MET office claims warmest UK year back to 1910

Posted: January 5, 2015 by tallbloke in MET office, methodology

Whoops. This wasn’t meant to be published yet. Oh well, we’ll update it as we go along.

  1. oldbrew says:

    It’s on the latest HADCET graph.

  2. A C Osborn says:

    That should read The latest “Quality Adjusted out of sight Hadcet” Graph.

  3. Kelvin Vaughan says:

    So what caused the 1°C jump in temperatures from 1988?

  4. Stephen Richards says:

    Manipulation ?

  5. Provisional figures show that Met Office can’t predict the climate whatsoever and if its warm this year is just shear dumb luck on their part.

  6. Anything is possible says:

    Catastrophic extreme mildness.

  7. Evan HIghlander says:

    Is it worthy of a reply? – I am just watching “TopGr” on tv – just the same sort of nonsense down at their Beach with th cars – t’mak yer blud byle !

  8. tallbloke says:

    Kelvin V: Reduced cloud and increased jet engine sizes and traffic near airport weather stations mostly.

  9. John Silver says:

    1910 was warmer?
    It’s unpossible!

  10. Peter Pond says:

    The “hot spot” between Cambridge and Norwich in the Met’s Temp Anomaly map is mainly forest?

  11. johnbuk says:

    John Silver – cooling the past takes a lot of effort and they’ve just finished 1911 and moving onto 1910 as we speak. Give it a day or so and things will be back on message.

  12. roger says:

    For a less biased CET set which adheres more firmly to Manley’s principles I prefer Phillip Eden’s construct on to that provided by the data torturers in Exeter.