Snouts in the Trough: Conflict of Interest Rife in UK Establishment

Posted: January 13, 2013 by tallbloke in government, Legal, Politics, propaganda, Robber Barons

John Selwyn Gummer, feedng his daughter beefburgers at the height of the BSE crisis in the 1990’s

John Selwyn Gummer, AKA Lord Deben, chair of the Committee on Climate Change at the Department of Energy and Climate Change DECC, is paid £1750 per hour by a company which connects wind farms to the national grid, which used to belong to the British people until it was stolen and sold back to them as shares. He is also a member of the ‘World Future Council’, a shadowy organisation promoting unelected world governance.

Professor Bernie Bukin

Professor Bernie Bukin

Professor Bernie Bulkin, chairman of the DECC’s Office of Renewable Energy Development, which works closely with wind farm and other renewable suppliers to ‘accelerate development’ through financial incentives and ‘unlocking barriers to delivery’ such as obtaining planning permission. He is also paid an undisclosed sum by a giant renewable energy investment fund. Prof Bulkin is a ‘senior adviser’ to Vantage Point Capital Partners, whose £3 billion holdings include large stakes in some of the world’s biggest wind, solar and biomass firms.

Read more:–paid-1-750-PER-HOUR.html

These two live in well heated luxury homes while pensioners freeze rather than run up large energy bills inflated by their ‘green’ taxes. Time to press our spurious leaders to dismantle DECC AND GET REAL.

In other news, disgraced energy minister Chis Huhne will be up in court tomorrow to finally face the charges concerning the perversion of the course of justice relating to a speeding offence he allegedly committed and got his now ex wife to take the penalty points for. Huhne was allegedly behind the police raid on the home of an anti wind farm campaigner in Scotland on Christmas eve 2011, soon after the raid on Tallbloke Towers, where anti-terrorism legislation was employed in order to confiscate my computers.

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  1. Gummer’s membership of the WFC is not listed in his Register of Interests in the House of Lords.

    I currently have a complaint about this being investigated by the Commissioner for Standards, who has confirmed that it warrants investigation.

  2. tallbloke says:

    My message to Gummer, BuLkin, Yeo and others of their ilk is:


    There, that feels better.

    I’m off for a walk.

  3. Brian H says:

    “Unelected world governance”; yes, it always ends up thereabouts, doesn’t it? Panels of experts to rule them all. Selected by … who? Themselves? Or the expert selectors of experts? Who will surely have a hard time finding any more expert than themselves?

    In 2010 the Ig-Noble Prize went, in Management Science, to the discovery that promoting members of a firm by random lot improved results over meritocracy and hierarchical succession. One wonders if it is also superior to electing managers …

  4. Brian H says:

    Edit: “selected by … whom?”
    I’se so ‘shamed! Misericordia.

  5. tallbloke says:

    I’ve long held the opinion that we should use the jury service selection system to ‘elect’ half the house of commons for periods of three years, full MP’s pay. They should be billeted in the master bedrooms of normally elected MP’s second homes.

    “Misericordia” – My spool chicken suggests an alternative of ‘Mystery cabal’ which sounds about right.