Worrying About Climatic Change – 1970s Style.

Posted: January 26, 2013 by tchannon in alarmism, climate, humour, Natural Variation, Uncertainty, weather

“In view of a much-discussed global cooling trend since about 1940 (Mitchell 1961, Reitan 1971), and the recent energy shortages, a great  deal of interest centers about the severity of winter weather in North America. Snow cover is one indicator of severity. That no significant  deteriorating trend is discernible should be encouraging to energy conservationists; in fact, Northern Hemisphere global temperatures have risen slightly in the past 4 or 5 years (J. Murray Mitchell 1975, personal  communication ) .”

“No significant change in North American snow cover is indicated over the 9-year period of record. Because snow cover is an important, sensitive variable influencing climatic change, the lack of systematic increase in the Northern Hemisphere snow cover tends to contradict the evidence presented by proponents of climatic change, i.e., that the current trend in hemispheric climate is toward cooler temperatures.”

My bold. Nothing changes.

In defence of wayback machine server resources, I have copied the files to WordPress.

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Posted by Tim Channon

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    Climate trendspotting is a popular game but with few winners.