Surfacestation Gringley On The Hill

Posted: April 29, 2013 by tchannon in Analysis


Gringley On The Hill, Nottinghamshire. Village has a web site.
Seems on a small farm.
Image spring 2012. 11km Doncaster airport, probably a former RAF base and maybe an earlier location.

“24 hours ending 2200 on 28 Apr 2013:
UK Highest max 0900-2100 14.9 °C Gringley On The Hill”

53.406151° -0.884318° Bing maps, Google maps

Estimated Class undecided. This looks a reasonable site for Class 2 yet is recently converted AWS and any UK extreme is likely to have a reason. What is strange is the detail, a very close enclosure and signs of unstable ground cover, sometimes livestock, sometimes hay. An explanation might be visible on either of the two web browser map links, I’ve left them zoomed out some way where acres of bare earth fields all around are visible. Are they ploughed at this time of the year? The site is on a gentle south slope.

Wind seems to have been from south west, overcast, rather ordinary weather.

Nottingham site peaked at 12C, a large difference. Scampton 23km east peaked at 12.5C, same weather so 14.9C; maybe a break in the clouds.

UHI, none obvious. Power stations not far away, unlikely to have an effect.

Google Streetview went down the lane to the left of the main image and stopped.


Nothing surprising.


At a different date the unusual enclosure becomes apparent, with livestock trampling. Screen seems to be at top.

At another date there is mown hay.

April 2013, how is it this year?

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