Reflections on Elections: UKIP wins the Euros and a raft of local council seats

Posted: May 26, 2014 by tallbloke in government, History, Politics, propaganda

josh-cheers_nigel_scrIt’s been a gruelling campaign season. As well as standing for council in my own Leeds ward of Guiseley and Rawdon, I’ve been working hard to support the campaigns of our Yorkshire MEP candidates since my own election as vice chair of my local UKIP branch. By and large it has paid off. Last night we took three MEP seats at the Yorkshire and Humberside Euro election count in Leeds town hall. In the local election I garnered 20% of the vote from a standing start, finishing five points behind Labour and 15 points behind the winning Tory candidate in a ward which didn’t have a UKIP candidate at either of the last two elections.

The feedback I got on the doorstep was very encouraging. There is good awareness of the issues, and a lot of people ‘get it’ with what UKIP is saying concerning the lack of accountability and control. The LibLabCon media slurs did have some impact though, and as one of my activists and I were putting up roadside signboards last week a father who was jogging past with his young son remarked; “Oh look, the racist party is out tonight’. It’s not nice to be on the receiving end of such comments. Unfair especially as UKIP enjoys more support from the ethnic minorities than the Conservative and LibDem parties put together.
Our branch fielded a full rack of 17 candidates in 17 wards on our side of the city, coming second in nine of them. In Farnley & Wortley, we came within 300 votes of winning against the Greens. Elsewhere we took a lot of votes from the main parties too. This is a great achievement and a good bounce on the springboard in the run-up to the General Election in 2015. We hope to get our first UKIP councillors into the chamber at Leeds next year.

nigel-haloNationally UKIP got some great results across England and some wins in Wales, N. Ireland and now have an MEP in Scotland too. The only party to have representation in all four nations of the UK. The European Parliamentary elections have been extra-ordianary. UKIP is the first ‘minor’ party to win a nationwide election in 100 years, and the ‘Earthquake in British politics’ predicted by party leader Nigel Farage has occurred.

liblabcon-tacticsThis despite the best efforts of the establishment and its media to smear UKIP as a ‘racist’ party. If it was, I wouldn’t be a member of it. After the results last night, one Labour MP, Sadiq Khan said UKIP is not racist – we don’t need to wonder why he didn’t speak up sooner. The squalid tactics of the political elite will not be forgotten or forgiven quickly by the millions of decent people falsely accused by the LibLabConBBC, and this is reflected in the stated intention of the majority of UKIP voters to stick with the party for the General Election.

2014 has seen the earthquake, 2015 will see the eruption of the volcano!



  1. BNP leader explains his defeat by saying people voted for “Ukip’s racist policies instead”.

    [Reply] Hah! Sour grapes.

  2. policy:
    Make cuts to foreign aid that are real and rigorous.
    Nigel Farage is dealing with fresh allegations of racism and homophobia in his party only days after the local and European elections as Ukip was forced to launch an investigation into comments made by one of its newly elected councillors.

    Dave Small, who was elected to Redditch borough council on Friday, faces being kicked out of the party for referring to gay people as “perverts” and African immigrants as “scroungers”.

    [Reply] See this tweet

  3. His comments are just the latest to cause problems for Farage. In February this year, Ukip councillor David Silvester was kicked out of the party for saying that gay marriage was to blame for the storms that lashed Britain last winter.

    [Reply] He used to say the same when he was a Tory councillor. Wasn’t newsworthy until he defected to UKIP.

    Farage himself faced criticism after insisting that people would be justified in worrying about Romanians moving in next door.

    [Reply] Specifically a group of Romanian men in London. A Romanian interviewed on Channel four news agreed with Farage about this.

    see were I’m coming from?

    [Reply] Yes, you’re desperate to make some mud stick. A bit late though.

  4. P. G. Berkin says:

    Well, done Tallbloke – keep on sticking it to them!

  5. ren says:

    Congratulations and further success in preaching the truth.

  6. mike fowle says:

    Well done indeed.

  7. oldbrew says:

    Do like the leader and have a well-earned pint Rog – if you haven’t already 😉

  8. Joe Public says:

    Hi Roger

    I’ve just realised why the Beeb has been so devious in its pre-election campaign regarding UKIP.

