Lubos Motl: Czech vote in a successor to Klaus, quite a tale

Posted: January 28, 2013 by tchannon in government, Politics


Talkshop readers might have noticed a link to Luboš Motl’s blog, a physicist writing from Pilsen in English making it easy for Anglophones.

27th Jan he wrote an excellent personal view about the election of a new Czech president the successor to Klaus. According to Luboš the media pushed hard and the people obliged by voting the opposite. Notionally Zeman is communist yet… he sounds human and won’t stand for enviro nonsense. I note this was yet another city/outside fight; what is it with so many countries being divided?

Up front warning, sunglasses might be needed for Luboš’s site.

Blog item is here klaus-successor-milos-zeman-elected

In my view what is going on in old Europe is important but rarely reported in the English speaking west.

Post by Tim Channon (co-moderator)

  1. wayne says:

    “Up front warning, sunglasses might be needed for Luboš’s site.”

    Your right, plus a 4 GHz quad of processors, and even with that, you cooling fans might still go over the red line. I can only remain on Luboš’s site until I think my box is about to sprout wings and fly away. I’ve never figured why his site, only Luboš’s, sends my computer into overheating fits every time. Wish he would fix it and others could spend more time over there.

  2. nzrobin says:

    I’ve been reading Lubos’s blog for a few years now. As he comes from a country freed from communism, his interpretation of democracy is great to read. He sees through things that I would miss (I live in New Zealand). [I have to skip over the string theory posts, those are beyond me].

    It was at his site that I found out about Vaclav Klaus. Over the past couple of years I came to think that he was one of the world’s best politicians. It is sad to see him retire from this role.

    I’d recommend Lubos’s site to anyone. A great mixture of good thinking, telling the truth exactly as he sees it, and satirical humour.

  3. tallbloke says:

    “The infallibility of mediocre journalists became one of the dogmas of the PC-controlled West”


  4. David Blake says:

    It seems to be related to flash. If You are running Linux (and you should be) try the flash-aid plugin for Firefox.

  5. oldbrew says:

    Zeman ‘is proud to have lived out of a $700 pension for the last decade’

    I hope that was per month not per year 😉

  6. oldfossil says:

    @oldbrew the way it’s written, that was $700 per decade lol.

  7. Bloke down the pub says:

    Talkshop readers might have noticed a link to Luboš Motl’s blog, a physicist writing from Pilsen in English making it easy for Anglophiles.

    Should that be anglophones?

    [Reply] Yes. I’ll fix it for Tim C, thanks. – TB

    [Tim: Oops, thank you. I looked at the word and thought, is that right but no other word came to mind. ]

  8. NZRobin, same here but when Lubos leaves the physics associated with string theory you have to take some of his statements with a grain of salt. He has not studied fluid dynamics, and heat transfer. In some of his heat transfer comments he only mentions radiation without understanding the limitations of the Stefan-Boltzman equation and ignores convective heat transfer and phase change. To get another perspective you should look at Claes Johnson has excellent mathematical knowledge and has some interesting (controversial) posts on fluid dynamics (eg flight, sailing) using computational modeling of empirical data. This post might interest tallbloke and others.
    One thing with Claes Johnson is that he is widely read and will alter his thinking from well thought out comments after studying historical development of ideas such as Planck’s law.
    Did at some stage suggest to Anastassia Makarieva that Claes Johnson would be a good reviewer of her papers (although Claes Johnson et al have had problems getting their paper on aerofoil lift accepted see

  9. nzrobin says:

    Thanks Cementafriend for the link to Claes Johnson’s site. I have already had a quick look and will add him to my RSS reader list. His site must be the exact opposite of Lubos’s site for frills and flashy things. Robin.

  10. tallbloke says:

    CF: ” This post might interest tallbloke and others.”

    Doesn’t work for me. Has the article been removed?

    I tried getting to it via recent comments too but only get this message (in Swedish)

    “Could not find the page you’re looking for in this blog.”

  11. nzrobin says:

    That is very odd. A few hours ago, just before I did my earlier post the above link took me straight to an article that started talking about gas in a horizontal tube, with the gas in equilibrium. The tube is then turned upright and the discussion continued about the pressure and temperature effects in the tube. The funny thing is, now when I click the same link to continue reading, I find a different article.

  12. nzrobin says:

    And then I refreshed the page again and found a new post replacing the earlier one. I guess Claus was just in the process of refining a few things. Try this link.

    [Reply] That works, thanks.

  13. Brian H says:

    Thanks for the re-referral to Lubos’ site. When he’s not being too technical, he’s fast-moving and fascinating.