Peter Gleick: This may be the stupidest of your many stupid #climate posts

Posted: April 30, 2013 by tallbloke in Blog, flames, humour, Ice ages, propaganda, Uncertainty

Earlier today, I spotted the wailing and gnashing of teeth beginning over the fact that the airborne fraction of co2 is about to pass 400 parts per million – 0.04% of the atmosphere. Peter Gleick was one of the protagonists.

So I tweeted this response:

This didn’t go down well with Peter, who retorted, and then blocked me, getting a wry response from ‘Juan Again’:


As you can see, this immediately resulted in several new faces joining the fun 🙂

Anyhow, what I ha in mind when I made my response was this graph, which shows co2 is near an all time low, no matter how warmist clowns like Peter Gleick try to spin it:


Some people just have no sense of humour. Stupid is as stupid does Peter. Committing wire fraud and identity theft, and then forging a document in order to defame an organisation while sitting as chair of an ethics committee,  for example.


  1. A.D. Everard says:

    Love your graph, Tallbloke. That needs to be out and about everywhere – really shows where we’re at! Some of these CAGW clowns wouldn’t know science if they fell over it. Cheers! 🙂

  2. Craig M says:

    no wonder we keep going on about ‘sensitivity’


  3. dp says:

    Peter would never understand this, but the world changes. Sometimes quickly, sometimes not so quickly. Here in the Pacific North Wet of America – yes, Wet, we have an erratic that drifted in from Canada during one of the many great floods that scoured the state of Washington.

    Here is some background on the cataclysms that shaped our state. It is an awesome thing to experience in person:

    That erratic has been analyzed and is a type of rock that forms on sea bottoms. So what was it doing in the Canadian Rockies? It has been dated as forming 600 million years ago. Turning to the literature and plate tectonics and plate migration we find this rock formed in the ocean south of the equator. In the intervening 600 million years it was transported to what is now Canada. There it was approached by a glacier, broken free, and carried south to Washington State at a time when glaciation blocked a river which then backed up to form a lake 2 miles deep and with greater capacity than all the Great Lakes that form part of the border between Canada and the US.

    Time and time again that dam burst and re-froze, and the vast reservoir split out across the plains of Washington state dozens of times, creating unbelievable features all the way to the Pacific coast. So unbelievable that the discoverer of the truth, j. Harlen Bretz, was reviled by his peers who, having a consensus opinion counter to his, took great pains to insult his discoveries for years and years. When the obvious as finally accepted by that meaningless consensus one of the is reported to have lamented, “How and I have been so wrong?” Mind you the evidence for glacial dam bursts was patently obvious, but failed the “gut feel” of so many scientists of the time. Sound familiar?

    Peter would certainly be one of those reality deniers who failed to grasp the obvious. I encourage everyone with the time to do so to study the Washington Scablands and to see what genuine climate change is capable of. Trust me – when real and significant climate change happens none of us will remain unconvinced.

    I will also encourage everyone to visit and understand the significance of the Cosquers Cave in France. it is another feature that sweeps aside the whiny and irrational hand wringing we are witnessing over a trace gas that is only just approaching 400 PPM, a ratio so low it is rarely known in Earth’s history, and which should it it double cannot, by itself, create harm to the planet.

  4. oldbrew says:

    ‘Stupidest’ says the Heartland hoaxer? Pot…kettle…black…

  5. hunter says:

    Peter’s continued prominence in AGW circles is a great demonstration of how alien ethics and truth are to their movement.

  6. pinroot says:

    “This didn’t go down well with Peter, who retorted, and then blocked me…”

    That’s something he has in common with Mann and all the other alarmists. If you question anything they say, you’ll get blocked (I know from personal experience). It’s as if they’re doing an ostrich impression, sticking their heads in the sand and believing that if they can’t see or hear opposing viewpoints, they don’t exist. Mann is a serial blocker, both on Twitter and Facebook. I guess Gleick isn’t far behind.

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  8. Steve says:

    Your opening says CO2 is about to reach 0.04% of the atmosphere. My calculator says 400 parts per million is 0.0004%. Scary isn’t it.

    [Reply] You might want to run that calc again 🙂
    4% of a million is 4/10,000
    0.04% of a million is 4/100 = 0.04