Clegg tells Farage he’s a denier who doesn’t believe the Moon landings happened

Posted: April 2, 2014 by tallbloke in Accountability, Big Brother, Education, flames, government, Gravity, humour, Incompetence, People power, Philosophy, Politics, propaganda

farage-cleggRound two of the Farage vs Clegg EU in or out debate was high on rhetoric and entertainment from Nick Clegg. Farage did call Nick a liar at one point, but mostly kept his cool while Clegg became increasingly shrill, mentioning the EU as vital in our fight against  climate change. He even channelled Stephan Lewandowsky, calling Farage a fantasist who doesn’t believe the Moon landings happened.

“He’s one of those people who see conspiracy theories everywhere!” cried Mr Clegg, gesturing impatiently at the Ukip leader. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he tells us next that there wasn’t a Moon landing, Obama isn’t American, and Elvis isn’t dead!”

Mr Farage, furthermore, lived in “a fantasy world”, yearned to “turn the clock back to a bygone age” when “women knew their place”, and promoted views about the EU that were “a dangerous fantasy” and “a dangerous con”.

Nigel let him carry on, interjecting a sotto  “oh dear oh dear” as  Clegg ranted.

The outcome? The Guradian gave it to Farage 69 to 31. Yougov around the same. The LBC poll has Farage over 90%

The writing is on the wall for the parties which have denied the British people a voice for 40 years. Revolution is in the air. Farage’s parting words were:

Join the people’s army, let’s topple the establishment.

So what now?

Well, we’re hosting an MEP road-show in Leeds next Monday, with five candidates and the Deputy leader Paul Nuttall speaking. We’ve put out around 15,000 leaflets for that so far. Then it’s the campaign for the local council seats which will be contested on the same day as the Euro-elections. Please use your vote.

  1. A very good showing by Nigel.

    Time to reclaim our own government whether one be historically a Labour or Conservative supporter.

    He needs to be given the power to either get into a coalition with one of the other parties or to provide a strong opposition to whichever of the others can form a government.

    Just imagine the fun in Parliament with his robust, direct and honest debating style.

  2. tallbloke says:

    If the LibLabCon leaders deny Farage a place in the debates next spring, the peoples judgement will be upon them.

  3. Farage knockout on Newsnight followed by interview with James Lovelock, sleepless night for many tonight!

  4. Curious George says:

    Now we know how UK leaders spend their time: memorizing Lewandowsky.

  5. tallbloke says:

    George: I was amazed by this. There are clearly some channels to our spurious leaders ears straight from the alarmist camp.

  6. craigm350 says:

    Steven W
    Time to reclaim our own government whether one be historically a Labour or Conservative supporter.

    Encapsulates it perfectly. Voting on traditional lines = more of the same. Let’s vote these lying b******* out…although I’m becoming more partial to incarceration for the LibLabCon.

    Thankfully the euro elections are not fptp so every vote will count and send a big message.

  7. Joe Public says:

    If, as an elector, I’m about to be metaphorically screwed (all electors get screwed by politicians), then at least Nigel seems a better class of politician.

    Love the realistic caricatures BTW.

  8. “Join the people’s party, let’s topple the establishment”

    For years the dinosaurs of the political establishment have been colluding with the sycophants of dinosaur news media to ensure that the public had a totally free vote between the blue coated parted with the dinosaur agenda to “prop up the establishment” and the red coated or yellow coated parties with their agenda to “prop up the establishment”.

    Now today we had another establishment report from the establishment parties in the house of the establishment in parliament telling the establishment BBC not to deviate from the establishment line on the establishment created scare on global warming.

    And does anyone listen any longer?

    Who do they think they are? We now live in a communication meritocracy in which a blogger with a PC has equal weight to the whole IPCC and people will listen to the blogger or the IPCC depending only on whether they are talking sense … not on whether some of the dinosaur establishment tell us we can or can’t listen to them.

