Dense low level mist forming, radiative effect

Posted: February 19, 2013 by tchannon in Analysis, atmosphere, Clouds, Measurement, Surfacestation, weather


On checking what the pyrgeometer at Chilbolton Observatory was showing for yesterday I found something unusual.

It looks like dense low level mist formed just after midnight, the red line above and eventually dissipated.

Here are the pertinent plots.







These were obviously very calm conditions, perhaps I ought to collect a matching synoptic as well. Cloud radar was not working.

The mist was slightly warmer.

There seems to have been a slight change in wind and the mist dissipated or moved way. I know the land is fairly flat thereabouts and there is a river not far away (Hampshire Test). (gorgeous part of the country, rural Hampshire, pretty villages). There might be just enough hill nearby to allow valley bottom fog.

The above is my interpretation whilst the situation is in mind. Feel free to disagree.

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Post by Tim Channon

  1. tallbloke says:

    Its instructive and interesting to look at real world conditions and get a feel for the link between energy flow and local weather. Keep it coming.

  2. Tim,

    Not annoying. Interesting!

    Could I suggest that each time you publish a new one of these Chilbolton Observatory charts, you include a link at the top of the narrative directing people to the ongoing pyrgeometer thread so that interested parties can go there to view the discussion and to make comments in that one place, rather than commenting in a fragmented manner in these separately published posts? Perhaps combined with actually preventing comments in these ongoing updates?

  3. tchannon says:

    Comments can be switched off. Not sure about the visibility and amalgamation matter.
    I didn’t link. Could link either direction or both but this all has to be done by hand.

    We don’t use tags but do categories which can be nested as they are to do with the surface stations project. The category dropdown to the left allows selection of a subset of articles. That mght help.
    [just looked, already linked as surfacestation]

    Suggestions are welcome. I’ll think on it.