Murphy’s lore, Member of Westminster Parliament connects climate change and Typhoon Haiyan, government still in belief

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… Although many will rightly ask questions about climate change, this is also a story about poverty. …

I want to conclude on climate change. It is neither wise nor accurate to attribute any specific weather event to climate change, but we do know that climate change is real. Due to the nature of what we are discussing today, I shall make this observation gently: there are worrying noises from parts of the Government regarding renewed scepticism about taking action on climate change. Will the Secretary of State put it on record that she is determined to take renewed action on climate change, which is one of the most pressing developmental and poverty reduction priorities for the Government, I am sure, and certainly for the Opposition?

Mr Jim Murphy (East Renfrewshire [Scotland])

Talk about trying it on, trying not to seem to be saying.

28th November 2013 was a day of a disgusting agenda for Westminster with dodgy item after item right through to junk digital radio.

House of Commons Debates 28 November 2013

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Back to context..

Responding, The Secretary of State for International Development (Justine Greening):

The Government have always made it clear that we want an international agreement on climate change—it is vital that that is tackled. The right hon. Gentleman should remember that it was the Conservative party in opposition that proposed a climate change Act and his Government ultimately took the idea on board. I assure him that we remain resolute in prioritising tackling climate change, as he will see over the coming months.

So anyone imagining the government have changed in the slightest, wrong.

There is more of dismay but that applies every day, ghastly place.

Text of proceedings as interpreted, not necessary accurate, is provided by Hansard. URL may change later and edits get made.

In this case for a few days a fragment of the sound from The House is available from BBC Radio 4, Today in Parliament, 23:30hrs 28th. BBC political extract. (I cannot access this for accessibility reasons so I assume the (non-digital) broadcast and BBC archived are the same, be interesting to see what if any spin was placed by the BBC, why choose that fragment and the context?)

