Another whopping leak from the IPCC.

Posted: January 9, 2013 by tallbloke in books, climate, FOI, Forecasting, Incompetence, Legal, propaganda, solar system dynamics


A substantial second leak, already nicknamed the Secret Santa leak, of further portions of the forthcoming IPCC AR5 has just occurred. There was a smaller leak of material last year, which was owned up to by the person who did it on their blog.

While everyone is no doubt considering how on Earth to work their way through a gigabyte of dense reading material, my first thoughts before plunging in myself is to wonder if the leaker is perhaps the same person or persons, commonly called FOIA, who leaked the original climategate material.

What caught my eye is the tradecraft used to deliver it. The data was sent to Donna Laframboise a week before Christmas on three USB memory sticks. Apart from a posting address, any forensics would be minimal, especially if Donna has done the usual post-Christmas clear out of all envelopes, wrapping paper, packaging etc etc. I hope you’ve done that Donna. Apart from the three sticks…

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