We’re all in this together – on scandalous wind power deals

Posted: January 14, 2013 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government always gets in…

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As David Cameron announced the austerity measures that would be taken in the UK by the coagulation government, he was very fond of repeatedly telling voters ‘we’re all in this together‘.

It may not have been true when it came to the financial hardship many have experienced due to this so called austerity.  But it certainly was true – and remains true – when it comes to describing the political class working against the interest of the poor bloody energy consumer by agreeing insane deals for wind power.  It has resulted in a glaring example of the damage that is caused when lazy consensus politics is coupled with idiots, who have no experience of the real world, seeking to demonstrate their virtue:

Yes, that’s right.

… a scheme agreed by Labour leader Ed Miliband during the last Labour government, but implemented by Coalition ministers,

No questioning, no challenge…

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  1. oldbrew says:

    As the Germans have found out, it’s one thing to stick wind turbines in the sea, another to get the electricity to the customers. Current price is 15 billion euros.