Geo-Engineering rent-seekers press on despite own models predicting huge downsides

Posted: November 27, 2014 by tallbloke in alarmism, climate, Clouds, innovation, radiative theory, volcanos, weather

Forster_PiersWithout comment, an extract from a Guardian piece:

Prof Piers Forster, at the University of Leeds, led a project using in-computer models to assess six types of SRM (Solar Radiation Management). All reduced temperatures but all also worsened floods or droughts for 25%-65% of the global population, compared to the expected impact of climate change:

  • mimicking a volcano by spraying sulphate particles high into the atmosphere to block sunlight adversely affected 2.8bn people
  • spraying salt water above the oceans to whiten low clouds and reflect sunlight adversely affected 3bn people
  • thinning high cirrus clouds to allow more heat to escape Earth adversely affected 2.4bn people
  • generating microbubbles on the ocean surface to whiten it and reflect more sunlight adversely affected 2bn people
  • covering all deserts in shiny material adversely affected 4.1bn people
  • growing shinier crops adversely affected 1.4bn people

The adverse effect on rainfall results from changed differences in temperature between the oceans and land, which disrupts atmospheric circulation, particularly the monsoons over the very populous nations in SE Asia. Nonetheless, Forster said: “Because the [climate change] situation is so urgent, we do have to investigate the possibilities of geoengineering.”

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  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    “Because the [climate change] situation is so urgent” – rubbish. Try thinking first, before rushing into disaster.
    These people are mad, bad and dangerous with what they don’t know.

  2. Joe Public says:

    Perhaps the most cost-effective measure is to add bromide to all drinking water, in an endeavour to dampen mankind’s ardour.

  3. wyoskeptic says:

    This is reminiscent of the Vietnam War era quote made famous by Peter Arnett about Bến Tre city on 7 February 1968:

    ‘It became necessary to destroy the town to save it’, a United States major said today. He was talking about the decision by allied commanders to bomb and shell the town regardless of civilian casualties, to rout the Vietcong

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  4. oldbrew says:

    More FUD from the Guardian and its woolly-headed academic chums.,_uncertainty_and_doubt

  5. oldbrew says:

    Weather manipulation is popular with the Chinese authorities in Beijing and others.
    The 2009 news report below says: ‘Currently, 24 countries practice some kind of cloud seeding.’

    But it doesn’t always turn out as planned. After ‘a crippling snowstorm…highways in and around Beijing were closed and many roads were blocked, bringing day-to-day commerce to a grinding halt.’

    Another botched job: ‘in 2005, a snow melting agent killed 10,000 trees in Beijing’

  6. Curious George says:

    He must have extraordinarily good models – way above a 97% confidence level.

  7. myrightpenguin says:

    Hi Tallbloke, would it be possible to contact me as I have some stuff I want to discuss re. UKIP. You should be able to locate my e-mail address in the WordPress comment log. Cheers, MRP.

  8. ntesdorf says:

    Having seen what happened when cane toads were introduced to Australia to contain sugar cane pests. I am very worried by these insane ideas on controlling the World’s climate. If they went as badly wrong as the cane toad experiment, on a World Scale, we could all be dead. Having dreamed up a non-problem, these Warmistas are now dreaming up solutions which would be a real disaster.

  9. Jaime says:

    They are bloody mad. Geo-engineering keeps appearing on the table and each time it does it edges incrementally closer to reality. Now they want even more of OUR money to carry out this ‘vital’ but ‘terrifying’ research.
    Let’s get this perfectly clear. Not only do CAGW convinced climate scientists, politicians, green groups and renewables industry representatives want to completely decarbonise western economies, propelling millions into dire poverty and ill health in the process, they now want to sacrifice the well-being of BILLIONS of even poorer people in the Third World, critically reliant upon the Asian/African Monsoon rains and risk a whole host of other unknown possibly severe negative global and regional impacts – all this on the false assumption that they can mitigate man-made climate change which they cannot even prove exists yet alone that it is an imminent threat to the planet.
    And Christ, two of these scientists are bleating on WUWT about building bridges between sceptics and cli-scis and the need to keep the discussion civil and free of name-calling if constructive dialogue is to happen – all because Tim ball made reference to a passage in Mein Kampf and suggested that the IPCC had a motive for corrupting climate science!

    I hope I’m going to wake up soon and realise this was all just a bad dream. it can’t be real.

