Ed Davey: “there are some issues where you have to draw the line”

Posted: May 8, 2013 by tallbloke in alarmism, government, Incompetence, propaganda, Robber Barons

A report about an Ed Davey speech not yet given, that has been leaked to the Grauniad by… presumably, Ed Davey. It seems Davey still doesn’t understand that on issues where the science underpinning the policy evolves, ‘drawing a line’ is a pretty feckin stupid thing to do. He needs to wake up and start thinking about using the provisions in the climate change act for changing the co2 reduction targets, before he finds his political career curtailed.

debt-reduction-taxFrom the Garunida:

Ed Davey, the energy and climate change secretary, is to use a major speech at Clarence House on Wednesday afternoon to fight back against the increasingly vocal climate change scepticism of other sections of the coalition.

His uncompromising speech, seen by the Guardian, promises stronger action on global warming and follows the admission by his party leader Nick Clegg that green issues are now some of the most serious flashpoints between the coalition partners. The Liberal Democrats have long sought to be seen as strong on the environment, a core issue for the party’s voters. But they have suffered setbacks in government as the Treasury has cut renewable energy support and an increasingly vocal number of Tories oppose windfarms, money for low-carbon projects and tougher targets for UK emissions cuts, all of which the Lib Dems support.

The extent of some of the divisions was on display in the European parliament recently, when rebel Tory MEPs played a pivotal role in scuppering plans to rescue the EU’s carbon trading system.

Davey struck a firm stance:

“As a politician, you quickly realise that compromise is a part of the game. But there are some issues where you have to draw the line – where you have to stand up and be counted, and you have to do the right thing. I think climate change is firmly in that category.”

He quoted David Cameron as saying “we can’t afford not to” act on the problem.

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  1. From President Obama on rather variable WMD deploying partners/foes, to the good Mr. Davey on this, one can only presume today’s politicians don’t have kids; or at least ones they deal with personally.

    Because if you draw arbitrary lines for sound bites, and then see them crossed by rude reality, you have nothing much else left to fall back upon.

  2. Douglas Proctor says:

    The hardest part of cagw is determining where politicos really stand, and what is just the political position.
    Does a belief in the end of our species really drive even a McKibben? If we knew these things we’d be more effective.
    Exaggeration for effect is not considered lying. But when the “problem” IS the exaggeration, it should be.

  3. The money quote, that’s a saver.

    “Because we cannot gamble our future on vested interest and short-term gain. The stakes are too high.” – Ed Davey

  4. Tenuc says:

    Ed Davey is living in cloud cuckoo land if he thinks that destroying the UK economy by spending money on wasteful projects like carbon taxes, solar and wind power will help ‘save the environment’.

    Only cheap energy, and prosperity that will follow will release enough funds for green projects like better sewage, waste disposal, and cleaner air to be successful. UKIP have the right approach on this issue and want to go full speed ahead to develop UK gas shale reserves and replace our aging fleet of nuclear power stations with safer, more economic designs.

    Ed Davey will have a short but undistinguished career.

  5. Alexander K says:

    Ed Davey is the type of politician that gives democracy a bad name.

  6. hunter says:

    Why is climate different from energy, health, taxes, transportation, education, and every other issue? Why are the positions of climate catastrophe believers unable to compromise?
    We compromise on every other issue. But for the climate true believer, there is only one way: Their way.
    How strange and shallow.

  7. Brian H says:

    I bet the Tories are revelling in his nonsense. He’s painting them as paragons of reason by contrast. They can hope to rid themselves of the Lib-Dems at the next election.