Richard Branson: Generating Climate Wealth

Posted: January 8, 2013 by tallbloke in alarmism, Incompetence, Legal, media, Natural Variation, Philosophy, Politics, propaganda, Robber Barons
A couple of years ago, Brian H left this comment on Fred Pearce’s write up of the Lisbon Conference:

bransonTroo believers, well-heeled variety:
Founded by UK’s own R. Branson, no less. Their Situation statement is a hoot:


The rate at which our carbon-industrial complex is consuming and destroying natural resources and increasing global CO2e emissions is threatening our future.

Under business-as-usual, rising CO2e emissions from energy, industry, and land use will lead to catastrophic climate change with negative consequences for all of humankind. Climate change threatens to disrupt agriculture, intensify storms, incur droughts, and raise sea levels, among other effects. Large-scale environmental change will result in loss of wealth and life. A number of early effects, including saltwater intrusion due to sea level rise and shifts in snowmelt patterns, are already being felt. if you can stand more of it.


Well, that page has gone. Though of course it lives on at

In its place is this page: which holds a short video which says almost nothing at all.

Yet ‘Carbon War Room’ people are on paid secondment at DECC, the UK’s department of Energy and Climate Change.

What do they do there?

How much do we pay for it?

Looks to me like the ‘Generating Climate Wealth’ scam consists of taxpayers money dropping into Tricky Dicky’s pals pockets.

Time to make some more freedom of information requests I think.

  1. Stephen Richards says:

    Go for it. You might also ask tricky dicky how he justifys flying his familly to the carabean island in a big jet on a regular basis and then have his brats tell the rest of us to cut back on heating and eating.

  2. Paul says:

    Funny that. A few years ago I came across a link which concerned itself with el nino and how it affected Africa. It gave a list of droughts over the past few centuries in a part of Africa and how el nino caused it. It was written before the climate hysteria and made no mention of AWG whatsoever.
    How things have changed if you click on the link now:

    I’ve tried to use google cache to no avail and am unable to find any reference to the work. I’ll keep digging though.
    Keep up the good work Tallbloke.

  3. Doug Proctor says:

    When personal agendas, idealism, ego and financial gain come together ….

  4. P.G. Sharrow says:

    “Climate change is one of the greatest wealth generating opportunities of our generation”

    Climate change does not generate wealth! It is a con game, a license to steal by the Elite. This is a deliberate organized crime against humanity. pg

  5. tchannon says:

    Paul, there are many papers on that kind of association.

    Something I came across earlier which gives a flavour, is current paper

    No idea how good it is.

  6. tallbloke says:

    On the executive board in 2009:

    George Polk

    George Polk is the Managing Partner of Soros Climate, a new $1 billion initiative by George Soros to invest private equity in ways which accelerate the development and diffusion of climate change technologies and business models. Prior to establishing Soros Climate, George was Senior Advisor on Climate Change to McKinsey & Company and the ClimateWorks Foundation. He was also Founder and Chairman of the European Climate Foundation, the largest funder of initiatives to change European policy on climate.

    Prior to working on climate change, George had a successful career as a technology entrepreneur, most recently CEO of The Cloud, the leading broadband wireless network operator in Europe. George was recognized as Global Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, a Pioneer of the City of London, and has been ranked several times in the top 25 global technology agenda setters by

    He is a graduate of Harvard University and is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

  7. Brian H says:

    War on carbon.

    The bind moggles. A stupider declaration of war could hardly be imagined. These bloodthirsty juveniles must be reined in.