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solar_money_houseFrom the Resilient Earth:

Everyone has heard the pitch for solar energy, install solar cells on your roof and get free electricity from the Sun. Sure they cost a lot up front, but they will last 25-30 years—which just happens to be about the payback time given current electricity rates from coal, nuclear and natural gas. So when solar panels start failing in two or three years the economics of solar power collapses like a house of cards. That is exactly what is happening around the world. Cheap Chinese solar panels have flooded the market and are now starting to fail at an alarming rate. Solar panels covering a warehouse roof in Los Angeles were only two years into their expected 25-year life span when they began to fail. Worldwide, solar power adopters are reporting similar problems and say the $77 billion solar industry is facing a quality crisis.

“I don’t want to be alarmist, but I think quality poses a long-term threat,” said Dave Williams, chief executive of San Francisco-based Dissigno. “The quality across the board is harder to put your finger on now as materials in modules are changing every day and manufacturers are reluctant to share that information.”


Rajendra Pachauri, head of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) doesn’t think efforts implemented by the European Union (EU) to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in European airspace should apply to Indian jet airliners:


This from the Indian business standard website via Tom Nelson:

Under the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), the EU has threatened to fine Air India and Jet Airways (India) for not sharing their emission data. The two Indian airlines were staring at a fine of  30,000 Euro (Rs 22.60 lakh on Sunday) after the ETS.ETS, which came into effect in 2012, requires airlines to report emission data on an annual basis for flights within and to/from Europe and purchase credits in case the emission exceeds capped limits.

“We are taking up the issue first with the UNFCC, followed by ICAO rather than the other way round,” said V Rajagopalan, secretary in the ministry of environment and forests (MoEF).

Asked whether the ministry was in favour of domestic aviation emission norms for airlines, Rajagopalan said, “There are a lot of discussions going on. It’s too early to say anything.” Natarajan had even termed the EU step as a deal-breaker as far as global efforts for climate changes were concerned. However, experts are not in favour of any domestic actions.


Ocean Currents web site

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University of Miami has a fascinating web site dedicated to ocean currents.

Image right “The distribution of salinity on the four degree (Centigrade) potential temperature surface illustrates the Mediterranean salt tongue. High salinity water, formed by evaporation in the Mediterranean Sea, spills over the sill at Gibraltar, mixes with North Atlantic water, and spreads out thousand km across the basin.”

A refreshing feature is plenty of places which admit we don’t know.


Met Office: Where is the Spring 2013 press release?

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Coldest spring for more than 50 years

30 May 2013 – Lower than average temperatures over the past fortnight have helped put this spring on track to be the coldest in more than 50 years, according to early provisional statistics from the Met Office.

Last Updated: 30 May 2013

From Met Office press release page


Do you have any idea how incredibly stupid that sounds to a statistician? Statistical significance can only be determined by using statistical tests. That’s why the term “statistically” is in front of “significant.” That was the whole point of Parliament’s question.

Over at Suyts

Keenan Confirmed!!! Met Position Laid To Utter Waste!!
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Editor [suyts] Note: This post is written by Hank. Anyone familiar with Hank’s style and demeanor knows he’s not given to bombastic statements. However, if one reads this post, one can plainly and easily see how entirely inept our climate science community is.

The Battle of the Models – Keenan vs. Met.


Kilts and heat around the rear

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Here is some political stuff for those who want a spot of amusement. Media links should be easy to find, ie. DIY


  • News of male Swedish urban train drivers not allowed to wear shorts during a heat wave so they have taken company issue skirts, neat trick, use the rules. The mail train will approve.
  • News snippet about Yeo being called out over his fiscal outside with more detail now emerged, was a not very effective newspaper sting.
  • Cameron has just pledged many millions of money for war on hunger in the third world but I am pointing out that Ed Davey has been approving of English welfare cuts at the same time as news about a large increase in people relying on food banks, not a normal feature of English life. What this has to do with Davey, good question.

Added links,

  • Sky news, nice legsÂ
  • ITV news, ouch, photo of Eric Pickles of call them lazy notoriety, looks like should learn to find clothes that fit here, you think Yeo is bad… so will he touch his mates? “Communities Secretary Eric Pickles told ITV News that “there would be a process” in investigating claims that the Energy Select Committee Chairman Tim Yeo coached a paying client on how to influence his committee.”
    Try search    news tim yeo sting
  • Can’t find any visually acceptable news item on Cameron, visual noise infested web sites, connected with “This week, British Prime Minister David Cameron, whose country holds this year’s G-8 Presidency, is hosting a “Nutrition for Growth” summit in London”
  • Food banks, February story in Mirror “PM in secret food bank visit: David Cameron shamed into seeing effect of Tory policies”
  • Daily Express  Energy Secretary Ed Davey told MPs this month that it was “completely wrong to suggest that there is some sort of statistical link between the benefit reforms we’re making and the provision of food banks”


Any Questions? is long running weekly public discussion program held in front of an audience around the country where there is a panel who take questions, usually high profile politicians, maybe a spoiler.

Jonathan Dimbleby presents political debate and discussion from the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth Wales with Secreatary of State for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Owen Paterson MP, Peter Hain MP, Leader of Plaid Cymru Leanne Woods & commentator James Delingpole.

