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Posted: December 27, 2014 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

Whole lotta ‘estimating’ going on. And it has increased dramatically. Why? Infilling from non-rural stations into rural raises the ‘adjusted’ temperature according to Steve Goddard.

Real Science

Hardly a day goes by without expert comments like this appearing in comment sections, like this one from yesterday.

ScreenHunter_5592 Dec. 27 10.29

All reported warming in the US over the past 25 years is due to infilling fabricated data.

ScreenHunter_5147 Dec. 12 21.27

USHCN has 1,218 stations in their database. Prior to 1990, they typically recorded temperatures at about 97% of these stations. But for some reason, USHCN has been reporting monthly temperatures at a smaller and smaller percentage of stations since 1990, and now about 30% of monthly temperatures are completely missing.

What NCDC does in those cases, is to fabricate temperatures for the missing stations. The graph below shows the percentage of stations which have fabricated data, which is increasing in a hockey stick.

ScreenHunter_5149 Dec. 12 21.43

The station data being fabricated is dominantly from rural stations, which are being infilled with surrounding urban stations

ScreenHunter_5178 Dec. 13 12.17

Fake temperatures are marked with an “E” in their final database, as seen below in the 2008-2011 January-June…

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  1. markstoval says:

    Interesting stuff indeed.

    I would like to see raw data from sites not suffering from urban heat effect that have been in service for 100 years or so graphed. (or 50 years if 100 is not possible)

    I wonder what a few long service sites would tell us. I would wager that there has been very little warming on net in the last century. Some, but not a lot I bet.

  2. J Martin says:

    I used to enjoy Goddard’s site but found his pro gun lobbying tiresome so stopped visiting his site a year or more ago. But certainly his contribution to debunking climate nonsense is most valuable.

  3. Alan Poirier says:

    The guns are for when the warmistas come for us. 🙂 Seriously, though, you have to spend some time in the US to understand why the gun rights issue is so big.

  4. gallopingcamel says:

    When you work for the federal government one of the greatest sins is to tell the truth as poor Gruber has recently demonstrated.

    It would be wonderful if Tom Karl or Tom Peterson would Gruber themselves but is not likely given that they probably want to keep their sinecures as long as possible.

  5. KuhnKat says:

    markstoval, there aren’t any, or, very few.

    Moshpup likes to challenge people to pick the stations they want him to use after he has done one of his ridiculous analyses and people complain about the bias confirmation. I tell him to use all the stations that are NOT affected by humans. So far he has never tried.

  6. ren says:

    Let’s see the oceans temperature anomalies. Clearly, the higher the temperature at North America follows to the constant air circulation.

    Therefore, the high temperature of the ocean has little effect on the temperature in the United States.

  7. ren says:

    Las Vegas has a chance for snow.

  8. Ned Nikolov says:

    The RSS LT satellite temperature records starting in 1979 shows no net warming over conterminous USA for the past 18-19 years, although year-to-year variations are large …

  9. hunter says:

    When a religion is being well established it no longer needs pesky facts.