    It focussed on the immigration issue; and IMHO deliberately avoided mentioning UKIP’s ‘Unique Selling Point’ of a promise to scrap expensive subsidies to wind & solar renewables.

  9. Me_Again says:

    Well done mate, it was a busy night for sure. I was at the North Lincolnshire count last night and it was quickly apparent that we were on a winner. I started at one end of the counting tables and slowly worked my way around the horseshoe of counters until I got to the other end. By the time I arrived there I had a big smile on my face. My friends in the other parties just patted my back without a word. I find on the local level the activists are not at all as virulent against us as the national level and no one has ever accused me of being racist -not to my face anyway. However they cannot abide each other, I often find myself in the role of referee. I even voted down a labour councillor candidate the other day and explained why over a beer or two later and we parted with a man hug.

    The biggest puzzle to me is why anyone supports any of the other parties, I really just don’t get it.
    I am looking forward to our better known faces becoming as well known as Nigel -and as effective to counter the attack that we are a one face party. This is really not very fair when you consider that most people couldn’t mention more than two or three from each of the other parties either. We have some excellent people coming through including the likes of Janice Atkinson who can certainly hand it out when the bully boys have a go at her.

  10. Well I shan’t be changing my voting at the General Election, and I know many others who won’t either.

  11. P.A.Semi says:

    Do you know, why at this site the only UK results are missing, while all other 27 countries have got them at least estimated ?

    Is someone so afraid of results, that even bans posting an estimate?

    In our country, 25.5.2014 at 23:01 were final results available, and they would have been available sooner, should EU allow it before 23:00, it usually takes 4-5 hours to complete all election summing (in our country with 14k voting districts)…

    (And need to say, that in there is an error in the turnout number, which has been 18.20% in our country, with 18.19% valid votes, and not 19.50% as they are stating, so it makes me doubt about other their numbers too…)

  12. Doug Proctor says:

    Well done!

  13. Great job!

    Too bad there is nothing like UKIP in the USA. With our elections coming up in November there is essentially no choice. It does not matter which party wins the House, the Senate or the Presidency. Everything will continue as at present with deficit spending, over-centralized public education, porous borders, selective enforcement of laws, lack of transparency, lack of accountability……….and on and on.

    It was truly said that all forms of government tend towards oligarchy.

  14. oldbrew says:

    Farage: “The three party leaders are like goldfish that have been tipped out of their bowl onto the floor and are gasping for air”

  15. Zeke says:

    “In the local election I garnered 20% of the vote from a standing start, finishing five points behind Labour and 15 points behind the winning Tory candidate in a ward which didn’t have a UKIP candidate at either of the last two elections.”

    Congrats and cheers! I have always loved your debating demeanor and tweets, and it is nice to see you use your powers for the good old UK. lol

    Time to insist Nigel Farage gets a little well-earned R&R. He looks wonderful but even so, what might a “tanned and rested” Farage do to the opposition? Remember he has to heal his back.

  16. tallbloke says:

    Thanks Zeke, and you’re right about Farage. He’ll take a break and plans to put our new MEP’s in the spotlight while he plans the 2015 campaign. The people’s purple army will be on the march again. I’ll be busy building a new constituency association and planning my local campaign.

  17. What's yours....mine's a pint, cheers Nigel! says:

    The Liberal-Democrats have made it out of Europe quicker than Ukip….strange though, I thought they were pro-Europe!

  18. tallbloke says:

    Yes. The party of ‘in’ exits stage left. 🙂

  19. Berényi Péter says:

    tallbloke, I have already asked it, but I am really interested in your response.

    What is UKIP’s stance on Intellectual Property Rights?

  20. Gail Combs says:

    Congradulations Rog and UKIP.

    Unfortunately I agree with GallopingCamel, the USA is stuck with a choice between the devil and the demon both wholly owned by the Banksters. If you vote third party, you just tossed away your vote.

  21. tallbloke says:

    Peter: As Wiki says: “many of the legal principles governing intellectual property rights have evolved over centuries”

    I don’t know what specific stance UKIP has, but in general, we want to preserve British common-law against encroachment and usurpation by the EU. When we leave, there will need to be a review of EU law passed into British statute. The legislative process in the UK has become sclerotic due to the usurpation of sovereignty by Brussels. No doubt there will be a lot of ‘catching up’ to do on issues tied to the fast changing online environment.

