BREAKING – Warning to Michael Mann: apologise for your lie or risk facing from me what you’ve done to Steyn

Posted: February 25, 2014 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

Fnordfn Oh dear, its open suing season. Mikey Mann hoist on his own petard may now face being sued by at least three people simultaneously.


BREAKING via Andrew Bolt Blog :

aaaaa mann Bolt

Normally I do not sue, but this seems to me a special case.

Mann, the climate alarmist who gave the world his dodgy ”hockey stick”, is now suing sceptic Mark Steyn for mocking him and his lawyers have produced deceptive legal documents in his defence.

Mann has published an outright lie that defames me, and should face the same punishment he wishes to mete out on Steyn for mere mockery.

I do not lie and Murdoch does not pay me to do so. Nor has Mann singled out a single “lie” I’m alleged to have committed.

In fact, Mann is so reckless with the facts that his tweet links to an obvious parody Twitter account run by one of my critics, clearly believing that it’s actually mine.

Advice, please?

Warning to Michael Mann: apologise for your lie or risk facing from me…

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  1. Konrad says:

    It appears in an update at Andrews blog that Dr. Mann has decided to make a grudging “apology” and run away.

    He may be able to escape the threat of further legal action from Andrew Bolt, but he will never escape the shame of the hockey stick hoax. The time an apology would have worked for that is long past.

  2. tallbloke says:

    Mann is further in the Doodoo with his pleading in the Steyn case: He knew the [mis]quote from the Muir Russell Inquiry flagged up by Steve McIntyre didn’t apply to him:

    July 7th 2010 – Realclimate:

    “The main issue is that they [The Muir Russell Inquiry panel] conclude that the rigour and honesty of the CRU scientists is not in doubt. For anyone who knows Phil Jones and his colleagues this comes as no surprise, and we are very pleased to have this proclaimed so vigorously.” Mike [Mann] & Gavin [Schmidt]

  3. Morph says:

    Mann has backflipped again and tweeted loads of “Andrew Bolt is very bad” messages.

  4. colliemum says:

    I’m sure Mark Steyn’s lawyers will have taken notice of this handy little Mann Outburst.
    One wonders why Mann’s own lawyers aren’t telling him to STFU, because he seems hell-bnent on damaging his own lawsuit.

  5. tallbloke says:

    Colliemum: I just emailed Steyn a few useful tidbits. 🙂

  6. colliemum says:

    @ Rog: Very well done!

  7. Konrad says:

    Well it appears that his squealing bitchosity Dr. Mann has posted further attacks against sceptic journalist Andrew Bolt.

    It has been said in public affairs –
    “Never get into a fight with those that buy their ink by the barrel.”

    Lets review –

    – Andrew bolt writes the most read political blog in Australia.
    – Andrew Bolt writes a regular column in a News Limited newspaper with higher circulation than than its rival leftardulent “Fauxfacts” publication.
    – Andrew Bolt co-hosts a weeknight radio program.
    – Andrew Bolt has his own weekly current affairs program on channel 10 TV with ratings exceeding the rival leftardulent “their ALPBC” government broadcasters sorry offering. (this year extended from 30 min to 1 hour)

    Andrew Bolt is across all media in Australia, so to will be Dr. Mann’s burning shame. Way to pick your fights Mikey, you sorry little pseudo scientist! You brought it, now SIUB.

  8. Me_Again says:

    After reading the entry yesterday about being persecuted like the Jews were pre-WW2, it set me to thinking. The people who believe we are burning up [for real or for money] have tried to marginalise us -us being those who are either unconvinced or out right unbelievers- and from that article and this one, it seems they are hell bent on persecuting us.

    So what we need in the UK is to be considered an ethnic minority -must be genetic this scepticism, or in America you need to be a civil rights campaigner for climate scepticism.

    This would if carefully managed then have them persecute a minority and that isn’t PC is it?

  9. oldbrew says:

    Mann conceding that what Bolt said was ‘not necessarily lies’ is barely an apology at all.

  10. markstoval says:

    Mann did not apologize and I wager he is genetically incapable of making a real apology.

    But all this is good news. The only way to get the public to understand the massive, massive fraud that was his “hockey stick” graph would be for court cases to demand that Penn St. produce that data and methodology that he used. Or if the data has gone missing, then at least we should all know that he destroyed it rather than let the world see all of it.

    And the e-mails! My god at what we could learn from seeing all his e-mails from around that time.

    I hope the insane little pretend “Dr.” keeps up his assaults. I also hope that people follow his lead and haul is very large butt into court over the assaults.

  11. markstoval says:

    At WUWT I see a thread on this topic and someone tried to post a comment and this is what we see:

    Tom O says:
    February 25, 2014 at 7:10 am

    [snip 1. Its factually incorrect. 2. It’s from the Slayers – nuff said – Anthony]

    I can not believe that any mention of an alternate theory on CO2 is an automatic snip. But it looks like that is now the policy.

  12. markstoval says:

    @ tallbloke

    I must have missed that one or forgot about it. But I still see no reason to list as one of the reasons for a snip as the material being “its from the Slayers”. That is like saying that something is no good because it is from “the deniers”.

    One could have left the comment up and simply made the remark about the factual error or snipped it due to “1. Its factually incorrect.”

    Oh well, a man can do as he please with his own blog.

  13. Password protected says:

    Mann’s comments about paying ansd lying are one aspect.
    Let’s see him substantiate the ‘threat to the planet’ aspect.

  14. RoHa says:

    WITH his petard. A petard is a bomb.

    For ’tis the sport to have the enginer
    Hoist with his own petard, an’t shall go hard
    But I will delve one yard below their mines
    And blow them at the moon.

    Hamlet Act 3, scene 4, 202–209