Head to head Bloggies

Posted: March 1, 2015 by tchannon in Blog

The Bloggie Finalists for 2015





I assume double finalist will come as a surprise to Paul Homewood who is on a roll at the moment.

RealClimate and WUWT in the same finalist catagory, oops, again. 🙂

Rog will be along.

Andrew, Rog and Stuart have worked hard, we do though owe a lot to mostly unsung contributors who make blog articles possible.

Voting link here

  • Sunday, March 1
    Finalists are announced and voting reopens to all to choose the winners.
  • Sunday, March 22 10:00 PM EDT
    Voting closes.Sunday, March 29
  • 8:00 PM EDT
    Winners are announced and the Weblog of the Year receives a prize of 2,015 US cents (US$20.15).

Post by Tim

  1. Vote for Rog in the Lifetime Awards, as long as you vote for me in the other categories!!

    My dog’s looking hungry!

  2. tallbloke says:

    Thanks Tim and Paul, and everyone who has supported the talkshop over the years. We’ll carry on regardless of whatever happens in the bloggies, I think Climate Audit has seniority and prior claim this time around. In terms of impact on the climate debate and influence in the media, Steve MacIntyre deserves this one. I’ll be voting for him.

  3. tchannon says:

    I agree Rog, in a way taking anything away from SteveM is awkward. Bloggies though are just a spot of irrelevant fun.

    Steve was taken by receiving an unsolicited influence ranking although mentioning their take is I think slightly skewed, he is merely doing the ‘how did they do that’, demonstrating the walk. Detail matters greatly.

    50 People Who Matter 2010 | 32. Stephen McIntyre

    Climategate keeper.

    by New Statesman Published 27 September, 2010 – 14:00

    When the mining expert Stephen McIntyre challenged the basis of climate science on his blog, he became a figurehead for many climate-change sceptics.

    His subsequent involvement in the 2009 “Climategate” controversy at the University of East Anglia (he was referred to in the hacked emails over 100 times) emboldened the sceptics further and changed global opinion: the number of people who believe man is responsible for global warming has fallen.

    The influence might not be positive, but there’s no doubt he has shaped the debate.


    Climate Audit is a goldmine for looking back at how things were.

    “Gavin suggested a pared down reply which Ruedy agreed to, replying:

    Any attempts to teach or outsmart Steve are counterproductive and a total waste of time.”


    Paul Homewood might do well to look back too since it might give some clues over adjustments. The link above can be a starting point.

  4. scute1133 says:

    Done. I appreciate your respect for Steve but you can probably guess who I voted for.

  5. ” RealClimate and WUWT in the same finalist catagory, oops, again. 🙂 ”

    You must be confusing the antithetical named RealClimate with the Real Science site of Steve Goddard.

    No Warmies sites seem to rate even a
    mention any more. How do they do that ?

    Don’t forget it’s this Sunday night.
    A bit late for Europe , where they’ll have already lost an hours sleep with the start of British Summer Time, but follow them on Twitter, to have the results waiting for you the minute you wake up, if your not up for ~ 1:00-3:30 BST.