The UK General Election battle ahead: An appeal for your help

Posted: January 15, 2015 by tallbloke in Energy, government, Politics
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rogThe most important general election in my lifetime is just a few months away. At stake are weighty issues of national sovereignty, which is being rapidly eroded by EU legislation and an expanding EU membership. Issues around principles at the heart of our British culture, of tolerance, the rights of individuals to express themselves freely, the right to trial by jury and freedom from arbitrary arrest under EU warrants from overseas. Issues around our economic future, having home produced energy which can improve our national balance of trade, and improve our exporting industries’ competitiveness as well as the living conditions of people struggling to pay high gas and electricity bills.

I have been adopted as a parliamentary candidate by the only party with a sound energy policy. It’s also the only party which takes our sovereignty seriously. We will fight for everyone’s rights of equal treatment before our common-law, a time tested and developed system of case law and charter suited to our British temperament, with its innate sense of justice and fair play. A system which presumes innocence and places the burden of proof on accusers, unlike the continental system our leaders are stealthily trying to introduce..

To play my part I need the time to campaign to win my parliamentary seat in the north of England. As I work half-time, I can devote a large proportion of my life to this calling. But I only have half a salary, and I need to raise funds to make my campaign effective enough to win. So far, I’ve raised around a quarter of what I need from generous donors (two of them climate sceptics who are personal friends).

So once again I’m coming to the Talkshop readership, cap in hand, to ask for your support. If you believe as I do that ordinary people can achieve extra-ordinary things. That professionals who are not professional politicians can make a positive difference to the political and civic life of Britain. If you believe as I do that Britain should be governed by the British people for the British people, then please put your shoulder to the wheel and help me turn Britain in the direction it needs to go.

There’s a Paypal donation button up in the top left of the sidebar. Any amount, small or large is equally appreciated.

Please help me to help you put the Great back into Britain.

Thank you for your support.


  1. Small donation made. I am supporting my local candidate, Steve Crowther, and another friend who is standing in another of the Devon constituencies.

  2. tallbloke says:

    Splendid! Thanks Phil, for your support of other candidates too. That’s got the ball rolling. 🙂

  3. colliemum says:

    Have put a bit into the kitty – sorry it’s not more, have to spare some for the local candidates. Remind us next month again, so we can put another small amount in.
    Best of luck – keeping fingers, toes and collie paws crossed!

  4. Kon Dealer says:

    I’ll be voting for my local UKIP candidate.

  5. Roger, UKIP in Scotland has no democratic legitimacy. The “Chairman” has been appointed by England to run Scotland against the party rules that prohibit a paid official being chair.

    Yes I want to vote for the only party with a sane energy policy … but if I voted UKIP I’d be voting for a party that doesn’t even allow me to vote for its own officials in Scotland.

  6. Truthseeker says:

    You look almost respectable, all cleaned up.

  7. Paul Vaughan says:

    The Talkshop is the #1 venue for sun-climate truth.


    Solar Cycle Length and Sea Ice:

    • Fram Strait ice export (Schmith & Hansen 2003)
    • Western Nordic Seas Winter Sea Ice Extent (Macias-Fauria + 2009)


    “Here we integrate and synthesize a set of multicentury historical records of Atlantic Arctic sea ice, supplemented with high-resolution paleoproxy records […] We establish a signal of pervasive and persistent multidecadal (~60–90 year) fluctuations […]”

    Miles, M.W.; Divine, D.V.; Furevik, T.; Jansen, E.; Moros, M.; & Ogilvie, A.E.J. (2014). A signal of persistent Atlantic multidecadal variability in Arctic sea ice. Geophysical Research Letters 41, 463-469. (alternate link to same pdf)

    Without leadership like Roger’s, truth is easily buried by dark agency.

  8. tallbloke says:

    Thanks Paul, and everyone who has responded to this appeal. There have been a couple of donations come in from people who haven’t commented too. Many people support UKIP but don’t say so openly, because of the vilification from the press and others who sense that their cozy world view is facing a serious challenge. My candidacy is a little further along the road towards viability.

    Please help if you can, I really don’t want to have to go to the candidates meeting next Tuesday with the news that I can’t meet requirements for mandatory expenses such as the £700 mailshot delivered by the post office, or the £800 needed to get leaflets printed. On the bright side, I now have enough for the deposit on the election.

    Help me to help you to get Britain on the road back to reality.

  9. tallbloke says:

    Great post at Breitbart by deputy leader Paul Nuttall

    “We have consistently criticised the cosy social democratic consensus at Westminster and under no circumstances must we become part of it.

    We must not be afraid to question the so-called ‘scientific consensus’ on man-made global warming and we must never shirk away from discussing emotive subjects like the death penalty for the killers of children.

    The minute we begin to mimic the old political parties is when we will begin to lose our appeal and when we will hop on that helter-skelter to political oblivion.

    To ensure this does not happen and that 2015 is even more successful than 2014, UKIP must remain true to itself, radical and firmly anti-Establishment.”

  10. Zeke says:

    Many thanks, Rog.

    Wish it were more.

    PS, Our family’s earliest settlers here in the former Colonies were from the Kinge family in Ugborough, Devon. After staying in London during the Spanish Armada, they came to the New World.

    So here’s to your fight against the Worthless Wind Turbine Armada.

    I know you are up north, but keep an eye on Ugborough for us, as there are Worthless Wind projects planned.

  11. Zeke says:

    One more thing, how the heck is that pronounced? Ew-g-bra? Ug-burrow? What?

  12. tallbloke says:

    Thanks for your donation Zeke! I believe Ugborough’s UKIP candidate is Robin Julian
    Get in touch with your opinions on wind turbines. I’ll do the same.

  13. Zeke: Rest assured that UKIP is doing its best for Ugborough, as is CPRE Devon. See

  14. tallbloke says:

    Today has been highly successful. another £500 has been added to the fighting fund from three generous donations. My thanks again to everyone who is backing me for the fight ahead.

  15. foxgoose says:

    Congratulations on selection Rog! UKIP are lucky to have some one as bright & articulate as you. I’ll chip in gladly.

  16. tallbloke says:

    FG: Thanks! And, Thanks again! Things are hotting up. A suggestion I made to UKIP’s candidates officer is going before the national executive committee at it’s next meeting. I like the way good ideas are quickly elevated through the structure for decisions at the top to be made. This is how organisations should work. If successful, it might mean everyone’s donations will be doubled.

  17. Zeke says:

    Thank you for the reference links. The map doesn’t look very promising for Devon.

    (And pray we don’t get led into any Romney Marshes of green energy over here, either.)