Result! Coalition slashes funds to UN climate scroungers

Posted: December 1, 2014 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics


Oi! Cameron! Take a leaf from Tony Abbott’s book.

Australian Climate Madness

Snouts out of the trough Snouts out of the trough

It’s a drop in the ocean, to be sure, but at least it is in the right direction. The ABC, naturally, is inconsolable:

The Federal Government has slashed funding to a key United Nations environment agency by more than 80 per cent, stunning environmental groups ahead of a global climate change summit in Peru.

The ABC has learned the Government cut $4 million from the UN Environment Program (UNEP), which provides advice on environmental policies and climate change negotiations.

“Whether it’s air pollution, whether it’s ozone depleting substances, what’s happening in the world’s oceans, the conservation of biodiversity – for a relatively small amount, Australia benefits from leveraging well over $500 million in contributions that other countries make,” UNEP’s executive director Achim Steiner said.

Australia was due to contribute around $1.2 million this year, but has only offered $200,000.

Over the next four years…

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  1. linneamogren says:


    If only we could defund the entire UN budget. Donald Trump once said he love to buy the UN building and toss the rats out and turn it into waterfront condos

  2. so it seems that you are saying in one breath that climate research is inconclusive but you are happy that it is being defunded so more research is unlikely.

    This sounds as if you do not want more research because you may not like the consequences.

    If AGW is valid then we MUST know when and how much and what to do. If AGW is not occurring then research will eventually show this and researchers can look to increase knowledge elsewhere.

    In either case more research is needed not less!

    Hiding your head in the sand will do no good!

    [Reply] The funding was for pushing dodgy policy, not conducting research. Read the article! – TB

  3. Konrad. says:

    linneamogren says:
    December 2, 2014 at 12:54 am
    Actually the UN kleptocrats very much want out of that building themselves, but the US keeps them there for a good reason, recently paying millions for internal renovations.

    The reason is the building is a constant reminder to the UN that talk and negotiation (olive branch) are useless without the lightning bolts in the other claw. Two walls of the building are faced in Virginia marble. This stone was originally quarried to make gravestones for the US troops expected to be lost in a land invasion of Japan to end WWII. The use of two atomic weapons rendered this stone surplus to requirements. While those weapons killed thousands, they actually saved many thousands more, both American and Japanese. The UN likes to talk softly, but that building is a reminder that you also need to carry the big stick. Many at the UN would like to believe otherwise, but the building serves as a forceful reminder that talkfests, appeasement or sanctions cannot work on their own.

  4. linneamogren says:


    Here in Sweden it’s hard to go against the pc mindset, but after I read Downfall I was convinced dropping the bomb not only saved ally lives, but also the Japanese. The other choice was a blockade which would have killed millions from starvation and illnesses. One the other hand, Japan still occupied huge parts of Asia of which they were murdering 100,000 people per month. When faced with 900,000 Japanese troops and civilians, 10,000 kamikaze fights the bomb was the fastest way to end a really awful conflict. Don’t think the UN could galvanize an effort like that.

  5. Brian H says:

    The UN would have trouble galvanizing a zinc brick.

  6. Graeme No.3 says:

    A riposte to Obama and his rude and ill informed speech at the G20 meeting. It appears that neither PM Tony Abbott nor the Environment Minister will be at the Lima meeting.

    There is no truth in the rumour that the UN has bought a copy of “How to win friends and influence people” for President Obama. They are a one way fund street.

  7. Joe Public says:

    Careful Roger. The Tories have taken a leaf out of Labour’s book. There are now so many with their snouts in the ‘Enviro’ trough, it’s nearly enough to affect the outcome of an election..

  8. michael hart says:

    Groups that campaign for negative economic growth through expensive “green” energy shouldn’t be surprised when their public funding is reduced. Those are the original turkeys voting for Christmas.

  9. Konrad. says:

    More good news from Australia –
    – GoreBull Warbling drops from No.1 youth concern to below 10 in survey in just 3 years.

    The biased National broadcaster Their ALPBC is trying to increase online coverage to push their propaganda to the youth market. I don’t think it’s going to work now…

  10. tchannon says:

    “The Green Blob expands: BBC wants Australian ratings. Their editor Wendy Frew heats Aust by 90C.”