Germany Forced to Cancel Climate Programs — SPIEGEL ONLINE

Posted: March 26, 2013 by tchannon in alarmism, Energy, media, Nuclear power, Politics, Robber Barons


This article on Spiegel Online is surprising for a German publisher.

Seems to be claiming German is in fiscal trouble and is dumping some holy cows.

“Berlin can’t afford many of its renewable energy programs.”

Then goes on “As prices for carbon emissions continue to languish, Berlin is planning to cancel some key subsidy programs aimed at increasing reliance on renewable energies. Germany and other European countries seem uninterested in fixing the problem.” (my bold)

h/t to Little Churchill at Roger Helmer’s blog

Plenty to watch but none of this is much of a surprise.

Post by Tim Channon, co-mod

  1. oldbrew says:

    One obvious reason nobody can afford renewables in the long term is because they don’t replace anything. They need back-up systems, but the back-up systems don’t need them.

  2. Stefan v says:

    It’s because we’ve run out of Cypriot bank accounts to plunder, and the French, Greek, Italian, and Portuguese ones are already empty. The babies that failed to be aborted have already been relieved of their nasty obesiity causing candy, so no joy there. Actually, the ex-KGB officers whose Cypriot accounts we raided are not happy. S’cuse me, there’s someone at the door…ah. it’s a KGB thug fighting a lefty for the honour of being the one to put me out of my unsustainable carbon based non-redistributable misery. Why oh why did I leave Oz? Oh, wait. Never mind.

  3. Brian H says:

    The Madness of Crowds can be deadly, economically and literally. As many are gradually discovering.