I happened to turn on the radio right at the end of a broadcast, instant double take, someone was in full flight about wind turbines, hecklers audible, end of program announced by Dimblewit who sounded amused.


Rodin: The Thinker

Rodin: The Thinker

From Politico

By Dylan Dybers

The Washington Post has published a remarkable report showing that the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been monitoring the central servers of major Internet companies — Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple — and “extracting audio, video, photographs, e-mails, documents and connection logs that enable analysts to track a person’s movements and contacts over time.”



Roy Spencer has been criticised for using a poor representation of a devastating indictment of earth temperature models. In response he has come up with a visually more satisfactory version, as above.

Yep, it’s a travesty, all that money and still the heat has run away, it’s hiding.


From Edie:

wpid-20_farage_fc.jpegThe environmental movement has become politicised, urbanised and is ‘full of profound deep ignorance’ says UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

In an exclusive interview with edie, Farage says he has been a keen supporter of environmental issues since the late 1980’s but attacked those driving the movement today, claiming that it has turned into an ‘industry’.

“This environmental industry has managed to bully weak minded politicians into making a series of decisions that actually aren’t good for biodiversity, sustainability or the environment,”

says Farage.

Claiming to be an environmentalist, Farage slammed European leaders for lacking the necessary understanding to put effective environmental policies in place.

“Twenty seven prime ministers and presidents of Europe meet for a summit and say something must be done, like banning light bulbs, for example. And then go for new light bulbs that have mercury in them. It’s ridiculous,” he says.

He also criticised Tim Yeo, stating that the chairman of the select committee on climate change was not the right person for the job.

How can a man that is earning £145,000 a year under the renewable energy industry, chair a committee in parliament? Can someone explain that to me?

Yeo, along with Labour’s Barry Gardiner, held a vote today to ensure a target to decarbonise electricity was in place by 2014. Part of an amendment to Ed Davey’s Energy Bill, the green sector, along with several industry associations, called for the Government to vote in favour. However, it received a no vote earlier today.


The increasingly authoritarian AKP ruling party in Turkey has been using live rounds and human targeted teargas shells and water canon like the ones Cameron intends to import to the UK to brutalize peaceful demonstrators in Istanbul and across many other cities in Turkey. The world watches. In the internet age, despots like Erdogan cannot use riot cops to kill people in secret any more.



At about 22:30 BST, 4th June 2013 on BBC Radio 4, Davey and Lawson were together with the subject, well, you can guess.


blinkeredEd Davey chooses the route taken by Gordon Brown, who famously dubbed sceptics ‘Flat earthers’ before losing the 2010 election. I wonder if the ‘list of 55’ will be revealed:

From the BBC

Energy Secretary Ed Davey is to make an unprecedented attack later on climate change sceptics.

In a speech, the Lib Dem minister will complain that right-wing newspapers are undermining science for political ends.

He is set to accuses climate sceptics of nimbyism, publicity-seeking, and “blinkered… bloody-mindedness”.

The speech at a Met Office event in London takes place as 55 organisations from green groups to manufacturing bodies issued a joint statement calling on MPs to vote in favour of the 2030 decarbonisation amendment.

The list of signatories includes SSE electricity, the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce; Dong Energy; Renewable UK; the Carbon Capture and Storage Association; the Solar Trade Association, the Renewable Energy Association; Business in the Community; the Church of Scotland; the National Farmers Union and the TUC.

frackingFrom the BBC

One of the energy firms hoping to exploit the UK’s resources of shale gas says it may be sitting on significantly more gas than previously thought.

UK firm IGas will tell investors there may be up to 170 trillion cubic feet of gas in the areas it is licensed to explore in northern England.

Shale gas is extracted by fracking – pumping water and sand at high pressure into rock to release gas within it.

Critics say it may cause earth tremors and want investment in green energy.

‘Benefit communities’
Fracking has revolutionised the US energy market and the energy industry has hopes for a similar boom in shale gas in the UK.


Plot of ACE from the personal web site of Ryan N. Maue, PhD

Talkshop contributor E Hughes has raised an old subject, whether there is a connection between solar activity and severe storms or other terrestrial events. Things are a bit quiet on the Talkshop, I’m working toward articles, Tallbloke is having a life, so lets provide a place for discussion, see whether anything new has turned up.


Chilbolton: data update, 107 days

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This post is is primarily for a data release, 107 days, 16th Feb 2013 through 31st May 2012 less one day. (I was indisposed)


French ski resorts open June 2013

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Some news doing the rounds is the state of snow in the Pyrenees where there have been very heavy falls over the winter and continued cold. Some French and apparently Spanish resorts are opening this weekend and for the first time ever in June.

I’ve altered their map to better show the location for this resort, near Andorra.

[update, late 2nd June]  Their two webcams showed mountains doing what they do, cloud/fog and I see no human activity. Maybe there was elsewhere. I’m amused.



Reuters “Tornado touches down near Oklahoma City, emergency declared

“(Reuters) – A “large and extremely dangerous” tornado that touched down west of Oklahoma City on Friday, causing some damage, was headed toward the city, and a tornado emergency has been declared in the area, the National Weather Service said.”

Sure hope this is just one. Nope, 3 now reported. Deaths reported.