    This is the new reality which outdated and out classed politicians like Clegg just can’t understand.

  9. tallbloke says:

    Spot on Mike.
    We don’t need to be a EUrophiles to win European blog of the year 🙂

  10. manicbeancounter says:

    Politicians who listen to the rhetoric, and don’t look at the substance end up falling flat on their face. In the LOG12 paper there were just 10 out of 1145 respondents who supported the NASA faked the moon landings conspiracy.
    What nobody has yet done is published analysis is on is the follow-up paper on the American public. I hope to publish something at the weekend. It had 1001 responses. Of these 26 gave the score maximum support of 5, and a further 51 a score of 4. I compared the scores against the average score for 3 well-supported scientific propositions. The 26 nutters who supported the moon hoax were the strongest supporters of science, with an average score of 4.64. The most ambivalent to science were the 165 who scored 3, with an average score of 3.91.
    But look at “climate science” score against average score on CYMoon and it is those who sit in the middle on “climate science” who score the highest average support for CYMoon.

    I am still trying to fathom this result, and others I have found. The American’s love their conspiracy theories. Yet the strongest supporters of conspiracies are also the strongest supporters of the well-supported science, like HIV causes Aids. The least strongest support of science are the middle-of-the-road Lib Dem types.

    To confirm the details, check out LOG13 data at

  11. Col says:

    My Lord Beaverbrook , BBC newsnight iplayer offerings are blocked for offshore bods; but radio podcasts are not ? can you editorialise the program ? Ta

  12. Col

    Briefly, Lovelock promoted book, ascribed his ability to change his mind on global warming to being independent not part of a club or relying on Uni funds. Thought that cheap electricity is more of a necessity to combat hardships of third world than any benefits of reducing CO2.

    Alex Cull over at Bishop Hill’s blog normally does a full transcript of such interviews, if he has one I will post here later.

  13. tallbloke says:

    Thanks Lord B. Alex does sterling work preserving this stuff for posterity. Puts the alarmists on notice too.

  14. colliemum says:

    Excellent cartoon!
    The debate was hugely enjoyable – at one stage I thought Nick Clegg was going to burst into tears. Also Dimbleby was not as biased as we suspected, I believe Clegg got seriously up his nose.

    Well, when this was set up, many thought it was a mistake by Nigel Farage to do this.
    I knew and said at that time that he’d wipe the floor with Clegg – and so he did!

    One of the great points was how Nigel Farage attacked wind farms, saying that they made land owners richer: nice little surreptitious dig at Cameron’s father-in-law!

  15. michael hart says:

    Curious George says:
    April 2, 2014 at 11:22 pm

    Now we know how UK leaders spend their time: memorizing Lewandowsky.
    tallbloke says:
    April 2, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    George: I was amazed by this. There are clearly some channels to our spurious leaders ears straight from the alarmist camp.

    I ceased to be amazed by this some time ago. True, I did often wonder why the likes of Lewandowsky and his cohorts at the website that cannot-be-named were able to garner so much attention when they were so awful. There is certainly nothing coming out of the Met Office that starts from such a low base. When people start quoting Lewandowsky and the 97%-ers my mind always flashes to a quote attributed to President Kennedy-“We’re heading into nut country”.

    There’s probably no value in speculating who, or how, some might be opening political avenues to such basement sources. Many others (who should know better) have often, and still do, raise similar questions about sceptics and IPCC critics.

    As with BBC editors reaching for their fast-dial to Greenpeace, there is another wholly adequate explanation for Clegg as articulated by Eddie the shipboard computer: “Because he’s an ignorant monkey who doesn’t know better.”

  16. myrightpenguin says:

    Tallbloke, I’m leaving this for information purposes regarding Richard North letting slip his grudge regarding Farage. It’s a shame because he is a decent investigative journalist, but at the same time any notion of objective reporting re. Farage and UKIP can be thrown out of the window now. I’m sorry that this has to be brought to the fore, but clearly RN has this coming as he clearly has had an agenda to undermine and damage Farage based on a petty grudge.


