Nigel Farage: from Little England back to being Great Britain

Posted: January 24, 2015 by tallbloke in government, Idiots, Politics
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Nigel_Farage_MEP-sIf we want to go from Little England back to being Great Britain, we must leave the EU. But it’s people like John Major and other fake Europhiles who keep us tied to a weak and crippling Union.

Every time I’m in the chamber of the European Parliament, I have to listen to people stand up and talk about what a great success the EU has been.

But I’m not sure anybody saying it really believes it anymore.

It’s the same when I listen to John Major saying Britain is better off inside the EU than out. He is an intelligent man, so does he really believe it?

Okay, Sir John has to carry the shame of being the British prime minister who signed the Maastricht Treaty – and, you know, he signed it and then had to ask his civil servants to tell him what he’d agreed to – so of course he has to go on believing.

Otherwise he’d have to admit that when he signed that treaty he allowed the creation of the single currency, the ghastly euro monstrosity that has destroyed the economies of the EU’s Mediterranean members and left Germany – again – with huge political sway over the Continent.

He agreed to that in Maastricht and so much else that is now a burden to the UK and a curse to the entire EU.

That’s a lot for Sir John to be ashamed of.

So we can’t be surprised he is still singing with the true believers in the choir.

Only a matter of time

The fact is that Britain would be better off out of this European Union of economic failure, of mass unemployment and of low growth.

When the UK leaves – and the UK will leave, the only question is when – it can stop being Little England and go back to being Great Britain.

It can again be open to the world. It can become the opposite of the closed, insular EU.

An independent Britain can be out there doing our own trade deals, in our own interests, with countries that have growth rates of six, seven, ten percent a year. We would no longer be bound to an aging and increasingly arthritic trade bloc where growth of two and three percent is a heady ambition.

We will cease to be hemmed in by the European Union. Instead we will be open to the dynamic economies and peoples of our real friends in the Commonwealth. We can be trade and economic allies with Canada and Australia, with India and Singapore.

Of course we will still trade with all countries across Europe. EU membership is not necessary for access to the EU. Just ask Norway. Ask Switzerland. Ask the United States: The USA exports more to the EU than Britain does. So does China.

We want to live and work and trade in a Europe of democratic nations. But that is not what the elite of the EU wants.

The unelected elite of the Commission have hijacked the institutions of Europe by adopting a flag, an anthem, a president. They have made a fake country with the democracy drained out.

This fake country called Europe has just one accomplishment, the mad euro project which has driven tens of millions into poverty.

When the UK leaves the Union it can reclaim its heritage of global trade.

And independence will get us back a shedload of our own money.

At the most basic level, we will get back £55 million a day. For readers trapped in the deutsch-euro zone, that is €72m. It adds up. It’s £20 billion, €26 billion, a year.

Don’t believe the scare stories

With that kind of money, we could reduce the deficit. We could reduce corporation tax. We could have the most competitive and attractive business taxes in the Western world. We could get people working again by reducing income tax for those on the minimum wage.

So, if you ask, “Would the UK be better off outside the EU?” I’d say the answer is clearly: Yes.

Outside the EU we would get our money back. We would get our borders back. We would get our sovereign Parliament back. We would get our fisheries back.

We would get our own seat on the bodies that actually run the world, such as the WTO.

We would get back the ability to strike free trade deals. We could abolish tariffs on African produce and do more to raise living standards there than any amount of aid.

There are those such as Sir John who deny all that and say we can’t go it alone. Who say our global influence will decline because we are small.

Sir John and the others are wrong. While we stay bound to the EU, we are forced to sit silently mute at international trade negotiations as the EU officials negotiate for 28 member states but never for Britain.

And just to counter the scare stories that Sir John puts up to frighten people away from independence, I’ll tell you what won’t happen.

Wipe out the shame

Those 10,000 trucks a day coming in from the continent bringing goods into this country, they won’t stop coming.

