Fracking: How to make fuss over 3 orders of magnitude less water

Posted: April 6, 2015 by tchannon in alarmism


Exclusive – California used 70 mln gallons of water in fracking in 2014

(Reuters) – California oil producers used 214 acre-feet of water, equivalent to nearly 70 million gallons, in the process of fracking for oil and gas in the state last year, less than previously projected, state officials told Reuters on Thursday.

  1. About 100,000 gallons of water is used on average, he said
  2. Previous industry estimates said that fracking used about 100 million gallons of water in California a year.

Classic media split, can’t write 0.1 million and 100 million, oh no, too boring, confused the dear muppits.

Also the item is a correction for paragraph 5.

  1. About 100,000 gallons of water is used on average, he said.

“(This version of the story deletes reference to “per well” in paragraph 5. …” oops.

” equivalent of 514 households annually”

In Californa?
“12,542,460 ” —

0.000041 yep, a huge proportion.

Something doesn’t exactly add up but I think the real point is that water taken from the public supply is very little, they use their own water.

Then the article mentions “About 25,000 acre-feet of produced water is used for beneficial use in the San Ardo, Cawelo, and Arvin water districts, he said. ”

but earlier it said “California oil producers used 214 acre-feet of water”,

So let me get this straight, they are accused during a drought (if there really is one) of producing more than they use? Oh I see, it is water with a different label.

I give up.

Post by Tim

  1. michael hart says:

    Yeah, I came across that story somewhere and thought “huh? something missing here”.
    The media are bad enough at reporting numbers even when not trying to stoke alarm. T the time I decided it simply wasn’t worth the effort to read further.

  2. Bernd Palmer says:

    Is water “used” lost from this planet? Where does it go once it is used for showering, drinking, car washing, fracking?

  3. M Simon says:

    100 million gallons would be 514,000 households. That is about 4.1% of 12,542,460. Of course considering agriculture it is probably much less than 4% of total supply.

  4. crosspatch says:

    Sounds like a big number until you put it into perspective. The Anheuser-Bush beer brewery in Fairfield California ships about 2 million gallons out the door in the form of beer every day. 70 million gallons of water is about one month’s production at that brewery.