Dude, where’s my global warming?

Posted: May 27, 2014 by oldbrew in alarmism, humour, propaganda
Go Brits [credit: William M Briggs]

Go Brits [credit: William M Briggs]

Not hard to tell where this one is coming from…

‘The Consensus, i.e. 97% civilian agreement, is that climatologists are full of hot air.’

Matt Briggs reports: IPCC Intensifies Search For Missing Global Warming

  1. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/98GL00499/pdf

    This study I have very high regard for.

    Salvatore Del Prete says:

    May 27, 2014 at 4:44 pm

    The following goes hand and hand with the study I just sent in the previous email.

    These four factors either combined or in some combination are responsible for all the climate changes on earth. If one agrees with this then one will also have to agree that global climate change is synchronous.


    1. The initial state of the global climate.

    a. how close or far away is the global climate to glacial conditions if in inter- glacial, or how close is the earth to inter- glacial conditions if in a glacial condition.

    b. climate was closer to the threshold level between glacial and inter- glacial 20,000 -10,000 years ago. This is why I think the climate was more unstable then. Example solar variability and all items would be able to pull the climate EASIER from one regime to another when the state of the climate was closer to the inter glacial/glacial dividing line, or threshold.


    2. Solar variability and the associated primary and secondary effects. Lag times, degree of magnitude change and duration of those changes must be taken into account. I have come up with criteria . I will pass it along, why not in my next email.

    a. solar irradiance changes- linked to ocean heat content.

    b. cosmic ray changes- linked to clouds.

    c. volcanic activity- correlated to stratospheric warming changing which will impact the atmospheric circulation.

    d. UV light changes -correlated to ozone which then can be linked to atmospheric circulation changes.

    e. atmospheric changes – linked to ocean current changes including ENSO, and thermohaline circulation.

    f. atmospheric changes -linked also to albedo changes due to snow cover, cloud cover , and precipitation changes.

    g. thickness of thermosphere – which is linked to other levels of the atmosphere.


    3. Strength of the magnetic field of the earth. This can enhance or moderate changes associated with solar variability.

    a. weaker magnetic field can enhance cosmic rays and also cause them to be concentrated in lower latitudes where there is more moisture to work with to be more effective in cloud formation if magnetic poles wander south due to magnetic excursions in a weakening magnetic field overall.

    4. Milankovitch Cycles. Where the earth is at in relation to these cycles as far as how elliptic or not the orbit is, the tilt of the axis and precession.

    a. less elliptic, less tilt, earth furthest from sun during N.H. summer — favor cooling.

    I feel what I have outlined for the most part is not being taken as a serious possible solution as to why the climate changes. Rather climate change is often trying to be tied with terrestrial changes and worse yet only ONE ITEM , such as CO2 or ENSO which is absurdity.

    Over time not one of these one item explanations stand up, they can not explain all of the various climatic changes to all the different degrees of magnitude and duration of time each one different from the previous one. Each one UNIQUE.

    Examples would be the sudden start/end of the Oldest, Older and Younger Dryas dramatic climate shifts, the 8200 year ago cold period, and even the sudden start of the Little Ice Age/.

  2. It is beginning to look like solar cycle 24 maximum may be ending if so I think the climate going forward is going to be quite interesting.

    One prediction I can make with confidence is global temperatures will be on the decline.

  3. oldbrew says:

    They won’t find any of their ‘missing heat’ in Alpine ski areas.

    ‘Currently 97.4 percent of the climate model simulations cannot correctly reproduce global climate reality.’

    More about geomagnetic factors:

    ‘The 22-year Variation of Geomagnetic Activity:
    Implications for the Polar Magnetic Field of the Sun’

    ‘…our study suggests that the field in the polar regions of the sun varies on time scales longer than the 11- or 22-year sunspot cycle.’

  4. Look at the ap index post 2005 in contrast to before 2005. This shows that the sun has undergone a significant change and climate ramifications will likely result.

    This is a new ball game.

  5. linneamogren says:

    The IPCC and other climate agencies never once have given us any empirical evidence that man CAUSED the warming or any vacillation in climate. They culminate unrelated weather events over a certain period of time and collectively conclude human cause.

    If I was to galvanize many religious people together and collected thousands of testimonials that their prayers were answered by God, how does one prove God really answered the prayers? This reminds me very much of the AGW position. Just claiming cause without scientific evidence is not science but rather metaphysical assumptions.

    More and more the AGW community are reminding me of our terrorized ancestors who believed their actions would somehow bring wrath from the Sun.

  6. ren says:

    See how changes in temperature occurring in the stratosphere above the equator at different periods of solar activity. This is a result of changes due to changes in the ionization of the VU and GCR. These changes are dependent on the strength of the magnetic field of the sun. They are much more important for the climate than changes in the infrared.
    Us see changes in temperature in the zone ozone above the equator since 1979.

    Occurs rise in temperature in the central zone ozone. Temperature changes again in the 90′s. The temperature equalizes.

    Another change occurs suddenly in 2001. Temperatures increase in the upper zone ozone and a decrease in the middle, which continues today. Thus, this period lasts for 13 years.

    Please check it out.
    Currently, occurs again a pressure increase above the south pole due to the inhibition of polar vortex. It is worth to observe the further development of the polar vortex. There, in the winter especially working GCR. Meanwhile, solar activity is very low.

  7. linneamogren says:

    Thank you Ren! Those graphs are very informative.

  8. hunter says:

    The climate obsessed are now searching for their Holy Grail.
    Only there faith is corrupt and unbalanced.

  9. Even Benny speaks of warming via increase in atmospheric CO2.
    Can anyone justify such a blatent political SCAM.

  10. oldbrew says:

    So-called ‘climate sensitivity’ and ‘no new warming for 18 years’ don’t fit together well.