BBC bias gets imperialistic: recolonises Australia

Posted: December 5, 2014 by tallbloke in Accountability, alarmism, Politics, propaganda
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This is the second half of an article on the UK website Conservative Woman. Check out the link to Jo Nova’s article too.

bbc-greenpeace-medBack in October, behind the masquerade of what the BBC’s army of 180 publicists claim is the world’s ‘most trusted media brand’, the Corporation launched with a glossy release a multi-pronged initiative to broadcast to Australia material about the G20 summit.

Chris Davies, Director of Sales and Marketing, for BBC Global News Limited, one of the BBC’s subsidiaries that is the engine of the growth, said: “Australia is a priority market for us and with this local market investment together with our large network of international journalists, we are uniquely placed to offer readers stories they don’t normally hear from local media, giving them the full picture on news that affects them.”

Excuse me? That sounds very like the BBC believes ‘local media’ are not doing their job. How very patronising.  Those colonialist oiks have not had the benefit of the BBC’s version of ‘impartiality’.

The press release also announced that to help in the process of educating the ignorant natives, it was appointing an Ozzie journalist, Wendy Frew, to help in the task.

Who? Well, her appointment speaks volumes about how seriously compromised the BBC’s approach to news reporting actually is and what their global gung-ho expansion mission is really about.   It’s part of the climate change crusade.

A moment’s digging on Google shows that said Ms Frew rose to national prominence in Australia on the Sydney Morning Herald as environment correspondent.  And that was primarily because her views are those of a climate change/greenie fanatic.

Take this article, whichshows she stood out so much that she won awards (scroll down to August for the precise reference).  In the greenie propaganda stakes, she takes some beating, to the extent that she launched an excoriating attack on upmarket suburbs residents for daring to use water, eat beef and even wearclothes. Hers is clearly the outraged,  back-to –the- stone age righteousness that drives the ‘greenie blob’ – and clearly, the BBC.

Feisty Oz blogger Jo Nova thus summed up the BBC’s expansion as follows:

“Is the British taxpayer funding it? Hard to say,  but it’s wholly owned by the BBC, and its aim is “commercial returns”. What’s better than Pravda? When Pravda is controlled by big government but masquerades as “commercial” and, even better, when it competes with and sucks money from independent competitors – making it harder for journalists who do ask the government hard questions to be heard at all. The Green Blob expands.”

It’s hard to top that, but I would add that Ms Frew is already making her impact in the way that the BBC news chiefs clearly intended: by claiming  – in line with the underlying principle of all such greenie fanaticism of never letting the facts get in the way of a good panic story – that Australian temperatures have risen to an alarming and preposterous extent over the past century.

And, very disturbingly,  it’s fuelled by a continuing desire by the the BBC, in harness with the aid  industry, to preach propaganda to as much of the world as possible about climate change

  1. Stephen Richards says:

    The aussies are not as stupid as the brits. They will already know of her ‘bent’ and will almost certainly choose to ignore her. The BBC will no doubt soon have an even bigger comercial arm when the next governmant ceases payment of the licence fee sorry tax.

  2. p.g.sharrow says:

    The Elite colleges of Briton were the birth place of the Liberal “Philosophy of Moore” that now infests all the western world. Their belief in their superiority is massive and is to be their downfall.
    Liberals are wishful thinkers and have no concept of reality so they can just go on and on about the superiority of their point of view. Those that are not true believers need to be reeducated as they can not grasp the vision. Facts that don’t match this vision must be changed or ignored.
    Control of the flow of information to the Masses is the key to this “Education” brainwashing effort directed by the Liberal ruling Elite.
    We don’t need them. The net that covers the world is the key to bring them down with the truth. They may have control of money and the levers of government but they are losing the argument on the street level as actual reality is not matching their version of reality. A fact that we must keep in front of the people. We will win the argument! Facts will prevail over wishful thinking but we must keep at it. pg

  3. ntesdorf says:

    There is no need for the BBC to enter into the Australian Media scene. The ABC is already doing so huge a job as a fanatical Green Blob representative that there would be no accessible space for the BBC.

  4. tom0mason says:

    Tallbloke to report immediately to Room 101 at the Ministry of Love (aka the BBC) for your ‘personalized’ update.


  5. hunter says:

    The ABC, troubled that democracy works, has called in the media’s Darth Vader to teach those troublesome Aussies a thing or two.

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    I wonder to what extent these folks grew up in air conditioned urban isolation, so when they do experience natural warmth find it “the hottest ever”?