    Was there some specific aspect of IPR you had in mind?

  22. tallbloke says:

    Gail: Until very recently (in fact some still do it), Conservatives were saying “vote UKIP, get Labour”
    Implying the only effect of a vote for UKIP would be to split the vote to the right of centre, and let the left sneak in to win.

    Last Thursday we nailed the coffin closed on that nonsense. UKIP won many seats outright and beat the Tories into third place in many more. It now a case of “Vote Tory, get Labour” rather than the other way round.

    UKIP has been around for 20 years. The key point is that due to Nigel Farage and other UKIP stalwarts keeping the faith, they were still around when the time came for their ideas to move the forefront. The amazing thing is how many disaffected Labour voters we have picked up in the north of the UK. This shows that UKIP is not of the right or left, but a centrist party of commonsense pragmatic policy and politics.

    The big problem for any party in the US is the enormous finance needed to sustain public interest over a longer period. Over here we have laws on how much parties can spend, and declaration of donations over a certain size.

  23. tallbloke says:
  24. Berényi Péter says:


    Was there some specific aspect of IPR you had in mind?

    Yes, software patents. Especially the sneak attack of December 11th, 2012.

    Resistance to the American push for software patentability, readily adopted by the EU commission and EPO, but met with reluctance in Parliament and member states is essential to maintain the libre software pool.

    I would rather not go into details here why the entire future of our economies and by association our societies depends on this particular question, but it does.

    If I had my way, I would not grant software copyright either to “closed source” programs and made copyright expire much faster in this domain than in literature or music.

    The whole idea behind Intellectual Property Rights is they are not based on genuine property rights in any way (according to tradition God did say “Thou shalt not steal”, while never even mentioned anything like “Thou shalt not make unauthorized copies”), but on a bargain between creators of intellectual goods and the general public. Which grants certain rights to said creators over their stuff for a limited time in exchange for transferring it to the public domain later. I believe this principle is also consistent with British common law.

    If copyright protection of software is not a right inherited from copyright protection of its published source code, the general public will get nothing on its end of the bargain ever, so the inherent flaw is not about the fast technological cycle, but something much deeper.

    Anyway, I think UKIP needs a detailed IPR policy manifesto if it does not have one. Start a workgroup on the issue as soon as practicable. I am willing to help with background information as someone who does not have a dog in the immediate fight.

  25. tallbloke says:

    Peter: Excellent! Please draft something and I’ll raise the issue.

  26. cornwallwindwatch says:

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch and commented:
    No one will vote UKIP, just like everyone loves wind farms. Front page of the mail is enough to warm the cockles of wind victims everywhere. Well done.

  27. oldbrew says:

    Tony Blair: “You look underneath that UKIP facade and you see something pretty nasty and unpleasant,” he told BBC Radio 4.

    Irony doesn’t get much better than that 😉

  28. Berényi Péter says:


    Okay, I will put together something. But you’ll still need an UKIP workgroup, because it is unlikely we share the exact same political philosophy, although I do support as little government intervention to private matters as possible, but not less, otherwise you get warlords and/or the mafia. Also, I am almost as critical of excessive corporate power as governmental one. In my mind a state owned by corporations is not a bit better than the other way around. Anyway, I will try to highlight at least some central decision points.

  29. Kon Dealer says:

    I voted UKIP. Must be some mistake – after all I live and work in Cambridge, have a first and higher degree in science from Cambridge University and work in academia.
    My wife, friends and colleagues are appalled.

    So much for stereotypes:-0

  30. Me_Again says:

    Good point Kon, my son’s physics tutor, a Doctor of the subject no less, also voted UKIP, you two must be the exceptions that prove the rule.

    The rest of us are plainly ‘thickies’. I’m still unsure as to what the ‘left behind’ bit refers to. Could someone with at least a first or even maybe a masters or doctorate, tell me what I left behind this time?

    I used to spend at least 30% of my waking time looking for my glasses before I got my Larry Grayson cords, which because of my astigmatism I cannot see if they are closer than nine inches, or further away than about 8 feet.
    Do you suppose that’s what the ‘left behind’ thing refers to?

