Meteox add clouds to ensemble

Posted: February 8, 2013 by tchannon in Forecasting, media, weather


Meteox have added a visual cloud forecast to their web facility, a welcome enhancement. Seems to be applicable to Europe and North America.

Some of you know I use their site often because I think is a well judged compromise on display and information.

Other resources cover most of the world so it remains to be seen if this facility can be extended.

Clear sky over the UK? Pardon?

Post by Tim Channon

  1. Two news …

    Snow storm NY

    Forecasting model ECMWF….
    Possible Wejkoff (Consequently MMW January)

  2. tchannon says:

    You had me for some time there Michele trying to figure out Wejkoff

    Turns out it means an exceptional blocking situation, Wejkoff bridge.

    Written in 2010 in Ireland
    “Outcome 2 (more interesting): Rise of the Azores HP over Ireland/GB and union with Russian HP, causing a MASSIVE Atlantic block (often called the Wejkoff bridge; well that’s what its called in Italian weather jargon). This usually causes the cold to plunge into EITHER Eastern/Central/Southern Europe with cold antycylonic days in Ireland. It’s a classic configuration (see link). If ‘our’ side of the bridge in Ireland says further to the West, then our chances of seeing colder air increase.

    P.S. That particular chart is from Feb 2005 – Central Europe/Italy saw v. snowy days!”

    Here is an example, not 2012, off a very difficult Italian web site

    At the moment different weather models are disagreeing on what is going to happen.

    I’ll keep an eye on this.

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