Why all research findings are false

Posted: December 19, 2014 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

An aeronautics expert writes sense about science. At the edge of design and testing in this field, the only thing between you and the field is thin, sharp-cold air.

Some disciplines force you to consider more precautionary principles than you could shake a climatologist at. But test pilots are adventurous and live life to the full. They push the edge hard in to see how it pushes back

The Devil's Neuroscientist

(Disclaimer: For those who have not seen this blog before, I must again point out that the views expressed here are those of the demonic Devil’s Neuroscientist, not those of the poor hapless Sam Schwarzkopf whose body I am possessing. We may occasionally agree on some things but we disagree on many more. So if you disagree with me feel free to discuss with me on this blog but please leave him alone)

In my previous post I discussed the proposal that all¹ research studies should be preregistered. This is perhaps one of the most tumultuous ideas that are being pushed as a remedy for what ails modern science. There are of course others, such as the push for “open science”, that is, demands for free access to all publications, transparent post-publication review, and sharing of all data collected for experiments. This debate has even become entangled with age-old faith…

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  1. tchannon says:

    Well judged.

    I object a bit to putting science on a pedestal, really nothing to do with anything, individuals do things, no handle needed. As a navvy who uttered to me put it so succinctly to my speaking to the wind about fool officials “they’re blind”

    I listen to the floor sweeper.