Dana Nuttercelli Says There Never Was A Global Cooling Scare

Posted: February 13, 2015 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

Lol. Alarmist Guardian journalist gets pwned by Steven Goddard

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  1. Well you can inform Mr Nuttercelli that there are lots of people who had studied meteorology and climatology who had already graduated at the time of the global-cooling scare and still alive today and still studying meteorology and climatology.

    What was Mr Nuttercelli doing 40 years ago? I looked at his photo and suspect he either had not been born or was still in infants’ school.

  2. ren says:

    Please look at Alaska.

  3. ren says:

    Click on the graphics.

  4. myrightpenguin says:

    Revisionist history. “We must get rid of the medieval warm period” —> We must get rid of the LIA, the cooling scare in the 1970s, etc., all in the name of the pseudo-science behind positive feedbacks and the hockey schtick.


    Talking about Steven Goddard it’s interesting how the current attention on adjustments has somehow allowed “BEST” to become relevant again, esp. after it discredited itself with Richard Muller’s media circus, trying to hide the lack of warming for 15+ years in how it was graphically presented, peer review troubles for JGR (McKitrick), etc. Steven Mosher is allowing himself to look like a ShamWow salesman over at Judith Curry’s at present, particularly in exchanges with Willis Eschenbach. It’s only right for Willis to ask why data and code was never made fully transparent, after all that should have been a central plank of study design and protocols to allow “BEST” to set itself apart in line with how it was initially sold by Richard Muller. The amount of data and code is understood but “BEST” was hardly run on a shoestring budget.

  5. ren says:

    Current temperature in America.

  6. Konrad. says:

    I saw the title of this post, and was about to mention Steven’s comprehensive coverage, but Rog was clearly on top of it 😉

    Scooter Boi can’t make the evidence disappear on this one. Not even if he cloned the Wiki Weasel multiple times. There was a cooling scare, and nothing the warmulonian drivel monkeys say can ever erase the evidence.

    That is the joy of the Internet. No one can control it. The lame stream meeja are no longer the gate keepers of opinion. The fourth estate has become the fifth wheel.

    Scooter Boi is trying the tired old Orwellian tactics. “He who controls the past controls the future”. But this is the age of the Internet. The age of permanent, instantly accessible record. The warmulonians got control of the lame scream meeja, but never had control of the Interwebs. They cannot control the past.

    The tactics of the Alinskyites, the Professional Left, has always been to create and control a ”narrative”. The lame scream meeja were their compliant allies in this. Their greatest mistake was to continue trying this after the rise of the Internet. They should have dropped GoreBull Warbling in 1990 like a hot potato, but the carrot of the ultimate “gottcha” against free-market democracy kept hanging oh so close, so the professional Left kept digging deeper.

    That is now why Dana (Scooter Boi) and his fellow travellers fight on. They no longer really believe they are saving the planet, they are just trying to save their reputations and careers. Now, almost without effort from sceptics, some warmists (the vaguely intelligent ones) are desperately tying to talk the hoax down, while the fools that staked everything on it are making wilder and wilder claims. The warmulonians are tearing themselves apart.

    Dana is one of the fools who keeps digging deeper. But who can blame Scooter Boi? He has nothing to lose. If the hoax goes down, so does he. Just as he can never erase the clear evidence of the 70’s cooling scare, nor can he erase the evidence of his shameless vilification of the sceptics who were right.

  7. Stephen Richards says:

    He is not called nutty celli without reason and who else would the grauniad employ to promote their crap. There are very people as stupid as nutty.

  8. jim says:

    Actually he is right. It was never presented to scare. It was presented as the next future, it will happen, the next sure thing to pester mankind. As part of a cycle. Just as fall is prior to winter. But there are no grants in cycles. So they created a new computer model where, where the errors are compounded, ruining all the active models, which is why the weather is now so unpredictable, that they are unreliable more then three days out.

  9. ren says:

    jim says:
    February 13, 2015 at 1:43 pm
    Actually he is right. It was never presented to scare. It was presented as the next future, it will happen, the next sure thing to pester mankind. As part of a cycle. Just as fall is prior to winter. But there are no grants in cycles. So they created a new computer model where, where the errors are compounded, ruining all the active models, which is why the weather is now so unpredictable, that they are unreliable more then three days out.
    This is not so. I have shown above that the circulation in America is very stubborn, and solar activity is cyclic.

  10. ren says:

    Forecast of stratosphere shows that winter yet come back to Europe, all the more that solar activity decreases.

  11. linneamogren says:

    The Brian Williams of climatology.

  12. I’ve been watching some of the WeatherAction videos where Piers states we are in for a cooling period and interestingly this will bring extremes of weather, both hot and cold. Now as they are the only crowd who can accurately predict weather many months ahead, I suspect Piers is correct and the others, who just rely on computer models that have failed, are wrong

  13. DD More says:

    I always like to review the newly adjusted temperature graphs and see how they adjust down the 1930’s and adjust up the 1960/70’s. Then point out in the new graphs, “All the above stories were about the unprecedented temperatures not seen since 1965.”

  14. Soon all these people such as Leif, Willis to name two of the most obvious will be eating crow.

    This cycle maximum finally this time looks like it is the real wind down (I hope) and then we shall see who is correct and who is not.

  15. Paul Vaughan says:

    “ice age is coming, sun’s zooming in” — The Clash (1979)

  16. catweazle666 says:

    We report here on the first results of a calculation in which separate estimates were made of the effects on global temperature of large increases in the amount of CO2 and dust in the atmosphere. It is found that even an increase by a factor of 8 in the amount of CO2, which is highly unlikely in the next several thousand years, will produce an increase in the surface temperature of less than 2 deg. K.

