Citizen Joe Smith: Soft-soaping BBC climate propaganda while demanding more of it and denying 28gate bias

Posted: November 11, 2013 by tallbloke in Accountability, alarmism, People power, Philosophy, Politics, propaganda

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  1. tallbloke says:


    So now Citizen Smith has fixed the link to the new IBT report he is promoting here’s the list of ‘usual suspects’ interviewees:

    Academics, NGOs and others
    Professor Sir John Beddington, UK Government
    Chief Scientific Adviser, 2008–2013
    Colin Butfield, Head of Campaigns, WWF
    Tom Crompton, Change Strategist, WWF
    Professor Steve Jones, Writer and geneticist
    Tony Juniper, Writer and environmentalist
    Helen Lambourne, Project Manager, Broadcast, Wellcome Trust
    Mark Lynas, Author and environmentalist
    Nick Pidgeon, Professor of Environmental
    Psychology, Cardiff University
    Nik Shelton, Media officer, RSPB
    Dr Joe Smith, Senior Lecturer in Environment, The Open University

    I see the ‘Professor of snails’ Steve Jones is on there, and Citizen Smith himself of course. No sign of anyone who knows and understands the physics behind climate change theory though.

    “Nick Pidgeon, Professor of
    Environmental Psychology at Cardiff University, told us that
    ‘communication is vital for the narrative. If the emerging evidence
    about the impacts of climate change – extreme weather events,
    floods, heat waves etc – are not communicated and not connected
    to climate change, then it won’t be possible to change behaviour or
    the public will not see it as a priority to adapt. For years, talk about
    adaptations was thought to detract from the message about carbon
    emissions, but scientists are now thinking that we may have to adapt.
    If the communication isn’t there, the lifestyle changes won’t happen.’”

    Well Nick, read IPCC SREX, where you will find that the consensus is that there is no proven link between ‘climate change’ and extreme weather events.

  2. tallbloke says:

    Roundup from Benny Peiser:


    1) Australia Says ‘No’ To $100 Billion Climate Fund – The Australian, 11 November 2013

    2) Funding Drought Threatens UN Climate Agreement – Responding to Climate Change, 10 November 2013

    3) India & Developing Nations Demand £100 Billion Annual Climate Fund From Rich Countries – The Times of India, 7 November 2013

    4) Chemical Giant BASF Threatens To Leave Germany Over Green Energy Costs – Focus Magazin, 10 November 2013

    5) Eat Or Heat: Rising UK Energy Costs Seep Into Food Spending – Financial Times, 10 November 2013

    6) Storms, Superstorms And Global Warming – Bishop Hill, 9 November 2013

  3. Roger Andrews says:

    There’s also the resolution on climate change the European Parliament passed in advance of the Warsaw Climate Conference (now in progress, although nobody seems to have noticed) on October 16. The complete text is here:

    and here are some excerpts:

    “(C)limate change represents an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies, biodiversity and the planet …”

    “(F)or the EU to remain in the lead in terms of the development of technologies for a future climate-friendly economy, the EU greenhouse gas emissions reduction target should be at least 50 % by 2030.”

    “(We need) to meet the goal of reducing global emissions to below 1990 levels by 2030 and should aim at phasing out global carbon emissions by 2050.”

    The scientific justification for these proposals is the World Bank’s ‘Turn Down the Heat’ report, written by Hans Joachim Schellnhuber and his associates at the Potsdam Institute.

  4. Graeme No.3 says:

    The EU greenhouse gases reduction target should be at least 50% by 2050?????

    Presumably one of his associates at the Potty Institute is Barking Mad.

    Have they managed to meet any targets? Except by shutting down industries in the EU and starting them up in China etc. (and the emissions from the transport back don’t count).

    How are things in his backyard (Germany)? Despite very expensive electricity emissions are rising. The 5 new coal fired plants were planned to accommodate the variations in renewable energy and its effect on minor suppliers e.g. pumped storage (water and air) which are being made unprofitable by wind and solar. Large CCGT gas plants with the lowest CO2 emissions are being shut down, while obsolete high emissions coal stations are subsidised because wind and solar aren’t reliable.
    And at least 600,000 families are using wood fired stoves for heating, because they can’t afford the electricity charges. I wonder if those emissions make their way into the calculations.

    And where else will they be able to cut emissions? Shut down the Autobahns? Everybody to ride a pushbike the short distance from their inner city home to their air conditioned office?

    Ban automobiles, trucks and buses? Shut down all power stations (which will get rid of those nasty industries)? That might be enough, but has he ever thought where the money to run his Institute will come from then?

  5. Westy says:

    Good work TB.

  6. Brian H says:

    Variant of Stein’s Law: If something is too stupid to continue forever, it will stop.

  7. james griffin says:

    In the early part of this century the warming had stopped and the Aqua satellite had found no trace of a warming of the Tropical Troposphere…so what does the IPPCC do?
    They change Global Warming to Climate Change.
    The “industry” has to be protected.

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