Minor blog behaviour change, paging

Posted: January 16, 2013 by tchannon in Blog

On discussions with Tallbloke we have decided to provisionally enable paging of comments to reduce the loading on web browsers and speed page load times for those on dialup connections.

Initially we have set this to page break at 100 comments.

This will have no effect except for the rare cases of articles with many comments. (a few are >500)

WordPress will display the first 100 comments and in addition the last comment even if that is pages later.

The only downside which comes to mind is a lost ability to search all comments at once using a web browser find facility.

Please comment as you feel necessary, good or bad.

Rog and Tim (posted by Tim)

  1. wayne says:

    That is a well needed addition once a thread grows so large in megabytes. It was just starting to get sluggish as the 500 mark was approaching. Also, each individual comment is rather lengthy in a technical post.

    However, you might find 100 is a bit too fragmented, I use ‘find’ all of the time for prior comment tags. How about as large as possible but still leaving moderate load times. Could that still hold true for 250 or maybe even 400 so the parts don’t then grow too big and so most posts remain singular?

    [Reply] OK, we’ll try 250 – I take the point about in-page searches. – Rog

  2. Joe's World {Progressive Evolution} says:

    TB and Tim,

    I solved that problem and bought bigger and better computer that now does not choke to death on the longer blog listings.


  3. tallbloke says:

    Joe, in the broadband and 3G age we tend to forget there are still people who due to geographical location have no choice but to use a dialup modem connection to the net. It doesn’t matter how whizzy your computer is if you can only get 56Kbits/sec down the line. Also, some people are using small, low power, limited RAM devices to do their net access on the move. I’m currently using a Sony Vaio P11Z/G.

  4. Joe's World {Progressive Evolution} says:


    I know EXACTLY what you mean…

    Until September of last year, I was on dial up and the wife would have to go to Mickey D’s for WIFI or periodically get an open signal from a neighbor. The satellite cost was too restrictive until recently with a deal of $50 hook up and 30gb downloading a month for $60. This put the house into the wireless age.
    The US had their Black Friday in late November and we went down just for fun and some deals. We came back with a crap load as our government changed the rules of how much we could bring back each without paying duty of $800 each.
    Picked up a couple of 32 inch televisions for $150 each, a 12 inch sliding compound chop-saw for $120 and this Gateway Laptop for $244 with 4gb of ram.