Przemek Skwirczynski: UKIP gets Tories to go Polish on gas, to all our benefit

Posted: June 30, 2014 by tallbloke in Energy, People power, Politics, UKIP

Friends of Poland in UKIP chairman  Przemek Skwirczynski writes an excellent piece at the commentator:

Przemek Skwirczynski: UKIP gets Tories to go Polish on gas, to all our benefit

Blackpools-Shale-Gas-Dril-007As a Pole, loyal to the UK, and therefore to the cause of freedom and original thinking, before joining UKIP over a year ago I perceived it to be the real Conservative grassroots, if not a kind of think tank for open minded people of whatever origin. By now it is obvious that UKIP serves as both grassroots and a think tank in one for both the Tories and Labour.

Whatever policies it comes up with get snapped up by either of the less imaginative mainstream parties.

One of such policies was outlined during UKIP’s September 2013 conference, where the party’s energy spokesman Roger Helmer MEP set out the clean energy case for shale gas (compared to other fossil fuels) but also pointed to what should be done with the gas revenues.

Using Norway as an example, Roger Helmer suggested that the UK should create a sovereign wealth fund through which it could reinvest the profits from fracking, as opposed to spending them on current consumption as was done with the North Sea oil revenues.

It was at that conference that UKIP publicly linked the UK “Greens”, who have been especially disruptive to shale gas projects, to Russian and Middle Eastern interests.

So it is heartening for me as Friends of Poland in UKIP chairman with a long-standing interest in fracking  to see that the Conservative government decided to apply some of UKIP policies; and in particular the Minister of State for Energy Michael Fallon announcing in April 2014 the UK’s cooperation with Poland on shale gas studies.

It is absolutely critical that both countries foster closer energy links, given that they are the most serious countries in Europe about shale gas exploration, in contrast to the EU core composed of Germany and France who are everything but.

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  1. Doug Proctor says:

    The sovereign wealth fund only works – only, I repeat – in a positive cash flow environment. Countries, counties, corporations have to be running in the black for such a thing to work. The social dynamics of spending more than is earned remove the fund early; it becomes not an allocated item – which is what the fund is supposed to be, a no-not-touch-for-other-things fund – but just a “described’ item in a budget that is really just a money bucket.

    Allocated items are never supported because they restrict the governors choices. Our governors never – not for hundreds of years – have enough money and will to spend as needed and not as desired. Alberta, Canada, had/has a “Heritage Fund” which was/is supposed to go towards good projects for the long-term benefit of the Province. During regular years it is always raided because the money is “needed” or spent “better” elsewhere. Which is somewhat legitimate as we are running deficits regularly.

    You have to have buy-in to allocated budgets AND a balanced budget before a Sovereign Fund will work. If the budget is not balanced you will – I say again, will – see what the Fund finances look suspiciously short-term and strangely normal activity.

    Balanced and allocated: a budgetary commitment that is harder to achieve than a philosophical, paper plea for a smart investment strategy.

  2. myrightpenguin says:

    Hi Tallbloke, I’ve just seen the comments section of a Richard North blog where he has made sure he has had the final word, saying he is moderating you and just comes across as rather obnoxious. I would leave a comment there in support but no doubt he is into more and more moderation as he descends further into meltdown. Anyway, just popped in for encouragement and to say keep up the good work 😉

  3. tallbloke says:

    MRP: Thanks for that. It seems to me that if RN wants his objective rational ideas to be considered by those who are actually making a difference to the EU debate in the UK, he shouldn’t drive them away with polemical anti UKIP posts and censor them when they criticise his gutter tabloid style slagging.

    Feel free to tell him that from me. I won’t be returning.

  4. catweazle666 says:

    I had a great deal of time for Richard North once.

    But not any more, sadly.

  5. catweazle666 says:

    Concerning North Rog, I’m amused to see he has banned you and deleted your posts when the remaining ones have attracted far and away more votes than those of his sycophants, he really seems to have wild hairs up his ass over UKIP, did Nigel Farage run over his dog or something?

  6. tallbloke says:

    CW: Me too, his assault on Pachauri was great entertainment.
    Farage displaced him in UKIP and passed over him. RN is so convinced of his intellectual superiority that he can’t understand why Farage would dispense with his experience as an EU researcher. Farage is very bright man who affects an air of anti-intellectual playfulness, for fun. RN doesn’t know how to have fun while getting things done.

  7. Brian H says:

    Interesting observation, ‘bloke. RU familiar with Elon Musk, star owner of Tesla (& SpaceX & Solar City)? Asked what his hiring policy was, and what mistakes he’d made, he said he’d learned not to over-emphasize talent. Skill in dealing with co-workers and approachability etc. had more impact than he’d expected prior to becoming a top exec. (He shows some symptoms of Asperger Syndrome, not naturally tuned-in socially, but brilliant and able to focus intensely. Eidetic memory, recalls everything he’s read, etc.)