  31. Adam Gallon says:

    Another “Thicky” here, a mere 3rd in Chemistry (But I got that when they weren’t dished out like sweeties for good attendance). Now, that’s for the Euro elections, where even if every UK seat went to UKIP, it’d make no difference, the big question is, how to vote next year?

  32. oldbrew says:

    TB says: ‘When we leave, there will need to be a review of EU law passed into British statute.’

    Bye-bye VAT.

  33. Me_Again says:

    Adam, you know the answer. A vote for the others means tacit acceptance of the status quo. They will not change. They cannot change.

    Any government that happens before we leave is going to try to keep the status quo. They don’t care about you, they don’t care about your opinion. It’s sad but even a thicky like me can work it out given enough puzzle pieces.

  34. tallbloke says:

    Oldbrew: Wouldn’t that be good. I’d crack open my vintage bottle of VAT69 that day.

    Gents, here’s something worth reading and considering at this historic juncture.

    Also tonight, Farage has decided to take on Alex Salmond over the Scottish Indy Ref and fight for the Union.

  35. Zeke says:

    Rog says, “He’ll take a break and plans to put our new MEP’s in the spotlight while he plans the 2015 campaign…I’ll be busy building a new constituency association and planning my local campaign.”

    Good tallbloke. I did become a little worried about my steady stream of Nigel Farage videos. He is still an MEP, isn’t he?

    I have his book around somewhere, too.

    It is such a good read. There is a funny passage about John Lennon’s “Imagine,” the song of Homogenized Europe, which he hates! Or should I say, he really loves Europe with all its variety of people and cultures. (:

  36. Zeke says:

    tallbloke says, [picture of Cameron and Merkel]

    Of course that reminds me of how Mr. Farage likes to point out that of course he loves Europe – after all he is married to a German and knows what it is like to live in a German dominated household! – it’s just he doesn’t want to be in a political union with Europe.

    That is his own very circumspect way of pointing out that Europe is in fact “German Europe.” Here he is more pointed:

    And as he says, a very high price was paid in two world wars to prevent a German dominated Europe. That woman isn’t as benign as she looks.

  37. Zeke says:

    Although the “German Europe” comments were from 2011. Would love to hear an updated analysis.

    An interesting look at relative member state power in the EU:

  38. tallbloke says:

    Classic Farage:

  39. tallbloke says:

    Zeke, the outline of the European Union was drawn up in 1943 by half a dozen German economists formulating a way to win longterm dominance over Europe following the military action.
    I’ll fish out the link to the docs.

  40. Kon Dealer says:

    My father is 94- he fought throughout WW2, joining up in 1938, when he was 17.

    His take on Germany is that
    “WW2 was the 3rd time Germany had tried to dominate Europe by force.
    Now the buggers have more of less got what they want through the European Union, without a fight”

    No prizes for guessing which party my father voted for:-)

  41. Anything is possible says:

    “I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.” – Thomas Jefferson

  42. Gail Combs says:

    tallbloke says: @ May 27, 2014 at 9:27 am

    …..The big problem for any party in the US is the enormous finance needed to sustain public interest over a longer period. Over here we have laws on how much parties can spend, and declaration of donations over a certain size….
    I totally agree. When the Supreme Court made corporations “Persons” who could donate as much as they want the little guy got stomped into the mud under the transnational corporations’ boots. Heck we even allow foreigners to donate and to set-up lobbyists in DC.

    Supreme Court strikes down limits on overall federal campaign donations This essentially means another country can BUY our elections if it wishes as China did with Clinton.

    Chasing the Dragon: Clinton’s China Policy knowing this information now is even more critical for non-US citizens that it was when it was written in 2000. Essentially Clinton sold the USA out to China and that included not only our manufacturing but also our military technology. This means China not the USA has/or soon will have military superiority.

  43. Gail Combs says:

    oldbrew says: @ May 27, 2014 at 3:45 pm

    Tony Blair: “You look underneath that UKIP facade and you see something pretty nasty and unpleasant,”…..
    Oldbrew, you might enjoy this comment on Tony Blair that I just put up at Steven Goddard’s site.