E-Petition to roll climate fund donations into foreign aid budget

Posted: December 10, 2014 by tallbloke in Big Brother, Big Green, government, Politics
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After Mark Reckless MP’s spirited defence in parliament of what most people want (66% say no to 0.7% of gdp being earmarked for foreign aid, only 7% in favour), I considered our recent story on £1Bn of our climate fund donations being used to build coal fired power stations in Indonesia, and decided to set up this petition on the govt’s e-petition system.

I don’t for a moment think it’ll achieve enough signatures to force a debate, but at least it might have made some govt person think for a minute while they decided whether to approve it. Click the image or visit the link.


  1. wolsten says:

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    Nearly £1Bn of public money from the Climate Change Fund to build coal fired power stations in Indonesia! Just signed this ePetition in an attempt to stop this insanity.

  2. TerryS says:

    Here are just 4 of the many climate related projects funded by DFiD.

    Support to the multilateral Climate Investment Funds (CIFs), four funding windows supporting country-led investments in low carbon, climate-resilient development
    Budget: £554,000,000

    Global Environment Facility 5TH Replenishment
    Budget: £178,500,000

    Global Environment Facility 4TH Replenishment
    Budget: £120,246,000

    Forest Governance, Markets and Climate
    Budget: £162,698,397

    DFiD also give WWF £3,000,000 a year and they were one of the primary funders for the BBC’s infamous 2006 climate change seminar.

    You can search their projects here

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Tallbloke, not even a MP and already trying to run the government!

    Good for you. Every Brit needs to hear about this. Go for it! pg

  4. p.g.sharrow says:

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    Roger needs your help. Get this out world wide. Every brit needs to know and sign. pg

  5. tallbloke says:

    Ed Miliband’s speech to the Green alliance last month
    “I start from this premise: I believe in a more equal society. I believe Britain is too unequal and we need to change it.
    And I believe that the environment and tackling climate change is an essential part of that. Why? Because it is the poorest people on the planet, and indeed the poorest people at home, who will suffer the effects of climate change. And more, to actually create a more equal society you do it through tackling climate change and environmental care.
    That is the first lesson I want to suggest to you. I believe more strongly now than I did when I was Climate Change Secretary that you cannot divorce an environmental strategy from an economic strategy. Both of these things have to go hand-in-hand.

  6. Kon Dealer says:

    Signed- but only 14 signatures to date.
    This petition needs a wider audience.
    Circulate via UKIP?

  7. Kon Dealer says:

    What a pack of arrogant bastards.
    There is simple solution.
    Vote the b******s out, vote UKIP!

  8. suricat says:

    Only 25 sigs when I added mine at this time of posting Rog. There must be a better way.

    Best regards, Ray.

  9. Will Janoschkas says:

    suricat says: December 12, 2014 at 2:00 am

    “Only 25 sigs when I added mine at this time of posting Rog. There must be a better way.
    Best regards, Ray.”

    I hope you are feeling better. Can someone on that side of the pond, get Prince William to kick Obama in the balls enough, to get the idea across the pond? Your Monarchy has experienced what happens when “the peasants with the pitchforks get pissed”! Not good governance!

  10. xplod says:

    Posted on my FB page – 29 sigs so far.