Incompetence, emergency airlift of water to ocean island

Posted: December 6, 2014 by tchannon in Incompetence

Drinking water airlifted to Maldives’ capital India and Sri Lanka have airlifted drinking water to the Maldives after a fire at a desalination plant led to severe shortages and stirred unrest on the streets of the islands’ capital, Male. India said on Friday it had sent 200 tonnes of drinking water while Sri Lanka also reported to have airlifted 100,000 bottles of water. … —

This beggars belief, no contingency, no storage, no strategic competence. Reliant on a single source, single point failure and kerbam.  Resilience to multiple faults is not optional. Standard safety rule

  • Primary safety (avoiding an event)
  • Secondary safety (damage, avoiding fatal consequence)

Usually there are more than two layers with anything critical. Could write all day on “accidents” which were not or those which are waiting to happen. Post by Tim

  1. Evan HIghlander says:

    Hmmmmp! did their leaders study in UK ?

  2. ren says:

    The current increase in solar activity causes a contraction of the polar vortex and jet stream acceleration in the stratosphere.
    To Europe now reaches polar air from Greenland.

  3. Joe Public says:

    Aunty’s online report adds two other factors to the report.

    It mentions with no apparent grasp of the irony, that the remote Maldives’ economy depends 70% upon tourism; and, is at risk from climate change rising sea levels.

  4. Joe Public says:

    Oops. My error:

    “The Maldives economy revolves around tourism, which generates about 30% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).”

  5. hunter says:

    It is of course due to CO2

  6. Rick says:

    “It is of course due to CO2”
    Good Lord, you mean the damn stuff’s setting water on fire now as well? It’s worse than we thought! Lol!