The £25 to £35 billion trade surplus the rest of Europe runs with us, that’s not going to stop.

The idea that the EU will start a trade war with Britain is simply not credible. More, the Lisbon Treaty has three articles which lay a legal obligation on the EU to negotiate free trade with any member state which wants to leave.

So when Sir John says a UK outside the EU will lose its influence and damage its trade, the fact is that nothing like that is going to happen.

Leaving the Union will give us our country back and open a door to the world. It will wipe out the shame of Sir John and his Maastricht Treaty.

  1. A C Osborn says:

    Rog, perhaps this will come out in the forthcoming TV Debate, but I doubt it as they will allow Nigel to be shouted down by the Lib/Lab/Con/SNP and Greens, just as they do with UKIP reps on Question Time.

  2. Ben Vorlich says:

    As a debating point how would this read if you substituted Scotland/Wales/Ulster for UK, Act(s) of Union for Maastricht Treaty, and Home Counties for Germany?

  3. tallbloke says:

    Ben: Personally, I think the British Isles is the right sized national and geographical unit. If folk from the various parts of them want to argue for borders at Bristol, or customs at Carlisle, then they can, but I hope it doesn’t come to pass.

  4. Bryan says:

    I only agree with UKIP on two issues;

    Climate alarmism
    Leave the European Union

    As soon as they leave these topics I find them worse than Tories – and thats saying something

  5. tallbloke says:

    Bryan: Two pretty powerful reasons for voting UKIP this time, so I’ll live with that. But tell me what you don’t like about the rest if you wish.

  6. Zeke says:

    Nigel Farage says, “And just to counter the scare stories that Sir John puts up to frighten people away from independence, I’ll tell you what won’t happen.

    The idea that the EU will start a trade war with Britain is simply not credible. More, the Lisbon Treaty has three articles which lay a legal obligation on the EU to negotiate free trade with any member state which wants to leave….Of course we will still trade with all countries across Europe. EU membership is not necessary for access to the EU. Just ask Norway. Ask Switzerland. Ask the United States: The USA exports more to the EU than Britain does. So does China.”

    Oh, he had to bring that up.

  7. Stephen Richards says:

    Oh, he had to bring that up.

    Zeke, What is “that”. There is nothing false in what Farage says here. I live in The Socialist Republique of Europe so know at first hand what is happening and therefore what will happen. You see, the rest of europe are way ahead of the UK in their changes of country structure needed to implement the europeen nightmare (can’t call it a dream). There were 99 departements in france and many regions. Under the changes in europe this year we will have 13 terratories. Britain will likely have 7. No PMs or country polis will be needed. No local parliaments etc. The centre will be the communist model of ruling council (dictators) and a rubberstamping dumas.

    The biggest market for germany in europe is …………… the UK. For Poland, Bulgaria, and all points east ……the uk. That’s why you keep getting this “you can’t leave it’s tooooo dangerous” statements from the germans and the Poles. Trade will continue. For the sake of europe it has to.

    Juncker says he won’t beg. Well, we will see. Quite what france and germany will do with a demand for an extra€ between them I have no idea but they will not be pleased and quite what that loss will do to an already severely damaged Euro economy, well heaven only knows. What I do know is that europe will suffer a slow death by a thousand financial cuts with riots across france and germany provoqued by the enormous muslim communities and dissatified subjects. The recent QE will be swallowed up by france and italy in an attempt to put off the reforms so once it is gone ……….. well I’m sure you know what will happen.

    Marine Le Pen is looking ever more likely to be challenging hard for the presidency of france, the communists of greece will be fighting for more bailouts (money to come from the uk and germany), italy will fail to pass any reforms, spain is struggling manfully with massive green energy debt (already going to the courts) on top of their governmant debt and finally, when the rest of europe cotton on to germany’s coal power there will be uproar. Finally, France and germany are beginning to implement a bank transaction tax and a CO² tax across europe and the moves needed to bring down the UK financial centre. Both these taxes will put further downward pressure on the europeen economies. This will allow Frankfort to take over the mantel of europeen financial centre in world terms. Remember, the UK cannot negociate trade deals.