  10. kuhnkat says:

    Maybe if he just clamped his lips to the exhaust pipe…

  11. Cover Great Barrier Reef with shade cloth ? ?

  12. tallbloke says:

  13. oldbrew says:

    Gotta keep chasing those Hollywood-style headlines or the public fear factor might slip and all the grant money might dry up.

    Keep the plebs (can I say that?) nervous and rake in the rewards.

    For non-UK readers:
    According to PC Rowland’s version of the exchange, Mr Mitchell told him: “Best you learn your f***ing place… You don’t run this f***ing government, you’re f***ing plebs” after he escorted Mr Mitchell to the side gate of Downing Street. He then added: “You haven’t heard the last of this.”

  14. ren says:

    “Early observations 1 , 2 indicated that the Earth’s Van Allen radiation belts could be separated into an inner zone dominated by high-energy protons and an outer zone dominated by high-energy electrons. Subsequent studies 3 , 4 showed that electrons of moderate energy (less than about one megaelectronvolt) often populate both zones, with a deep ‘slot’ region largely devoid of particles between them. There is a region of dense cold plasma around the Earth known as the plasmasphere, the outer boundary of which is called the plasmapause. The two-belt radiation structure was explained as arising from strong electron interactions with plasmaspheric hiss just inside the plasmapause boundary 5 , with the inner edge of the outer radiation zone corresponding to the minimum plasmapause location 6 . Recent observations have revealed unexpected radiation belt morphology 7 , 8 , especially at ultrarelativistic kinetic energies 9 , 10 (more than five megaelectronvolts). Here we analyse an extended data set that reveals an exceedingly sharp inner boundary for the ultrarelativistic electrons. Additional, concurrently measured data 11 reveal that this barrier to inward electron radial transport does not arise because of a physical boundary within the Earth’s intrinsic magnetic field, and that inward radial diffusion is unlikely to be inhibited by scattering by electromagnetic transmitter wave fields. Rather, we suggest that exceptionally slow natural inward radial diffusion combined with weak, but persistent, wave–particle pitch angle scattering deep inside the Earth’s plasmasphere can combine to create an almost impenetrable barrier through which the most energetic Van Allen belt electrons cannot migrate.”

  15. michael hart says:

    I have no real objection to them performing a few more experiments in ‘weather control’, because that’s really all these ideas are at the moment.

    Small, local and of short duration, they seem fairly harmless experiments and might actually glean some useful insights into how the weather/climate works. Heaven knows, they need some new insights. This might distract them into a less harmful avenue than attempting to wreck the world’s economies for a problem that likely doesn’t exist.

    My suggestion would be injecting small amounts of liquid organo-titanium compounds into commercial jet exhausts [Analogs of tetra-ethyl lead. Titanium, of course, doesn’t have the toxicity issues that lead does.]. See if the resulting titanium dioxide, aka the white stuff in paint and toothpaste and innumerable food products, would produce some more persistent ‘contrails’ that might affect albedo and/or cloud nucleation. The ultra fine particles that TiO2 produces should stay suspended in the atmosphere for relatively longer times.

  16. oldbrew says:

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  17. craigm350 says:

    Reblogged this on CraigM350 and commented:
    We don’t what caused the pause, we can’t model anything of significance but hey it’s a planetary emergency so we need to nuke the atmosphere. ..we have to kill everyone to save them! !

    A bunch of rent seeking nutters let loose. The need locking up not tenure.

  18. hunter says:

    Let’s nopt forget that about 100 years ago there was also a group of scientists and political types at the cutting edge of the then current popular science obsession. They knew they could apply their science radically and reshape the world. Only selfish anti-progress radcials stood in their way. Cranks gave them a hard time, but fortunately for them there were only a few cranks like GK Chesterton, and who cared what a problematic big mouth like him said. Afterall, he was Catholic.

  19. nielszoo says:

    Soooo, do you need to wear buckskin, a large feathered headdress and invoke the spirits of the badger and porcupine then dance around a fire (after ingesting some Schedule I substance) or do you just take over the entire industrial output of a couple of G20 nations to get the resources to pull one of these stunts off? We need to take the computers away from these people and make them use trig tables and slide rules until such time as they begin to understand how reality works. (And you all in the UK whose taxes paid for this loon’s work should ask for a refund… with interest.)

  20. catweazle666 says: