The EU whacks Ferry passengers with more #greencrap taxes

Posted: December 2, 2014 by tallbloke in Big Green, Carbon cycle, government
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The EU’s much vaunted non-negotiable principle of the free movement of people just got a lot more more expensive. Brussels wants Britain in the EU but not Britons in Europe by the look of it. From the Daily Telegraph:

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Tickets on cross-Channel ferries will rise in price by £50 because of new EU emissions rules, operator P&O Cruises has announced.

P&O, Britain’s biggest operator, said a return ticket for a family of four travelling from Dover to Calais will increase in price from £160 to £210 from January 1.

The company blamed new rules set in Brussels, which force operators of ships in the English Channel, North Sea and Baltic Sea to adopt more expensive low-sulphur fuel, called marine gas-oil.

They will also have to install filtering equipment, called ‘scrubbers’ costing millions of pounds.

The UK Chamber of Shipping said that some routes could close as the new rules made them economically unviable.

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  1. Stephen Richards says:

    The UK Chamber of Shipping said that some routes could close as the new rules made them economically unviable

    No! Some routes will close. In fact, all short haul routes will close. The only one likely to remain open will be western channel routes (French ferries).


    They could all convert to gas turbines or Wind turbines.

  2. BBC Jizzweasel says:

    More misreporting of the facts. Don’t you know that the BBC/E.U./IPCC are always right?

  3. J Martin says:

    I will resentfully pay the extra £50 because I’m not going to give up taking holidays on the other side of the channel. But I will vote UKIP even though I remain in favour of staying in the EU. As to what impact this will have on the ferry companies remains to be seen, cheaper day trips perhaps to help keep up passenger numbers. Perhaps they should burn the unwanted biofuels and get a subsidy.

  4. michael hart says:

    To be fair, I recall the EU/common market as taking the credit/blame for reduced alcohol prices. Remember when they used to have ‘booze-cruises’?

    Perhaps they should bring them back, fueling both ship and passengers with bio-ethanol. Kind of like an all-you-can-drink buffet from the same tank.

  5. So basically the fare per person goes up by about a tenner. This sounds like a normal kind of annual price rise rather than something to get upset about. I bet the Eurostar fare will rise by a smiliar amount.

    [Reply] I wish my wages went up 20% a year to match. – TB

  6. Sceptical Me says:

    We always use the heavily subsidised Eurotunnel, always waiting for the offers before going across. It helps of course to live in the elitest metropolitan south east of England.
    Thankfully there are no emission charges or CO2 taxes on subsidy payments!