Repatriation of Sovereign power for the UK ‘impossible’ says Labour MEP.

Posted: April 16, 2013 by tallbloke in government, Politics

Labour MEP Mary Honeyball thinks we’re trapped. I think I prefer UKIP’s message.


It is quite clear to that there will never be the agreement required from the 26 other EU member states for repatriation of powers to the UK – claims MEP

British Prime Minister David Cameron and his family visited Angela Merkel last weekend at the German Chancellor’s guest residence Schloss Meseberg. We do not, in any detail at least, know what they discussed other than what was issued in a brief statement from Number 10 Downing Street. It revealed the two leaders discussed the need for reform of the single market and both reportedly called for “urgent action to make the European Union more competitive and flexible”.

It is well documented that the German chancellor has been anxious regarding Cameron’s plan for a referendum on the issue of Europe. Along with the French President François Hollande, Merkel has formed an alliance to illustrate the level of disapproval.

Meanwhile, British Conservative Party MP Andrea Leadsom – leading member of the Fresh Start Campaign – timed remarks reported at the weekend to coincide with Cameron’s visit to Germany. Her Eurosceptic group within the Tory Party announced that it would be open to compromise on reforms. Why she has issued this statement is anyone’s guess but it is further indication of the dissent within the party and shows that Cameron’s so-called flagship policy is now in tatters.Of course, it was never going to be possible to repatriate powers in the way that British PM had wanted and this is something I have been saying since March 2010 – before Cameron was even elected into office. It was quite clear to those of us engaged in European politics that there would never be the agreement required from the 26 other European Union member states for repatriation to happen.

Mary Honeyball is a British Labour Party MEP representing London

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  1. tallbloke says:

    Plan for a referendum? I think that was shelved some time ago. Cameron is on record at the dispatch box saying it’s not going to happen. So much for election promises…

  2. cosmic says:

    The Tories have peddled the idea of EU reform and repatriation of powers for the past 15 years or so. It’s quite ridiculous, there’s no mechanism for doing it and they are not serious. It’s a sham to keep support on line and it’s totally dishonest.

    Honeyball is right that far.

    The way to get out of the EU is to invoke article 50 of the TEU and negotiate an exit. It’s a complete waste of time believing we can remain members and have different terms to all the rest.

  3. hunter says:

    I would urge anyone who cares about their freedom and liberty to push very hard for an honest referendum on the continuation and strengthening of the EU. From this side of the Atlantic, the creeping growth of EU central authority is likely to end up being a threat to all of us. This threat could become reality in a surprisingly short period of time.

  4. oldbrew says:

    It may depend on what the City does or doesn’t want. Finance is a huge part of the UK economy even if it is in a dire state these days.

  5. catweazle666 says:



  6. tallbloke says:

    Catweazle (is that my timetables expert?):

    I suspect that ‘fewer words the better’ may well be the only approach which will do the job.

  7. Hidden agenda? What if Scotland votes YES (i.e. for independence) and claims that she is already a member?

  8. tallbloke says:

    Scotland got raped by the Thatcher govt. For its oil wealth. I doubt Scots will follow England after independence. But currency is the issue. Will Scotland join the Euro at this stage in the game? Interesting times ahead.

  9. J Martin says:

    Last I heard on the Scots independence vote, the majority of Scots want to keep the status quo. Though I guess they could still adopt the Euro.

  10. Zeke says:

    Perhaps even the discussion of a referendum is because of the successful, consistently growing presence of the UKIP at local levels. Nigel Farage laughs at Cameron’s promise to give a referendum on EU membership in 5 years “if he wins the election.” “Mr. Cameron, we don’t believe you!”

    (Wind turbines at 8:30) (Immigration, previous to 8:30 – housing, job and medical benefits only after 5 years and no criminal activity)

  11. Zeke says:

    The links did not work. Sorry.

    Nigel Farage speech at UKIP Spring Conference Exeter Part 1 of 2 – 2013

    Nigel Farage speech at UKIP Spring Conference Exeter Part 2 of 2 – 2013

  12. If Scotland were to keep the pound, Westminster would hold the purse strings – not very independent?

  13. tallbloke says:

    Time for Scotland’s people to decide.

  14. Stephen Richards says:

    mitigatedsceptic says:

    April 16, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    Hidden agenda? What if Scotland votes YES (i.e. for independence) and claims that she is already a member?

    I seem to remember a very senior German saying that Scotland would have to apply for membership and meet all existing criteria. I suppose he meant the same criteria as Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Malta? Not difficult then.

  15. Berényi Péter says:

    “I suppose he meant the same criteria as Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Malta? Not difficult then.”

    Very difficult, actually. Those are all marvellous sunny places, which Scotland is not. Who’d hold an EU workshop on a Scottish beach in her right mind?

  16. cosmic says:

    “I suppose he meant the same criteria as Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Malta? Not difficult then.”

    Yes, well that was then and this is now.

    Anyway, there’s something strange about going to all lengths to break away from one union, on the grounds that it’s oppressive, with a policy of wilfully joining another union, where you have much less voice, and proclaiming it to be independence.

  17. p.g.sharrow says:

    I can not believe the Scots would Join the EU after gaining Independence. They are far too practical to fall for the con game of the Brussels Technocrats. Maybe they will, once again, educate the English about the value of Freedom. pg

  18. Scots are far from practical – we are even more swayed by sentimental nonsense than most! Look at the policy towards carbon emissions, windfarms and EU – here is what Nicola Sturgeon Deputy First Minister was saying just a few months ago :”We would begin as a nation keen to be an equal and constructive partner in the EU – recognising its benefits, participating in dialogue about its future and contributing to its development and growth,” she told the European Policy Centre thinktank.

    And that’s just the beginning – after that Scotland would strive to lead Europe with bagpipes and tartan dollies into an evergreen future – we are, as the First Minister never tires of saying, the nation in Europe endowed with the greatest potential to generate power from natural resources wind, tidal, wave and solar!

    Remember that below the surface Scotland is in historic ferment and harbours the nastiest kind of greedy, power hungry fanatics. As to freedom – they are far too busy looking for work than to be seeking ‘freedom’.

  19. Steve Richards says:

    Cameron has form with promises. It is not good form, he gives cast iron guarantees then breaks them.

    The 3 old parties, Con, Lab, Lib are all signed up to the EU project.

    They are all on record recently as being in favour of remaining ‘at the top table’ in the EU.

    The only party to credibly promise to leave the EU is UKIP.

    Remember that the EU is fully behind CAGW theories.

    It is insisting on windmills, closing coal fired power stations and all other nonsensical solutions to our lack of electrical energy.

    The lights in the UK will become as intermittent as those of North Korea soon.

  20. Kon Dealer says:

    I’ll be voting UKIP in the near future.
    I advise anyone who believes, as I do, that the E.U. is hopelessly corrupt to do the same.

  21. tckev says:

    Labour MEP Mary Honeyball thinks we’re trapped.
    So Britain as a sovereign nation can not decide it’s own future? Well if the voting public (aka the sheeple) stay as they are, I fear she is right. Hopefully the EU kakistocratic bureaucracy will make a few more big mistake before the vote, and the message may start to penetrate.