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nursing_the_statistics_jdWithout further comment… Apart from to say that if Sir Paul Nurse feels he’s been libeled, and wants to pursue it, I’ll be calling some expert witnesses and a cartoonist called Josh to defend me.

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I like Delingpole. He makes me laugh. I like him too for the same reason I like Monbiot: he’s read lots of stuff I haven’t, which saves me the trouble, and he’s good at drawing interesting conclusions and laying them out in an entertaining way.

There the resemblance ends. Monbiot has a fierce belief in social justice. Delingpole has an equally fierce belief in freedom and property rights. If there were just a few dozen more intelligent, well-informed people in Britain with an equally fierce belief in something, we could found a political system based on the ensuing debate. We could call one side “socialist” and the other side “conservative” and the  ensuing system “democracy”. But there aren’t, so we can’t, and we’ll just have to make do with Cameron-Clegg versus Miliband.

There’s another difference between Delingpole and Monbiot. Delingpole the humorous writer knows a tragic farce when he sees…

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  1. Joe's World {Progressive Evolution} says:


    I find science is very hypocritical to the power brokers who want more profits at the expense of our knowledge base.
    “Educated Idiots” would be the appropriate term to what scientists have created of current society. Strong bias to ignore EVERYTHING that hurts the consensus, But that then generates a group with more and more facts to the consensus theories.
    What drives me is being ignored makes me dig deeper and deeper. The downside is that you can be too far forward for most people to understand. So, re-education and showing the vast quantity of errors has to be shown.