Met Office: Beddington joins board as a director

Posted: June 20, 2013 by tchannon in Politics

Press release dated 17th June, didn’t see it this morning 19th when I asked via telephone when the Spring weather report was going to be issued, pointing the provisional was linked from a much newer PR.

Not going to. Dodgy methinks, that means there never will be a spring report so nothing was said.

Look now and it has vanished and a new press release has appeared, maybe I was blind.

Appointment of new Non-Executive Directors

17 June 2013 – The Met Office is pleased to announce the appointment of Wendy Barnes, Christine Tacon, David Burridge and Sir John Beddington as Non-Executive Directors.

For Beddington nothing specific is mentioned as a use.


  1. omnologos says:

    Non-executive, ie a supervisory role. Otherwise they’d put him in charge of the Wrongness Department.

  2. Stephen Richards says:

    That must spell the end for the UK met off. That idiot can’t supervise himself let alone a bunch of numpty greenies and incompetents.

    More UK taxpayers money going to the waste bin.

  3. Doug Proctor says:

    No backdown, just a silence.

    In big companies, bad investments previously touted as the next thing after sliced bread just disappear from discussion. They never go bad on the current watch, they just suffer from unforseen “issues”, itself a euphimism for “problems” or “errors”. Even years and watchmen later, they are just things that “didn’t work out as expected”, as you can never say that the Company did dumb things, as it reflects on the overall credibility of the Company.

    The various “fingerprints” of CAGW are disappearing. Soon the only two things left will be a temperature and sealevel rise since 1820, ALL of which will be (and often currently are) attributed by correlation to CO2-causation.

    Then there will be no need to argue GCMs: the “models” will be just handy computer simulations that say, yes, the world will get warmer, and MAY get really warm, we don’t really know how much, but that is okay, we have already all we need to get on the carbon-reduction bandwagon (due to the Precautionary Principle).

    So the warmists will have no future need to argue: they admit “we” don’t know what will happen, but bad stuff COULD happen, so let’s deal with it. Then if you talk money, jobs, lifestyle, you are just a rich, unsympathetic, uncivlized capitalist, consumerist lackey of Wall Street.

    At least we’d have the ideology out in the open, the agenda clear to all: it is not the science, it is the gnashing of teeth that we are unfit to inherit the world from God.


  4. J Martin says:

    I’m beginning to think that the Met Office should be renamed to the Kool Ade Office.

  5. oldbrew says:

    Is there a new tone coming out of the MetO?

    Quote: ‘it was good to see scientists saying “we don’t know,” to almost every question put to them at a press conference following the over-hyped routine meeting. A bit more “I don’t know,” in front of the press, and parliament, and not seeing anthropogenic climate change behind every corner would be a new and better approach to the communication of climate change. I think the public would appreciate it if some scientists did not make out they are cleverer than they are.’