Luning presentation: geological view on solar dominance

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Pierre L. Gosselin provides an English overview of a video presentation in German given by Dr. Sebastian Lüning, a geologist and co-author of the book “The Neglected Sun

This is a geological context that unfortunately is lost on many people like physicists who believe their formulae more than they believe the true facts.

Pierre mentions “All graphics cropped from Lüning’s presentation with permission.” so I won’t copy them here.

Luning is expecting a minor cooling over the next decades.

Commentary by Tim

I tend to agree rather than with the more extreme suggestions doing the rounds at the moment. There are a combination of factors making a lesser change the more reasonable, including over-inflation of past change as a result of poor data and poor practices.

Short term extremes are just that yet these localised events vanish when seen through the net curtain of time. An instance barely noticed is the die-off in an English forest caused by the drought right there in 1976, removing unfit species of trees (Beech) which had crept in over time. This same drought barely notices in the general record. (I might be able to dig out the paper and I think I have a transcript of a revelation broadcast where the true opinions leaked, drought not temperature)

I mention the above instance because this is a landscape matter being climate driven. If there are multiple possible parameters, such as with dendrochronology, and poor data, no definite single issue is safe. In this case it is also about the soil and hydrology of a locality.

Climate, a department of Geography is where it belonged. Geologists get a look at this in history.

Post by Tim

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