Wikipedia’s humourless climate mafia are trying to get the Gore Effect page deleted again

Posted: June 29, 2014 by tallbloke in Accountability, alarmism, flames, Forecasting, humour, Ice ages, Robber Barons, weather

A few years ago, I started a wikipedia page on the Gore Effect; the uncanny phenomenon which unleashes snow, hail, torrential rain, icy winds and sleet on the venues where Al Gore is speaking about global warming. The instances are too numerous to list. My page got deleted within a few months by the usual suspects. But it was reborn when another wiki user put up a much more detailed and better referenced version, and I thought it unassailable. But no, the usual suspects are at it again:


Maybe big Al has been armtwisting Jimmy Wales with the promise of a big donation on condition it goes. Who knows.

Contributor ‘Aussie’ notes this morning that the Gore Effect continues undiminished:

It seems that Australia has felt the Al Gore effect with regards to the weather. We have just had a week of blizzard conditions in some places (Thredbo is close to Canberra where Al Gore was staying), high winds and other chilly conditions. Once I learned that Al the Bore was in town it was like… hello…. the Al Gore effect survives!!

If you remember back in the winter of 2009 the severe icy weather conditions seemed to follow Al Bore everywhere… :)… and it continues…

Gore was trying to get Palmer to commit to the idea of Australia moving towards an ETS. Well as it happens, the reason that Malcolm Turnbull was ousted as leader of the Liberal Party was over his support of an ETS. No way, Jose.!!

I have webcited the Gore Effect page so we can easily recover the content if the page is deleted. Here’s the url:

  1. tallbloke says:

    We should try to get a full list of Gore Effect examples together. Two lists actually. One where the Bore himself is present, and another of other climate conferences, protests and PR events where the effect strikes.

  2. mitigatedsceptic says:

    The Gore Effect is still alive and well, protected from blanking but up for discuss about deletion. Save it while you may and if inclined, contribute to the discussion.

  3. Reasons for deletion: See “Streisand effect” 😉

  4. Wiki is a factual record. Why would they with every childish crackpot comment.

    where for instance is the over nailed coffin effect on the death of AGW. Nearly every day there is a new nail added but every day AGW continues. Nail supplies are limited you know!

  5. tallbloke says:

    Ford: where for instance is the over nailed coffin effect on the death of AGW

    Good question. How many reliable newspaper reports are there compared to the Gore Effect?

  6. Scute says:

    And there’s the Ship of Fools incident. Not quite a conference but certainly a well-publicised AGW jamboree. Perhaps the Gore Effect isn’t confined to stuffy meetings but is directly proportional to the attention-seeking tactics of AGW media events.

    I’d love to see the Ship of Fools included.

  7. blob says:

    Is there actual data on this anywhere? Coincidences are interesting because they could be either nothing or very important. In order of least to most likely (in my opinion): God controlling weather, Aliens controlling weather, Humans have built a secret weather manipulation device, someone involved in planning this has good weather prediction models, coincidence.

  8. hunter says:

    It is well known that to become an extremist one must undergo a humorectomy.

  9. Dan in Nevada says:

    The Wikipedia entry is wrong. It states that the Gore Effect is considered to be “a shallow observation from those who don’t get that weather isn’t climate”. It should continue “except when it is unseasonably warm or otherwise exceptional”. Can somebody fix that?

  10. hunter says:

    The Gore effect is better defined as evidence that the deity has a sense of humor.
    The definition utilizing ‘shallow observation’ will confuse people into thinking that Mr. Gore is the Gore effect, Nothing could be more shallow than Mr. Gore, and no one confuses weather for climate more than Mr. Gore.

  11. FDink says:

    Perhaps, via Gore, Palmer’s coal $$ have formed a donation…

  12. Brian H says:

    Warmists schedule meetings at times and places they think will highlight their projections’ accuracy. Since they are 180° wrong, the odds are … the Gore Effect wins!

  13. 2 metres of snow in 7 days at Perisher!! in NSW Alps.
    Above the mean already. Its only our first and 2nd dump for the season. A surprise for sure. Especially seeing the sub polar jet is still contracted well south.

  14. tallbloke says:

    They thought they were on a dead cert for hot weather at Cancun and Durban. Temps were well below average at both locations, and warmed up again after they left…

  15. Berényi Péter says:

    The fight is on. I don’t quite see why though. It obviously attributes unprecedented intimacy with Gaia &. shamanistic powers to the Master, way beyond what ordinary people possess. What’s not to like?

    Gore Effect — About 32,000 results (0.19 seconds)

  16. In the BBC interview of GORE and Australian snow decline.
    I am noting the interview with a Mt Buller ( victorian alps)representative on the BBC GORE show that said the snow season had started late ( Lies).

    we have had a great start for the first month of the ski season!
    they are expecting to continue making man made snow. ?

    Oh look
    ALL the ski lifts are open! Only 2 weeks after opening season!

    Oh look
    All of the 2 runs are rated GOOD on the 12th july 2014

    11/22are rated excellent cover!!
    That hasn’t happened at Mt Buller this early since l can remember!

    Oh Look .the snow report and there is lots of it
    Just to show you how corrupt GORE and the BBC are watch this
    Perfect conditions with a metre of snow!! and more to come
    send this to the BBC!

    I will laugh if we get record snow at Mt buller on the 17th July . There is a massive Antartic burst arriving in 5 days time .. Stay tuned for the gore effect..

    Gore says no snow at Buller and ski fields will be out

    Lets see what the depths are like in a weeks time..
    I will let you know

    Gore can come by any winter! Bring on the GORE effect ..Go snow Mt Buller

    GORE should take a trip around the world to cool it down

  17. Wondering if the GORE effect lasts a few months.
    The snow over the Alps this year looks spectacular. ( August 2014)

    source of image

    MSLP possibly as high as 1045 hpa ! in the Great Bight south Australia this week

  18. Does the GORE EFFECT not only last a few months but hold AGW Antarctic researchers hostage

    Actually this is a dangerous situation