UKIP kicks

Posted: October 10, 2014 by tchannon in Politics

Doug Carswell gives the thumbs-up to supporters in Clacton yesterday

UKIP as expected won the Clacton by-election, first Westminster MP for UKIP and someone with parliamentary experience.

Much more interesting was the result for Heywood and Middleton where UKIP came very close, 617 votes, to beating Labour in a safe Labour seat. A swing of 18 per cent from Labour to UKIP.

That is going to send shock waves.

The next question is the reaction of the Cons/Labour/LibDems, how they are are going to bend without bending to try and retain voters.

The most interesting general election in years is getting close.

Posted by Tim

Rog Adds:

It’s an exciting time to be a UKIP member – I succeeded in my bid to become the prospective parliamentary candidate for my local constituency of Pudsey at our hustings event on Wednesday evening. Seeing Doug Carswell and John Bickley do so well the following night has topped off my week.

We have a lot of support out there willing us on to success against the legacy parties and the cozy Westminster cartel.

But some of that willpower must be translated into tangible support between now and May 7 if UKIP is going to realize its potential as a positive force in UK politics.

So I would ask readers of this blog who want to see UKIP’s sensible energy policy brought onto the agenda and see the climate change act targets revisited or scrapped, to act now.

There is a UKIP candidate for every seat and nearly all council wards for the May 7 general election.
They and UKIP need your support now.

Mounting a nationwide campaign is a difficult and costly effort.

Please join the party and/or make a donation to the party’s funds.

Please contact your local UKIP branch and offer a few spare hours per week or month to assist with leafleting and canvassing.

UKIP is the peoples party – it needs the people to help make the victory party go with a bang on May 8th. Because there will be victories to celebrate. How far UKIP can take Britain in a positive direction depends on you.

  1. Brilliant results.

  2. Well done to all, let’s see how much the policies of the two main parties are forced to change in reaction to this, then let’s tell them they are too late to the party!

  3. Joe Public says:

    Both were superb results for UKIP. A trend has begun.

    The other 3 main parties are trapped in their Climate Change positions; ha, ha, ha.

  4. roger says:

    Without doubt the tanks are massing on Labour’s lawns!
    Vote for UKIP not wasted it seems.

  5. oldbrew says:

    The mainstream media seem a bit bemused by all this 😉

    Nice one Rog – hardly recognised you in the official candidates photo!

  6. Bruce says:

    The first UKIP bouncing bomb strikes the Mohne!

  7. Stephen Richards says:

    340 votes short. Well done the UKIP. I can feel the vibrations here in france

  8. Peter Whale says:

    Congratulations “Tallbloke” would love to see you in Parliament. I think your way forward is by all internet mediums. Put up items that you would like to see reposted on websites, facebook, twitter or whatever then all People who are with you can repost and e-mail. The Liblabcon must be fragmented.

  9. tallbloke says:

    Join : Donate : Volunteer

    Do it now while it’s fresh in your mind please. We can’t do this without YOU.

  10. colliemum says:

    These results – especially the one in Heywood! – are like having champagne for breakfast.

    And Nigel Farage has it right when he told the stunned Beeb presenters this morning that this means, once and for all: ‘vote Tory – get Labour’!

  11. Me_Again says:

    A brilliant set of results, truly momentous, and as the lady on telly said ‘…and of course the party that no one has mentioned yet and who’s leader we haven’t heard from are the Lib dems…”

    I don’t want us to be accused of spin Tim, so the swing was not from Labour -their vote held- it was to us, from all the others.

    A most important point though is that near Manchester over 60% of people didn’t vote and at Clacton it was around 30%. If we can marshal the ‘don’t voters’ and get them onside we can win anywhere. I was a non voter once because I couldn’t bring myself to vote for the usual three suspects or the BNP. Each time an election came round my wife and I would sit down and look through the leaflets at the depressing diatribe that they all passed out, to ‘win’ my vote.