    VOTE UKIP for the sake of your country.

  8. Zeke says:

    Stephen Richards says, “That’s why you keep getting this “you can’t leave it’s tooooo dangerous” statements from the germans and the Poles.”

    Britain will be able to negotiate trade with the EU without a political union – everyone else does! – and will save 55 million pounds a day.

    His alternative to membership in the EU is to open trade with the Commonwealth countries:

    “I believe the Commonwealth is one of the most underused potential clubs in the world, and I’ll tell you why. It isn’t a relic of empire. It’s become something modern and new. And there are actually African nations that were never part of the British Empire who are considering joining it. So people do see it as having some value.

    And it’s got some things that it shares: English language, common law, a shared sense of history – and I think that we under-use it massively. Two billion people live within those Commonwealth countries. And within those countries are some of the most dynamic, booming, global economies in the world. And what I would like to see is the Commonwealth that is turned into something that is a free trade club. And that would not just benefit the rich. It would help black Africa to sell some of its agricultural produce in countries like ours, without the massive tariffs of the EU.”

    And this will “do more to raise living standards in Africa than any amount of aid.”

    ref: ITV Nigel Farage – Unblock EU trade and open up to the commonwealth, Nov 2013
    begin 2:38 seconds

  9. Do not live in UK (thank goodness – too cold and too socialist) I would suggest that there are a few policies that need to change, i/ tax rate is far too high – top individual rate should be the same as the company rate which should be 30% 2/ the NHS needs to be changed to allow more private medical & hospital and charge anyone using NHS at a medical practice or at a hospital 5 pounds per visit. 3/ reduce VAT to 10% on everything including government services so business can claim it. 4/ look at more democracy as in Switzerland – have states England, Scotland, Wales, Northern ireland & Island States+territories (eg Isle of Man, Falkland Isles etc), let them do the taxing, and introduce citizen initiated referenda 5/ education allow tax rebates (equivalent to 50% of the state system) for private schools and universities which can charge what they like. Lift the entrance level of university to allow no more than 25% of the school cohort to attend 6/ restrict immigrants and and residency – like Switzerland allow the states & local communities (ie counties) to have a final decision on residents. (eg if the people of the Falklands do not want someone from Spanish speaking areas of Argentina to live there that should be their decision)
    I could add more but these policies would be a good start

  10. ren says:

    This print resolution image shows one cross-section of the age of the Greenland Ice Sheet as determined by MacGregor et al. (See citation under the “More Details…” button below) Layers determined to be from the Holocene period, formed during the past 11.7 thousand years, are shown in Green. Age layers accumulated during the last ice age, from 11.7 to 115 thousand years ago are shown in blue. Age layers from the Eemian period, more than 115 thousand years old are shown in red. Regions of unknown age are filled with a flat gray colour.

  11. ren says:

    Here you can see the lock circulation, which will bring arctic air to Europe.

  12. steverichards1984 says:

    UKIP must really scare the old failed parties, just look at the attempts to ridicule them.

    Today, (Sunday morning) all media platforms are running multiple stories negative towards UKIP.

    That means UKIP has a real chance to break through and get a dozen or so seats in 100 days time.

    For those who think that the UK can not go it alone (out of the EU), we were outside before, and if you look at our position in all reputable charts we are 6th or 5th depending on who you read:

    1 United States 16,768,100
    2 China 9,240,270
    3 Japan 4,919,563
    4 Germany 3,730,261
    5 France 2,806,428
    6 United Kingdom 2,678,455

    So the remainder of the 192 nations listed generate less wealth than the UK.


    The UK is a large prosperous trading nation that trades with the whole world.

    You can argue that we have many inequalities and issues in this country, but it is far worse in other countries.