Chilbolton: slight drizzle

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There was slight dizzle yesterday, slightly more at times. Low cloud, low light levels.

Larkhill is quite close to Chilbolton (26km west) and by a stroke of luck are launching at the moment. This plot is for the next day, weather is similar.

On check later it seems C. Lidar was not working on the 26th! Never ever all the data. Lidar data has updated 03:30hrs.
Basically heavy low cloud all day.

original animated plot here

I’ve now got access to the set of Larkhill plots in PDF for the 26th. Before dawn, after dawn, afternoon. Larkhill is an occasional radiosonde site, why the 26th, no idea.

35 GHz Cloud radar on 26ths, per radiosonde

35 GHz Cloud radar on 26ths, per radiosonde


Data for 26th is here chilbolton-2013-02-26

Continuing writing about the 25th very thin cloud layer  where it is clear above means the cloud will see deep sky temperature. Does a temperature inversion form there? Anyone able to interpret what the radiosonde is hinting?

ir sky rain temperature humidity
Image Image Image Image

I think this shows a tricky situation to deduce from meteorological records. There was near zero precipitation according to the rain gauge, nor was humidity pinned at 100% as might be expected during rain. Since the weather was very similar here I have a good idea of what it was like.

Note the temperature was very gradually rising to slightly warmer than in recent days, passing through zero.

Commentary is welcome. The data archive for 25th February 2013 is here.

I’ve bundled all I have so far in an archive here, (900k) where each day contains 36 files. 16th Feb though 25th Feb 2013

I am continuing learning what weather looks like according to this instrument set. Later I might write some code to pull out some of the data from the plots and see if anything can be deduced about IR.

Many thanks to Chilbolton Observatory.

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    Added an update on radiosonde.

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    Hope I’ve not broken anything adding a lot of new items to the post. Now have nearby radiosonde, radar and lidar for the 26th. This seems to raise questions about radar/lidar. Plots are dated.