Polar sea ice broken up by freewheeling ocean waves from distant storms

Posted: May 31, 2014 by tchannon in sea ice, waves, weather, wind

Pierre L. Gosselin reports on a Spiegel Online article

Models Wrong Again…Sea Ice Break-Up Caused In Large Part By Storm-Generated Oceanic Wave And Wind Dynamics!

By P Gosselin on 31. Mai 2014

Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski has a fascinating piece on what likely causes most of the sea ice to break up. The Spiegel introduction:

Sea ice is disappearing in the Arctic, around the Antarctic it is growing – today’s conventional climate models are unable to explain this contradiction. One effect has just been measured by sensors: wave motion is able to crack ice, hundreds of kilometers away.”

Link to NoTricksZone article Follow his link to the Spiegel photos, magnificent.

Underlying paper

“Storm-induced sea-ice breakup and the implications for ice extent”


Post by Tim

  1. It looks like the AMO is now entering it’s cold phase. If so this will mark the end of the decline in Arctic Sea Ice.

  2. Scute says:

    So is this what broke out the fast ice that trapped the Ship of Fools?

    There was a local storm that blew the pack ice westwards a few tens of kilometres to trap the ship. But the surprise was that large areas of fast ice detached from the coast, adding to the pack ice. That might have been wave action doing the detaching before the wind blew it west.

    I wonder now whether it was already detached (either by waves from that same storm when further out to sea or perhaps a more distant storm a short time previously). In that case it would remain in place, masquerading as fast ice but ready to move drastically in the next available blizzard.

  3. michael hart says:

    The BBC covered this a couple of days ago and, in fairness to Jonathan Amos, did manage to write:-
    “Computer modellers have been trying to simulate the recent trends in polar sea ice – without a great deal of success.”

    Unfortunately he does also sometimes sing from the alarmist hymn-sheet, but I still suspect that he does it to make sure he still has employment and would rather be reporting other things.

  4. Richard111 says:

    Interesting to watch the ice heaving around on the time lapse videos…
    Not many clear days mind. 🙂