Spain Dumps the Renewable Energy Scam, Before it Destroys Their Economy, Completely!

Posted: June 2, 2014 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

Subsidies and government controlled energy prices – a toxic mix for Spain’s economy.

  1. Joe Public says:

    If arid, sunny, closer-to-the-equator Spain can’t obtain value-for-subsidy from solar, what hope is there in cloudy, further-from-the-equator UK?

    Rhetorical question for troughers Gummer & Yeo.

  2. tchannon says:

    The subsidy move was mooted Friday.

    Monday morning the succession of the Spanish king is announced.

    No connection there. As if there is no communication.

    I keep putting off writing up my views on the time of change in which we live, much more going on around the world.

  3. Gerry Pease says:

    With it’s economy in ruins, Greece is having the same problem as Spain. They are putting too many Euros into wind turbine farms and roadside solar panels, both in remote locations. Unlike Spain, Greece doesn’t seem to realize what is happening.

  4. Roger Andrews says:

    @ Joe Public:

    According to my calculations rooftop solar in UK is already close to being a breakeven proposition without subsidies at 2014 average retail electricity rates of ~15 pence/kWh and will return 5% on investment when they reach ~23 pence/kWh. So all you have to do is stick around for a little while longer 🙂

  5. tchannon says:

    The BBC are all over the royal succession, deathly silence on anything else.

  6. hunter says:

    ! Is there something happening irt to HRH?

  7. hunter says:

    Roger Andrew,
    Check your maths again.

  8. gallopingcamel says:

    One has to love the Spanish for testing the concept of renewable energy based on wind and solar so we don’t have to.

    Oooops! We have an EPA that wants to repeat the disaster on a much larger scale. How can a bunch of guys and gals with limited reading and critical thinking skills be in a position to spend our taxes to destroy jobs and prosperity?

  9. Sceptical Me says:

    At least the Spanish had the sense not to use their own money for these creations of ideological fantacy.

  10. Joe Public says:

    @ Roger Andrews

    No maths needed:-

  11. michael hart says:

    Roger Andrews, if what you say us correct then shirley it must already be profitable in sunny Spain and they have got their calculations wrong? And the subsidies are not needed in the UK. Ho ho.

    Anecdotal chuckle: As to sticking around longer, I have a relative who put solar panels on his roof. His neighbor’s tree now shields part of it. The more that tree sticks around, the worse his investment gets, even with the subsidies.

  12. Roger Andrews says:

    Rooftop solar system in the Midlands:

    Panel life 25 years
    Installed cost: £2,143/kWp
    String inverter replaced in years 10 and 20 at cost £500/kWp
    Load factor 10%
    Panel output decays 1%/year
    Residential electricity rate £0.15/kWh
    No subsidies

    Rate of return = minus 1%
    Cumulative cash flow at end year 25 = minus £220
    Grid parity reached at £0.17/kWh residential electricity rate
    5% return on investment at £0.23/kWh residential electricity rate
    10% return on investment at £0.30 kWh residential electricity rate

    Unsubsidized solar in Spain returns 5-10% on investment at current prices.

    My rooftop solar system here in sunny Mexico returns ~15% 🙂

  13. oldbrew says:

    ‘the sun sets every day and the wind stops blowing, just like everywhere else in the world; requiring 100% of wind and solar capacity to be matched by fossil fuel generation sources.’

    Stating the obvious, but it’s always ignored by fans of renewables:

    Without energy storage – and there is virtually none – they cannot replace any other type of power generation. They are never anything more than part-time alternatives.

    So what’s the point?

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  15. Roger Andrews says:


    The problems with storing wind power are bad enough, but storing solar power verges on the impossible. The problem is that you get far more solar energy in the summer when electricity demand is low than you do in the winter when demand is high (London gets about six times as much). So if you want to balance solar output with seasonal demand you have to find a way of storing the power generated in summer for re-use in the winter, and the amount of storage capacity you need to do that boggles the mind.

    The only other solution would be a grid interconnection with solar farms in Australia, but something tells me that wouldn’t work too well either.

  16. Gail Combs says:

    Solar and wind are niche markets like solar power electric fences that are not near conventional electric or windmills drawing water for livestock tanks…. Except US farmers went to Cummins diesel engines instead because they are much less hassle.

    The only decent home windmill I have heard of (last weekend) was a self-feathering windmill suspended on two cables so it was pushed to a more horizontal position as the wind speed increased. Self destructing in high winds is a major problem for windmills as we all know.