Which way wavy Davey, zilch is zilch.

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Anyone for dates?



Photo left credit Smudge 9000. Photo right, can’t read it [1].

Ofgem approves power link with Belgium

LONDON Tue Dec 2, 2014 11:14am GMT

(Reuters) – Ofgem has approved plans for a 1 gigawatt electricity interconnector link with Belgium, it said on Tuesday.

The Nemo interconnector would run from Zeebrugge, Belgium, to Kent in southern England, facilitating the flow of enough electricity to power up to 3 million homes, Britain’s Energy Secretary Ed Davey said in the Ofgem statement.

It is due to open in 2019, Ofgem said.


Hmm… Aug. 21, 2014

Nuclear Shutdowns Leave Belgium Looking for Power Closure of Three Nuclear Power Plants Leaves Government Fearing Winter Energy Crunch


And here

No question about it, Belgium government information

Davey omitted to mention which way the power flows. Connection to Kent means close to Dungeness B nuclear power station, got plans there then?

But wait,

Dungeness B power station “Estimated decommissioning date: 2018

Owned by the French government, EDF, or however they put it these days.

How about plan C? Is there a Dungeness C?

Yes, maybe, if N anti groups fail.

Uh oh, information on commissioning date is very short on the ground. The Belgium Nuclear Society, yes really, dubiously mention 1.6GW and 2016. but that seems to be dated Jan 2009 as a proposed site.

“Dungeness C, British Energy 1650[MW] 2020+ not approved”
“(c) Centre for Policy Studies, March 2009” who don’t like anything.

“Dungeness C 1650[MW] 2016 – 2020”
Dated July 2009, “ENSG ‘Our Electricity Transmission
Network: A Vision for 2020’

Dated May 2012
“He admitted a seven-year extension at Dungeness B would help his case.

The EDF spokeswoman said the company will make a decision in 2015.”

Curiouser and curioser, Hansard, nothing. OFGEM, nothing.

EDF seem to say nothing.

Talkshop readers got a date?
What actually is going on?

Got it. Green cable company, 1GW cable provides power both ends.

1. The ill dressed one on the right

2. Info on Belgium nuclear power

Post by Tim

  1. Stephen Richards says:

    Am i right in thinking that Davy is thinking that Belgium will be supplying the UK ? If so, the man is a bigger idiot than I can imagine.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Here we go:

    ‘Due to reduced power production, Belgium may encounter power shortages this winter. To mitigate a complete power failure, the Belgian Government has announced a rolling blackout plan, in which parts of municipalities and districts are temporarily cut off from power at a known time. These cut offs are grouped in sections, which you can select below. If your municipality is not dark green, you may experience a couple of hours without electricity. To see details per district, just select your municipality on the map.’ [bold added]


  3. Kelvin Vaughan says:

    The Davy Lamp didn’t pass away with the invention of electricity, it was used for gas testing in mines.

  4. tchannon says:

    Kelvin… you are right. Maybe I should have put in a link in explaining reality. For me reading about the inner workings of something like that without the dumb down is very worthwhile because quite often there are spinoffs over some counter intuitive detail.

    Taking a guess there is a story linkable to the common subject of energy supply in gas flammability, hydrogen fuel which some misguidedly think is a good thing to use is at an extreme.

  5. oldbrew says:

    website: smithsonianmag.com

  6. Tim Crome says:

    Luckily there are also plans for an interconnector cable from Norway to the UK (and another to Germany) so Norway can supply hydroelectic power to the UK who can send it on to Belgium!

    The Norwegian cables each have about 80,000T of copper in them, and there are 4 of them in total. Anyone any idea how much CO2 is generated to make 320,000T of copper and how much power needs to go back and forth in all these cables to make the whole crazy scheme carbon neutral?

  7. tallbloke says:

    Tim Crome: Good question!