Money and nuclear ban don’t mix, Danes look ready to open pockets

Posted: February 10, 2013 by tchannon in Energy, government, humour, Nuclear power, Politics

NFZ in the US, photo credit takomabibelot
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A few years ago massive Greenland gained some autonomy from it’s tiny owning state Denmark, shortly after that prospecting for Uranium was allowed. Now the problems moves on to allowing exploitation of the world’s (maybe) fifth largest reserve of uranium.

But the Danes are petty, declare what they don’t have is not allowed, so there.

Psst… look… want some?

“Government leaning toward allowing uranium mining in Greenland”

The Copenhagen Post have another take

ETHZ wrote on the problem May 2012

“Should Greenland Mine Its Uranium?

Greenland has anywhere from the sixth to the tenth largest reserves of uranium in the world. If Greenland decides to mine these reserves, it will become a policy game changer for this non-mining, non-nuclear kingdom.

By France Bourgouin and Cindy Vestergaard for Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS)”

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Posted by Tim Channon

  1. Roger Andrews says:

  2. Real Danish electricity prices for households have increased 75% since 1979. Denmark now has the highest household electricity price in the developed world. It also gets the most electricity per person from subsidized wind.

  3. michael hart says:

    After a lengthy hiatus, people are revisiting isolating Uranium from seawater. Quite sensible in my view. It also makes it harder for Grrreenpeace et. al. to spread untruths and disinformation about environmental radioactivity.

  4. Doug Proctor says:

    You want a political breakup? Try having two parts an ocean apart and one side decides financial happiness is only for itself.