    “I have never made any secret of my dislike for Farage, and why should I hide it. He is a dishonourable drunkard and a sexual predator, a liar and a cheat who shafted me in a most disagreeable way. He deprived me of a political platform so that, instead of working inside UKIP, I now have to work on the outside. This is a continuous situation which affects me every day of my life and will continue as long as Farage is in the party.

    As to the Farage’s victory, the intriguing thing about the first of these events (LBC/Sky) is the lack of audience figures. Unless you know different, they have not been issued. And why might that be (assuming I am correct)? Possibly, because in television/entertainment terms, it was a very small event, with not that many people watching – the even confined mainly to political nerds.

    Then, what we see from the most recent polls is that the victory had no measurable effect, with the overall performance from UKIP showing its continual decline. In the grander scheme of things, therefore, the event was very unimportant, and the victory very unimportant – a minor skirmish in a long drawn-our war.

    What then of the skirmish? Against a weak opponent, fielding poor arguments expressed poorly, Farage performed sufficiently well to win. In doing so, he demonstrated that he was not master of his subject in several issues of crucial importance to the anti-EU cause. Away from the moment, that should be of concern to all of us.

    As to being rude, I am not sure I have been particularly rude to anyone on this thread. I am prepared robustly to defend mu corner, but I wouldn’t call that rude.”

  17. Kon Dealer says:

    Last night’s debate reinforces my opinion on why I should vote UK in the coming European Elections and also in the general election.
    We desperately need some anti-green and anti-Europe MPs in place to expose the inherent corruption of these twin evils.

  18. A C Osborn says:

    One of the best parts was when Nigel held up Nick Clegg’s own poster for an EU Referendum, it was priceless, the public can’t trust Clegg and it was clearly shown.

  19. tallbloke says:

    The strapline running across the bottom of BBC news is ‘Clegg not ‘bruised’ by EU debate with Farage’
    Talk about denial.

  20. Col

    Thanks to Alex Cull over at Bishop Hill here’s the Lovelock transcript:

  21. Col says:

    Thank you my Lord !

  22. Only just seen this thread. Did Clegg actually use ‘denier’? I take it that’s poetic license from the host. I agree it’s notable that the Lib Dem leader felt the need to go Lewandowsky-esque. That isn’t the least bit surprising to me. What’s great is how ineffective the gambit proved, as Roger gleefully points out. Others will have been watching that. But once you’ve given Dr Lew a Wolfson and shifted him to Bristol what else is there to do? Still, they will try and it won’t be pretty.

    I’m also indebted to myrightpenguin’s intervention on Richard North’s dislike of Farage. I kinda knew some of that but it’s interesting. For what it’s worth, I don’t put much trust in the current UKIP leader. But then I don’t in most politicians. Put not your trust in princes – but use your vote wisely. All the best with your activities in the Leeds area in the coming weeks.

  23. tallbloke says:

    Richard: I can’t remember the variant of deny, denial, denier, but the reference was clear.
    Here’s the programme, if anyone sits through, please note the time if they hear Clegg ue the D word.

  24. oldbrew says:

    Nick Clegg: “My passion is what I think is right for Britain in the modern world. I don’t think turn the clock back to a world which doesn’t exist anymore. I think we’re always better when we work with other countries on issues. Climate change – I know Nigel Farage denies climate change exists – terrorism, crime, all the kind of things we can’t deal with on our own in this modern world of ours.”

  25. Thanks Roger, I might even do that myself.

  26. Ah, beaten to it, thanks oldbrew. The verbal forms are arguably less bad than the ‘climate denier, as in holocaust denier’ brigade. But I think all forms are well-established code for the very nasty. Farage did well to respond as he did.

  27. Gail Combs says:

    Join the people’s army, let’s topple the establishment.


    OH I really wish the USA had a politician of Farage’s wit and character.