Post by Tim

  1. The entire UNFCCC circus is based on the delusion of coming CAGW when in fact the earth entered a cooling trend in 2003 which will last for another 20 years and perhaps for hundreds of years beyond that. For an estimate of the timing and extent of the coming cooling see
    For the best exposition of the global politics behind the entire AGW scam I refer readers to Donna Laframboise’s excellent book The Delinquent Teenager …… especially pages 41 and 42.
    I quote briefly:
    “At an event celebrating the IPCC’s 20th anniversary, its chairman gave a speech in which he publicly acknowledged that the IPCC’s primary purpose is not to help governments make wise climate change decisions. Rather, in his words:
    The UNFCCC is our main customer, if I could label them as such, and our interaction with them
    enriches the relevance of our work…UNFCCC stands for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This international treaty was launched in 1992 at the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro. When the chairman of the IPCC says his organization’s main purpose is to assist a UN body that administers a political agreement between nations – what he’s really telling us is that there’s no conceivable way the Climate Bible can bean objective scientific document………….This is a situation in which political operators (UN bureaucrats) pursuing a political goal (a greenhousegas treaty) have recruited scientists to help them achieve their objective”
    Most establishment climate modelling scientists in the UK and USA either through scientific incompetence or because of the opportunity to obtain grants and career advancement (and public honours in the case of the UK) have acted as useful idiots to promote the political ends of the UNFCC.
    The current state of the poltical climate wars is illuminated by comparing in broad outline the situations in the USA and the UK.
    Most politician’s primary goal is to gain power by gaining elective office and then stay in power by financially rewarding their corporate contributors or influential friends and interest groups who can deliver votes .This creates a congressional or parliamentary – scientific (when government funded )- military- industrial complex,- which creates for all intents and purposes a national- socialist state.The UN would like to establish a similar world governing bureaucracy.
    By regulating greenhouse gas and thus contolling energy supply sources and demand governments can essentially take over all economic activity and indeed private property without having to go through a nationalisation process.If this seems far fetched one needs look no further than the provisions of the Waxman – Markey bill in the see the extent of the power grab which its authors contemplated. Global Warming was used as a pretext to try to grab control of all economic activity in the country because congress would decide the price of all energy via the distribution of carbon credits to whomever contributes most to their campaign funds. Energy production would be diverted to so called “green ” sources which are hopelessly uneconomic unless heavily subsidised.If this bill had passed all private real estate would essentially cease to exist because governemnt climate police would ,in the guise of government trained real estate appraisers, decide the appraisal value of all real estate and thus control the sales price of everyone’s home. Any alterations or improvements would have to be approved by government inspectors.A vast bureaucracy would be created to run this virtual totalitarian police state run for the benefit of the congress and whichever corporations or special interests pay them the most.
    Fortunately, because of the separation of powers in the US constitution this disaster was temporarily averted.
    However aided by the worst Supreme Court decision in history which effectively transferred total control of the economy to the Executive branch via the EPA, the Obama administration is planning to achieve the Orwellian objectives of the Waxman Markey bill by the piecemeal regulation of GHG emissions using fear of global warming as a tool to carry the public with him.
    Britain by contrast ,having replaced a powerful king by an equally all powerful prime minister and small cabal of ministers had no constitutional barriers to a power grab by the nomenclatura for the benefit of themselves and their corporate and land owning friends.The GHG scare promoted by the fellow travelling ecoleft press and especially by the BBC propaganda machine enabled successive governments to first, in 2008, pass ,with only four dissenting votes, a climate bill which by law established legal requirments for draconian CO2 emission limits.The House of Lords has been debating an energy bill ,already approved by the Commons ,by which the government would run the economy with detailed control of energy supply and demand via a Russian Communist style central planning sytem where energy sources and demand and prices are decreed by the Secretary of State and a supposedly all knowing government bureaucracy.The majority of Britains political leadership retains its impenetratable ignorance of the significance of the fact that there has been no warming since 1997 with CO2 up 8% and retains its unshakeable faith in the delusionary CAGW religion. During the debate the “fact” of CAGW was hardly questioned. The chief discussion was about how to attract investment in inherently uneconomic renewables such as windmills by rigging the market by subsidy and regulation. Todays Commons questions similarly completely ignore the coming cooling trend. There is little hope that the Brits will abandon their delusions any time soon.
    When this literally lunatic bill is finally passed into law Britain will be firmly set on course for economic disaster. The Labour party promises even more mad measures should they win the election.
    In the U.S.A the battle is about to commence in earnest.In Britain the ongoing collapse of the CAGW delusion amongst the scientists made no difference to the discussion. I see no evidence that either Obama and his hand picked true believers in the CAGW religion or the Democratic Congressional leadership will be any more influenced by the changing science than their British counterparts.With the Supreme Court decision behind them can the EPA be stopped? We’ll see

  2. tchannon says:

    post removed, too many dud links, might sort it later

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    Heads in sand ass in air.

  4. oldbrew says:

    ‘we remain resolute in prioritising tackling climate change, as he will see over the coming months’

    Absolutely. Order more snowploughs, gritters and road salt asap. And read this Mr Murphy and your like.

    ‘The current squabbles about energy bills are just a prelude: a far bigger, deeper and more dangerous crisis awaits.’

  5. J Martin says:

    What a bunch of snips.


    “Building groups said this would severely damage the green energy industry and mean thousands of people will lose their jobs in coming weeks. It also means much less free insulation for fuel poor households, half of whom live in solid wall properties. ”

    The Green industry is dominated by ‘white van man’ small businesses that turn their hand to the latest opportunity to make money, roof cladding, double glazing, drive tarmacking, solar panels. There have never been 10,000 jobs created in the green economy, they switch from what they were making a buck from, to the latest fad, whatever that may be. Jobs won’t be lost when the trend changes, they will just switch from one industry to another, that is the nature of the socialist entrepreneur, don’t expect guarantees to be upheld!

    The same can be said for our opportunistic MP’s!!

  7. Zeke says:

    I’m sorry, “G8 summit on dementia”?

  8. percy says:

    well Climate Change is still on the government’s risk register…..the dolts!