September 2013 Ken Wallis died age 97

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This is how you do it. Video is dated 2011. [Upated at end of article]

h/t The Register

I have personal reasons, private.



Eastern Daily Press have carried a number of items about Wallis. Try this

“There are a lot of people supporting me, saying I should do it. It has become a bit of a joke really. It is my birthday in April so if I break this record in May I can do it as an old man of 96 rather than a young man of 95. I am still quite happy flying, and all you really need to do in an autogyro is sit in it and open the throttle.”

EDP article


I’ve found a local TV item, Felixstowe, Suffolk, where Ken was gave a talk in 2007 at about the lead-up to the James Bond movie. Remember he was age 90+. It was an event at the former Martlesham  air base… he recalled taking off there in 1941.

And importantly here is the web site of
Where you can read an obituary and biography of Wing Commander K H Wallis MBE, DEng (hc), Ph.D (hc), CEng, FRAeS, FSETP, FlnsTA(hc), RAF (Ret’d)

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    A big article is postponed, few problems to sort out off ‘net.

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  4. Sera says:

    I remember watching this on the telly- amazing man!

    RIP Ken Wallis

  5. Hans Jelbring says:

    The action of this man is just inspiring!

    It also reminds me that there are some more prominent projects waiting for fullfillment in my own Life.

  6. dave ward says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him on a couple of occasions, one of which was at his home, Reymerston Hall. A wonderful chap, who didn’t seem to think his exploits and knowledge were anything out of the ordinary. He happily spent over 2 hours chatting to our group in his hanger/workshops on a bitterly cold day before giving a demonstration flight just like your video. A true gentleman, and a sad loss for the aviation fraternity.

    Unfortunately his passing appears to have been completely overlooked by the national media, which I think is shameful. But there were two very good articles in the local paper:



    RIP Ken

  7. dave ward says:

    Forgot to mention that Old Buckenham airfield nearby are holding a celebration of his life this coming weekend, the 29th September:

  8. tchannon says:

    Thank you for the links Dave. I’ve elevated a snippet from EDP to an update on the article.

    Ah well, go for the world speed record at age 96.

  9. bit chilly says:

    now there was a life worth living. in todays world where the mediocre seem to excel ,a modern day ken wallis would be a breath of fresh air.daring endeavor appears to mean designing a new phone or computer game these days.

  10. tchannon says:

    Updated to include a brief talk by Wallis and a link to his autogyro web site where you can read an obituary and biography.