    Abstract. Effects on the global temperature of large increases in carbon dioxide and aerosol densities in the atmosphere of Earth have been computed. It is found that, although the addition of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does increase the surface temperature, the rate of temperature increase diminishes with increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. For aerosols, however, the net effect of increase in density is to reduce the surface temperature of Earth. Becuase of the exponential dependence of the backscattering, the rate of temperature decrease is augmented with increasing aerosol content. An increase by only a factor of 4 in global aerosol background concentration may be sufficient to reduce the surface temperature by as much as 3.5 deg.K. If sustained over a period of several years, such a temperature decrease over the whole globe is believed to be sufficient to trigger an ice age.

    Schneider S. & Rasool S., “Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Aerosols – Effects of Large Increases on Global Climate”, Science, vol.173, 9 July 1971, p.138-141

  17. rishrac says:

    It was at least in Science News… early on (2004) AGW told me that it was only in popular news articles and NOT in any scientific publication.

  18. oldbrew says:

    ‘on the ground in New York City at 2 p.m. EST, Feb. 13, the air temperature was 19F/-7C, and the wind chill was 9F/-13C. In Burlington, Vermont on the ground, the temperature was 4F/-16C, and the wind chill was -8F/-22C and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the surface temperature was 23F/-5C with a wind chill near 9F/-13C.’

    Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-02-nasa-frigid-cloud-temps-arctic.html

    Aren’t NH winters supposed to be shorter, milder and largely snow-free?

  19. hunter says:

    Dana and his fellow kooks hope they can just bluster their way out of this. Their firm refusal to acknowledge or reconcile the documented history of the great ice age scare of the 1970’s is one of the tells that they are extremist ideologues- at best- and not seriously trying to deal with reality.

  20. craigm350 says:

    I remember seeing a program in the early 80’s which IIRC David Bellamy hosted on this very subject. Whilst this was probably on British television and Dana may be too young to remember, the evidence suggests he’s an Orwellian toad who rewrites history as he has no functioning capacity to understand the recorded past (it was the 1970s Dana not the 1370s). Then again when you look at the adjusted surface records it wasn’t that cold and all those big oil funded conspiracy ideators in Iceland reporting the sea ice years were clearly making it up. It was probably rotten ice anyway 😉

  21. catweazle666 says:

    “the evidence suggests he’s an Orwellian toad who rewrites history as he has no functioning capacity to understand the recorded past “

    A disciple of the egregious William “Stoat” Connelly the Wikipedia vandal.

  22. dscott says:

    Well, in order to morph Climate Change into global cooling, they have to get everyone to forget about the ice age scare in the 1970s. Why? It would be difficult to convince even the most gullible of liberal followers that CO2 was responsible for the cooling period in the 1970s versus the mental gymnastics used in the movie, “Day After Tomorrow” for today’s period. Glaciers were calving icebergs left and right during that time period because they were growing. You can’t claim the thermohaline is being disrupted when the water for the glaciers comes from evaporation from the oceans. There is no sudden massive fresh water Lake Agassiz ice dam to burst and flood the Atlantic Ocean as in the Younger Dryas cooling period. So therefore, in order for CO2 to cause global cooling via a climate disruption, you have to forget it happened before for other reasons.

    But folks, you are missing a huge point, Nuttercelli is creating this new narrative BECAUSE he and the liberal elites KNOW a global cooling event of catastrophic proportions is in the works. Why else are Obama and Kerry babbling about Climate Change being the greatest threat to world stability and peace in the face of Islamic Terrorism and ISIS conquering the M.E.? The liberal elites are lying to their gullible followers in order to solve a problem they see at their door steps and keep political power.

    Cooling periods mean crop failures, with 7 billion people that means mass starvation IF you don’t cull the world population. What better way to distract the public than with ISIS mass murdering people? They have plainly stated they are prepared to murder 500 million apostate Muslims for not practicing their own religion properly, that includes all Shiites, you know, Iran… This is being driven by the likes of Obama’s science advisor John Holdren who was a former ICE AGE scare monger in the 1970s. Him and Paul Ehrlich were pushing for a world population reduction to forestall exactly this event back then. ISIS and Obama are two sides of the exact same coin!

  23. dscott says:

    Here’s something that destroys the narrative:

    Giant Dome Almost Built to Cover Entire Vermont Town


    During the late 1970’s, the former mill town of Winooski, Vermont, population 7,000 and right next door to Burlington, went to the edge of the possible in urban planning. Winooski’s population was fairly poor since the mills had closed down, and received the second-most federal assistance per capita of anywhere in the US, and was a testing ground for new housing policies. With the town’s heating bill at something like $4 million, a group of young planners decided there wasn’t enough emphasis being placed on energy conservation, and after a couple glasses of wine one night, thought they had the solution: a transparent dome over the entire town that would subsequently reduces everyone’s heating hill by 90%.

    While the city council initially considered the planned dome a nutjob idea, when the planners explained the potential for millions in federal HUD money, they quickly bought into it. The proposal quickly turned into a media sensation, and on-the-fly concepts about the domed town would roll out with every TV interview. First it’d be 250 feet high to clear the highest building, and would be transparent on the South side to let in light and opaque on the North side. Then the dome would have no internal support structure and would stay aloft by keeping the pressure inside slightly above atmospheric pressure.

    Notice the town council was all for doing this because of Federal money… not unlike current political thievery exhibited from today’s tax payers for various green projects.

    I am rather curious how they thought the structure would hold up to snow cover…

  24. dscott says:

    Bill Nye Tells MSNBC To Say Climate Change, Not Global Warming, When It’s Cold Out