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Posted: March 30, 2015 by tchannon in Blog

Best European Weblog: Not a Lot of People Know That

Congratulations are due to Paul Homewood, no surprise given his steamroller work, does he sleep?

The Talkshop bows to winner ClimateAudit, Lifetime Acheivement. We make do with finalist 2015.

Best Weblog About Politics: Breitbart News Network

Surprise there.

Best Topical Weblog: JoNova

And again, hugely popular.

Best Parenting or Family Weblog: Our Parenting World
Best Writing of a Weblog: Our Parenting World
Best Group or Community Weblog: Our Parenting World

A triple winner. The blog has a tribute to Lee Kuan Yew, a legacy which will play out in the years to come.

Lifetime Achievement: Climate Audit

Roger and Tim thought Steve McIntyre deserved to win this category, he has. We make do with finalist 2015

And finally… Weblog of the Year: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund
(and Most Humorous Weblog: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund)

Surprisingly WUWT did not win.

Post by Tim

  1. craigm350 says:

    Well deserved by Paul Homewood. He’s had quite a stellar year and somewhere I always check daily.

    WUWT has gone noticeably gone downhill (Paul Vaughan’s comments noted but I applaud Bob Weber’s efforts ploughing away in a force 10 gale) in the past year. Anthony has taken a backseat, presumably as his improved hearing has opened up much for him, but the quality and quantity has dropped without him despite the occasional good post. Fair play to AW as life is better than one online.

    Always next year for the Talkshop! My fave site still for the breadth of discussion and being a lovely place to lurk or make the odd comment. A wonderful learning resource and community. The balance of posts remains strong although I wish Tim would add more posts (I quite enjoy your weather related musings say ahead of a cold or windy spell) although I think we tend to chew over Tim’s posts rather than comment…but thank you Tim for what you do here and OB and Andrew and of course Rog.

    And since I mentioned our host, just seen this on Guido…


  2. gregole says:

    Thanks for the round-up. Paul has been doing great work at Notalotofpeopleknowthat; and congratulations on being a 2015 finalist!

  3. tchannon says:

    Weather Craig?

    I’m afraid life since before Christmas has dealt me some bad cards rather dampening what have been able to do. Annoys me too.

    That leaves odds and ends.

  4. markstoval says:

    Note to tallbloke

    A class site here. Everyone who posts here and almost everyone who comments here are real classy people. I enjoy this site. 🙂