    Now I’m hoping that we can wake up, what is in effect, the silent majority, and mobilise them in our support.

    I don’t want my country to be just another star on someone else’s flag………………….

  12. ren says:

    Caldera Bardarbunga continually lowers.

  13. Gail Combs says:

    Congradulation Rog and UKIP!

    I hope our ReBooblican party wakes up and smells the defeat…

  14. Stephen Richards says:

    Sky news did a brilliant interview with Minibrain outside his house. He skulked off into the waiting car having attacked the TORIES!!

  15. Stephen Richards says:

    I wonder why the BBC dickhead at clacton kept asking about HIV. It couldn’t be that they are worrying about recruting in the future, could it ?

  16. A C Osborn says:

    Question Time was loaded against UKIP by the BBC last night, they are in absolute panic.
    The MSM are using the vote for UKIP is a vote for Labour lie, whereas a vote for the Conservatives is actually a vote for Labour up North. It is UKIP who are challenging labour.

  17. Me_Again says:

    Stop watching question time AC, it just becomes more and more frustrating with their loaded questions, loaded audiences and loaded panels. Give your heart and blood pressure some respite, I stopped watching those lying bastards after they bussed in the audience to Boston.

  18. tchannon says:


    The article is trying to be anodyne (energy captured by anemometers). See, don’t care which way the wind is blowing. 🙂

    Written in Comments, well done Rog, a welcome progressive result.

  19. The key is for voters to see that UKIP takes as many votes from Labour as from the Conservatives.

    That allows voting for UKIP without the fear of letting in the ‘wrong’ party.

    My preference would be a Conservative / UKIP coalition so we need to get the Cameron / Farage animosity sorted out.

  20. The HIV issue is being manipulated.

    The point is that we should not be accepting any immigrants with chronic illnesses unless they have compensating features that would benefit our nation.

    As a separate issue we owe it to the minorities already here to limit further immigration so that we can afford to integrate them properly.

  21. Me_Again says:

    Stephen, absolutely no coalition with any of them. No. No way. However holding the balance of power in parliament with a small Tory majority but not an overall majority is a different game.

    We have too, too many differences of policy with either Tories or Labour, we aren’t like the snivelling Lib Dems who sold themselves for power, look at their reward in the voting figures!

  22. Me_Again says:

    The HIV meme is a misquote or out of context quote. It does not complete the sentence which should have had “…unless they have valid health insurance.”

    This is no different to me buying health insurance if I go to Thailand or Japan. They will of course administer emergency treatment but anything else you pay for or don’t get.

  23. “However holding the balance of power in parliament with a small Tory majority but not an overall majority is a different game.”

    Ok, I’d go with that.

    Mind you, if the outcome were a small Labour majority but not an overall majority I’d be somewhat nervous.

    “The HIV meme is a misquote or out of context quote.”

    Agreed, I expect you will get a lot of that.

  24. tallbloke says:

    Well for the avoidance of doubt on one of the big issues, here’s what Louise Bours MEP had to say about the NHS at the UKIP conference. Well worth 17mins of your time – she was on top form and pulling no punches.

  25. Zeke says:

    Cheers, I am really pleased for you.

  26. Stephen Richards says:

    Some great ideas, Rog.

  27. Stephen Richards says:

    Stephen Wilde says:

    October 10, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    If you form an English parliament Labour will never have a majority on English matters.

  28. tchannon says:

    I don’t know how balanced this report is, the usual “far right” name calling

    “Danish parties seek deal to block Eurosceptic party from policy”

  29. Me_Again says:

    Really pisses me off when these so called elected representatives of the people manage to shelve all their other disagreements to demonstrate that they’re really just the same and playing around the edges of the sandpit with the little kids.

  30. tallbloke says:

    Watch Tory Ken Clarke and Blairite Yvette Cooper team up to tell the peasants they can only vote for one of the ‘serious parties of government’.

    Funniest 6 mins I’ve watched in ages

  31. tallbloke says:

    Best ever UKIP poll ratings