Sun New’s “Down Wind” sends Wind Industry Into Tail Spin

Posted: October 1, 2014 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

Wind power: not worth a tinkers fart…


down wind

Canada’s Sun News was among the first news outfits worldwide to grasp the scale and scope of the great wind power fraud; and the associated harm inflicted on hard-working rural people. Exposing the wind industry for what it is, Sun has produced a truly ground-breaking documentary on how wind power outfits have fleeced power consumers for $billions, while happily destroying the lives hundreds of farming families across Ontario (see our post here).

The documentary, “Down Wind” went to air on 4 June and has sent the wind industry and its parasites into a panic stricken tail spin. Not used to an “untamed” media challenging their lies, treachery and deceit, the industry’s chief spin doctors have launched a bitter defence, replete with all the usual guilt-soaked waffle about giant fans “saving the planet from cataclysmic climate change”. Never mind that the wind industry has yet to produce a shred…

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  1. oldbrew says:

    Wind turbines may be bad for the hearing too.

    ‘The physical composition of inner ear was “drastically” altered following exposure to low frequency noise, like that emitted by wind turbines, a study has found.’

    A single small study, but similar findings have been reported before e.g:

  2. Steve C says:

    Also, Principia Scientific drew attention yesterday to this article in the Telegraph. The Royal Society, no less, are showing that wind turbines cause hearing loss. A nice bit of cognitive dissonance for Greens everywhere, ho ho.

  3. A C Osborn says:

    The ITV or C4/5 could get real march on the Beeb by showing this film at primetime.

  4. Konrad. says:

    The Big Wind industry faces what Dr. Curry would describe as a “wicked problem”.

    Their product –
    -delivers weak intermittent power
    -is location limited
    -has no effective power storage means
    -requires back up from other power plants
    -is mechanically complicated
    -spreads maintenance requirements over a vast geographic area
    -causes health problems in humans
    -kills wildlife
    -is uneconomic
    -can only survive with favourable laws and government subsidies

    Given the abundance of shale gas there is only one possible justification for these bird blending subsidy farms and that is the threat of CAGW, and CO2 reduction from wind turbines has not been demonstrated.

    Other “planet saving” technologies, such as PV solar and electric cars can survive the collapse of the AGW hoax as they have other justifications. But the crippling negatives associated with Big Wind means they are going down with the hoax. There is no AGW, so there is no future for Big Wind. Billions have been “invested” and there is now no hope of a return.

    I would expect that Big Wind will spend millions more on propaganda to keep their sorry subsidy farming game going as long as they can, but it is a dead end. For Big Wind there is no way out. No CAGW = no Big Wind. It is that simple. They can’t survive without the hoax.

  5. tallbloke says:

    Spot on Konrad.

    Now we hear one in 184 blades fail:

  6. oldbrew says:

    Another blow for wind 😉

    ‘Ministers cut forecasts of gas prices for the rest of the decade by as much as a fifth, meaning green energy will remain relatively far more costly ‘

  7. tallbloke says: October 3, 2014 at 8:01 am

    “Spot on Konrad. Now we hear one in 184 blades fail

    Out of 600,000 installed blades, these are not just killing birdies!

  8. Konrad. says:

    Disposal of composite blades is a largely unresolved problem. Germany alone is expected to be creating 15,000 tonnes a year of toxic turbine waste by 2019. Jo Nova indicates there may be some solutions –

    A more in depth look at the problem (225,000 tonnes globally by 2034) here –

    But in the end these maybes are not going to ever be viable. The money just won’t be there. The opposition to the CAGW hoax and its corrupt players is growing too fast. In Australia the carbon tax of the Labor/Green socialist alliance has been repealed and the Renewable Energy Target, the life blood of the subsidy farmers, is under review. This means that current subsidies may be subject to “grandfathering” and no further subsidies offered for Big Wind.

    Killing future subsidies is key to killing this fraudulent industry even if subsidies for existing follies continue. If no new turbines are being built, the cost of replacement parts and maintenance will climb as economies of scale are reduced. Because gearbox and blade problems are so chronic, failures will continue but maintenance will become uneconomic. Without the prospect of future subsidies, those machines that fail will stay dead.

    Without the prospect of future subsidies to back their “business”, the current subsidy farmers will soon be unable to afford capital. No one will lend to them. They won’t even be able to afford to properly dismantle the rusting towers of shame. While there are desirable recyclables such as steel copper and neodymium, no one wants to deal with the blades and concrete bases. These towering monuments to the inanity of the AGW believers are going to be a reminder of their burning shame for a good while to come.

    The future of Big Wind –

    But to every cloud….
    We will get to see the AGW believers begging for the removal of wind turbines and their shame. Delicious 😉