    May we expediently find harmony with nature’s overpowering way. God bless TB & TC.